Sarah Gets Hers (1) by CountryMouse


Sarah Gets Hers (Revised) by CountryMouse


It's an experience I remember vividly to this day. It began at one of the many parties held by wild fraternities at the beginning of the school year. We'd spent the late hours of the day in the pool and when the sun went down there was lots of beer to keep us warm. 

Sarah was in her element, she'd spent four years in high school as a queen bee, and her skills as a ***** were put to good use at these kinds of parties. Unlike the anorexic girls that are popular these days, Sarah had some curves. NICE curves, wide hips, skinny waist and big but not huge *****. In the next few days, we were going to be seeing a lot more of that girls’ curves.

She was seeing this guy named Steve, who was a typical A-hole jock that really wasn't good enough for her. He walked in with this hottie on his arm and ignored her once he saw the booze. Sarah reigned him back in for a little while by stripping down to this awe-inspiring bikini and sunbathing while the rest of us unworthies splashed around in the pool. 

Now Katie was at our school on a track scholarship, she was then, but she was fit as hell. We'd see how to fit soon enough. She showed up in a leggy little black dress, that turned everyone's head. Especially Steve's. Thoroughly boozed up he shamelessly hit on the skinny brunette, apparently forgetting who he'd brought to the party.

This was probably the first time Sarah had been treated so badly. She was really furious but stayed with her girlfriends for a little while watching the guy crash and burn with Katie. Finally, Katie shoved the jerk away from her demanding he leave her alone, and this gave Sarah a reason to confront her.

Sarah marched right up to Katie, the girl that would leave her a naked sobbing mess just a few days later. She said slowly, "I don't know what they do in Hicksville girl, but in the big city we don't share our men!"

Katie was outraged, you could see her features twist up. "Talk to your boyfriend you *****! You can have that creep!"

To their credit neither girl had anything more to Steve after that, however, Sarah didn't like being talked back to and in that fatal moment, she grabbed Katie by the shirt and pulled her towards the pool. Katie probably could have stopped Sarah, but the action was so sudden she didn't have much time to react. A few steps from the moment Sarah grabbed her and the brunette was flying, dress and heels, towards the water.

She let out a scream and crashed under the surface. Everyone laughed like hyenas as Sarah high-fived her friends. Katie came back up completely soaked, She pulled the curtain of black hair out of her face and started cussing at the blonde.

"You stupid *****! I'm going to beat the **** out of you!"

"You might want to dry off first."

They yelled at each other like this till Katie stomped out of the pool, her dress looking painted on her tight little body, and left the party with her friends.

We all thought this would be the end of it. But the next day. I heard that some of Katie's friends showed up after one of Sarah's classes and told her that the girl wanted payback. Katie was going to be at her house at 6 pm to fight her.

Sarah laughed in their faces, but I suspect even then that she was worried. Evidence supports this as Sarah opted to stay at a friend's that night. It wasn't till two days after the pool incident that they had their confrontation. 

Sarah and her friends spent the day shopping and distracting themselves. Coincidently it was a little before 6 pm that she finally decided to go home, sporting a new outfit. When she stepped out of the car she was wearing a women's cut Sprocket T-Shirt, a Levi skirt that hemmed a few inches above the knee, and some killer leather boots.

Katie had shown up the day before and kept someone there through the night to call her when Sarah got home. She had just gotten back when Sarah showed up. Most of the onlookers had left a long time ago, but not me. Unless it wasn't obvious, I had a thing for Sarah and wouldn't miss this fight for anything. Man did my patience pay off!

Now I still think Sarah had a great body, she sure looked good in that bikini. But Katie was an athlete and had been for years. She got her body more from exercise than starving herself. Just about everywhere where Sarah was soft, Katie was ripped. She was dressed to fight today, her black hair up in a ponytail, her earrings off. She had on black sweatpants with a white stripe down the side and clean white sneakers. The thing I remember most though was this sports bra she was wearing. Sure, she had some nice *****, but what I noticed was her stomach. Katie apparently did nothing but sit-ups when she wasn't being pushed into pools! I was consciously sucking in my own gut when I saw this girl’s lean athletic body. Damn!

It effected Sarah too! she looked more nervous than ever when she got a look at Katie's body. Over the last few days, we had heard that Katie had gotten into a few fights over the years and that she was a pretty tough girl. Not the kind of girl who would back down or need to steal someone else’s guy. 

Sarah wasn't a complete coward though, when the moment came, she gave her purse to one of her girlfriends and walked out to meet Katie. The sun was going down, and everything was looking dramatic. 

Katie looked pretty intimidating as she stared the blonde down, "Just say you’re sorry, okay? Then I walk away?"

"Me?" Said Sarah defensively, "You're the one dragging it out! I dumped that ******* after the party!"

"Yeah" Katie returned, "and you shouldn't have overreacted and embarrassed me like that right?"

"I'm not apologizing to you, now let me through." at that point Sarah tried to shove past the other girl bumping into her shoulder. Katie wasn't done parleying and she got a hold of the Blondes shirt collar and spun her back around.

