Sandy and Maria by Kato


My story was from back in the 1970s before I married my ex-wife and before women wrestling or belly punching was popular, My ex had a beautiful body and gorgeous **** belly she was then 5'6'' 118lbs Blonde and the girl she had a fight with was a lot bigger than her, she was 170 plus big dark-haired girl, the fight started in my ex's swimming pool and carried on outside the pool.

Maria accused my ex of flirting with her boyfriend, and the action started she grabbed sandy by her hair and pushed her underwater, with this me and b/f Pete just watched, maria had sandy by her hair then got behind her and put her into a bearhug picking her up in the water, Sandy looked helpless in this big girls arms, she shook Sandy side to side then threw her Sandy lunged across at her but Maria flipped sandy over her shoulder, watching all this was so exciting, we both couldn't believe our eyes what was taking place.

Finally, Maria climbed out of the pool, dripping wet she was yelling to my ex to come out and face her, me and Pete were chanting, go get her Sandy, she climbed out of the pool her bikini half off she confronted Maria, she quickly put sandy in a side headlock, then flipped her over her hip, still holding on to Sandys long blonde hair she pulled her up an punched her square in the belly, sandy doubled over like she was shot.

Maria then put her in another bearhug crushing her flat stomach she had sandy completely off the ground, my ex was moaning n groaning an trying to grab her hair but maria was way too strong for her, she tightened her grip around her waist, seeing sandy so helpless and out of it was unbelievable after she let her down she whipped sandy into the body of the pool, then went over grabbed her hair a was yelling "You had enough *****?"

Sandy being a bit feisty tried to swing at her and missed, then maria landed two deep punches to her unprotected belly again, leaving sandy on the grass doubled up and grunting, with this me and Pete stepped in and told her no more...

April 5, 2022 5:57 AM