Sarah didn't like being handled like this, "Let go of me you *****!" 

The girls struggled a little bit, and I was sure this was the end of what in my head was a blouse ripping catfight. 

Sarah never seemed to know when to quit though. In her anger, she drew back her right hand and slapped Katie right across the face.

Her open hand hit Katie with a loud "Whap!" and the dark-haired girl looked really stunned. Sarah was visibly more confident now and grinned. "Not so tough are you, Katie."

That's when it happened, I couldn't believe it, Katie balled a little fist and she hit Sarah. She hit her HARD.

Now I was expecting a bunch of slapping and cussing and in a perfect world some clothes coming off. But Katie PUNCHED her. She had a hold of Sarah's black shirt, and she made a fist and punched her. What's more, she didn't hit her in that pretty face, she drove that little fist hard and deep right into Sarah's stomach!

Up till then, I'd never seen anything like it. It changed my *** life significantly, from that day on I had this fetish that I found both sick and irresistible. I was confused too, I wasn't sure which girl was hotter to me at that moment, did I want to throw Sarah over my shoulder and drag her to my bed, or overpower the tough little Katie and pound her into submission? Oh, the dilemma.

I wasn't the only guy who had this reaction, one of the other men watching quietly breathed, "Oh man that was hot!" Indeed, indeed.

Sarah closed her eyes and let out a little "Ulf!". I saw her go up on her tiptoes then her knees sank together as she bent over Katie's arm. Katie just held her hand in the blonde’s gut smiling as Sarah slowly dropped to one knee. She let out this pathetic groan, "Ohhhhh..."

Katie still had a hold of her victim's shirt and pulled Sarah back to her feet. The fight was really over at that point, but it turns out Katie wasn't satisfied. It was like Sarah was every girl that ever picked on Katie, and it was all coming out today.

Sarah stumbled in her heeled boots coughing a little bit. Katie stuck her fist right in Sarah's face. Knowing what was coming Sarah started to beg, "No, please don't... Hoog!"

Again, Katie cocked her fist down to her waistline and sent it smashing up into Sarah's gut. The blonde moaned, tears coming down her face as she leaned over again. The pretty girl wanted to lay down and probably hold her beaten stomach and cry, but Katie held onto her collar. The black shirt was straining under Katie's grip and riding up so we could see a lot of Sarah's belly.

"How's that you *****!" taunted Katie angrily "Just remember you picked this fight!" 

Sarah shook her head sobbing, "No... no, I didn't..."

Katie pulled the blonde towards her sending another hard right into the poor girl’s gut. Sarah's eyes opened wide in astonishment and pain. She cried out a desperate "Oof!" and bent over again.

The skinny brunette pulled her rag doll, I can't help but make that comparison, to a full stand again. This time she stepped in setting her fist only an inch or two from Sarah's stomach. Then to my amazement, she delivered not 1 but 3 punches into that curvy blonde’s stomach.

These seemed to go deeper into Sarah's belly than before, not as hard but hitting new ground in the girl’s stomach. Sarah's eyes were looking glossy like she was about to pass out on her feet. She kept them open during the 1 "Uf!" 2 "Uf" 3 "Oof!" then finally blinked as she groaned her agony.

Katie stepped aside now, twisting the bombshells top in her hand. The fabric was straining now, and I could hear the guy next to me muttering, "Man I hope Sarah loses her top!" Katie arrogantly pulled Sarah around by her shirt, parading her in front of her own friends.

"How do you like your queen bee? How do you like her now?"

This humiliation was too much for Sarah and she started to struggle. 

She screamed "Let me go you *****!" before Katie quickly dropped to one knee and came up with the hardest punch yet. I swear Sarah's feet came off the ground a little as the black-haired girl's fist shot up into her stomach. 

Sarah cried out "Oof!" and staggered back, the violence was finally too much for her shirt and the seam of the right shoulder popped as she fell away from Katie. The blonde staggered comically backward at once trying to pull up the ripped half of her shirt and keep her footing. At last, she landed squarely on her ass.

Even her friends laughed a little when they saw this. I couldn't help but notice. Sarah didn't sit there long, she moaned holding her belly, and rolled onto her knees into the fetal position. Her modesty was still mostly intact, the shirt was torn but all we could see is the strap and a little cup of her pink bra. She held her beaten stomach and tried to do something with her torn sleeve at the same time. 

In her stupor, she didn't even notice Katie stalking her as she tried to crawl away in no direction. She was up on her hands and knees while Katie tightened her ponytail. The dark-haired girl took her time setting up for a brutal kick. She ran about a yard and brought her foot up into Sarah's exposed stomach as hard as she could.

The kick took Sarah off the ground a little, her eyes bulged, then she curled up over her legs and groaned out every bit of air in her body. 

"Oooooooooooh!" it went on for several seconds. Katie seemed to like the effect, and she stepped back and waited for Sarah to start crawling again.

Katie started father back this time and at the moment of impact she was at a full run. Her white trainer smashed up into Sarah's gut with a soft "WOMP!" I could only compare it to how a football player kicks a field goal. This poor blonde was not scoring points for the team though, her tummy absorbed every bit of momentum and her eyes popped out a little bit. She half groaned half screamed as she clutched her gut and rolled over onto her back. 

I should say that Sarah was a mess now, her crying had run off her eyeliner a while ago. After her shirt was torn it left one shoulder exposed with part of her pink bra. Writhing on the ground holding her belly the way she was doing now; she didn't seem to be aware of anything around her. I’m pretty sure she was at least semi-unconscious. 

But things got worse for her. Katie picked the girl up by the back of the shirt then shoved her backward into the very car Sarah had arrived in. The impact straightened the pretty blond up, leaving her open for Katie to charge in knee first. The athlete scored right in her victim's gut and Sarah groaned, "Auphhh!"

Sarah's lips pursed like she had eaten a lemon; she was unable to double over because Katie was holding her up. Then she was like a boxer who was corner trying to protect her face while her opponent delivered right-left blows to her gut. Katie sank fist after fist into that soft palette I lost count after 15 punches, but it was quite a few. 

Finally, Katie punched Sarah as hard as she could across the face, the college queen's head whipped sideways and her whole body dropped like a rock. On the ground, Sarah curled up and held her beaten belly with both hands moaning and sobbing.

Katie threw her arms up in victory, and her friends egged her on. She took a towel from another dark-haired chick and wiped off some of the perspiration from her brow. To Katie, this was more like a workout than a fight, and I guess it wasn't really. It seemed like it was over now, and people started wandering to their cars. A few including myself lingered a little bit, I admit I just wanted to watch Sarah suffer on the ground for as long as I could.

Sarah's friends were finally trying to help her up. The pretty girl's head was down, and she was huffing and moaning. They had to wrap her arms around their necks to support her because she was too weak to walk.

Over in the other camp, there was a lot of laughter as Katie gloated. I noticed one of the girls, the same brunette that handed Katie the towel was pointing in my direction and making some exaggerated gestures. The badass girl laughed at whatever was said to her and marched back over to Katie, giving me a little wink as she went by. 

Sarah was being held up by two girls as she stumbled back to her dorm. Katie walked up to them and held up a hand commanding them to stop. I could hear her say, "Hold her tight, or we'll kick your asses too!"

The girls obliged, very scared of this skinny powerhouse girl. Katie then grabbed the hemline of Sarah's skirt and yanked it down. Sarah whimpered as her legs were brought into full view, not that she had to be embarrassed about them. Those thighs were shapely and bronzed and quite a sight for the young man that I was at the time. 

Katie forced the blonde hottie to step out of her own skirt, throwing the Levi garment aside. 

She looked back at me and the other guys, who were stunned but not upset at this new development. This part was for us. The black-haired girl then topped herself. While Sarah protested Katie put a hand up to her shirt where it had torn. It took some effort from Katie but after several tugs, she ripped Sarah's black Sprocket shirt right off her body. 

Sarah's friends started calling Katie a ***** and demanding she knock off this torture. Standing there in her new boots and nothing but her expensive pink ******* and bra Sarah looked like the most pathetic and desirable object of rape I could ever imagine. 

The tide turned on Katie suddenly, Sarah's friends had had enough of this and started to advance on her, still carrying the dangling Sarah in front of them. The black-haired fighter was prepared for this, as her friend came running in with the lawn hose at full blast. 

The stream of water hit Sarah full blast before turning on her girl gang. The blonde woke up in shock just to be dropped by these useless girls as they ran away to avoid getting wet. Katie was quick on her feet and caught her victim by the bra strap.

For a few seconds Katie struggled to get control of her victim, Sarah was fighting her on a primal level, functioning on pure adrenaline. She eventually got Sarah into a backward headlock, now the blonde could only stumble on the slick wet grass. 

With a little effort, Katie unhooked Sarah's bra so that the straps hung loosely at the girls’ sides. Katie then used her hold on Sarah to deliver a series of brutal knee lifts into this poor girl’s bare stomach. 

Sarah didn't have any air left and with each kick, she could only manage a weak "Ulf!" Katie took a big step back between blows really trying to dig those knees into Sarah's soft gut. She kicked her freely for a full minute maybe longer. After maybe a dozen knees that took Sarah's feet off the ground Katie allowed her rag doll to fall at last.

When the blonde hottie hit the ground, she was ******* and soaking wet, and completely humiliated. Let's just say this girl’s body was legendary, unfortunately, this was before camera phones and stupid me didn't think to film all of this. Katie's friend, a girl named Raine, turned the hose on her again. Sarah squealed and pleaded for it to stop, and eventually, it did. 

Katie and Raine high-fived each other leaving the blonde sobbing and naked in the mud behind them. When they came by us again Raine goaded Katie into throwing me Sarah's large bra. A nice souvenir.

Katie might have taken things too far, but she gave us a moment we'd remember all our lives and I for one am grateful! Surprisingly Sarah didn't learn from this lesson and continued to be a *****, though she began to fare better in other fights. 

For instance, not a month later she was at this party and...

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