Roommate's Revenge by BellyLord


Roommate's Revenge by BellyLord

Teenagers hit college at an awkward age. At 18, some are adults, some are still kids. If you're lucky, you get someone with a bit of responsibility. If you're not lucky, you get someone like Kim K. Lori and Kim sharing a tiny space on the upper floor of one of the old freshman dorms at D------ College. Both were 19, but the similarity stopped there. Lori was tall, Scandinavian, with dark blonde hair and an athletic figure.

Kim was a pale, plump little brunette. Lori wore preppy plaids and vests. Kim favored denim hip-huggers and belly shirts. Lori was pre-med, and she stayed up past midnight studying. Kim was a Deadhead and she stayed up late sucking bong hits and humming tunelessly, eyes glazed, to the CD blaring in her earphones. Lori was reasonably neat. Kim left tie-died bikini ******* on the rug. Worst, from Lori's perspective, was Kim's habit of borrowing Lori's things without asking. Something as personal as clothing, something that touched you every day.

They spent a little time together as possible. There were no more than cursory good-byes on the first warm weekend of spring when Lori went home to visit her boyfriend. The strain of separation had deteriorated their relationship, and Lori knew she couldn't wait until summer to see him again if she wanted to keep him. When Kim had heard Lori was going to be away, her eyes had lit up. There's nothing a freshman craves more than a single room. A place to take a lover, to be alone at last with the joys and intimacies of ***. Kim didn't have a boyfriend exactly, but there were one or two or five guys she was hot for.

Lori's home visit was a disaster. She immediately fought with her parents, and before she even got to her boyfriend on Saturday night he called and told her not to bother; he had found someone else. As soon as she hung up the phone she rushed out to the car and drove off. There was no way she could face her family and friends in this state. The only thing for it was to return to college, where at least no one knew of her humiliation.

She drove all the way back to school, 110 miles, with the radio blaring to drown out her crying and cursing. She got there a little after midnight. The dorm was empty -- everyone was off at fraternity parties. She saw no light under the door of her room and figured Kim must be out with the rest of the sheep. So she unlocked the door, walked in, and flicked on the light.

Instantly she gasped. Evidently, Kim had never made it to the parties. For there she lay across Lori's bed, with her lowest-slung hip-hugger jeans wrapped around her sumptuous hips and one of Lori's Victoria's Secret wonder-bras on her ****. A bottle of Lori's Stoli lay empty on the floor beside her bedspread, which was flecked with cigarette ash. Smoking made Lori feel sick and it was one of their rules that no one would smoke in the room.

Kim's belly, bloated by booze, puffed gently as she snored. The light made her groan and raise her hand to shield her eyes, but she didn't wake up. Evidently, she had partied herself out before she had got out the door.

If Lori had had any screaming left in her, she would have done it then. But all that remained after her cathartic car ride was a cold, seething hatred. Her parents were in it. Her now ex-boyfriend was in it. Everyone was in it, but right now the face of all she hated in the world wore Kim's vapid grin.

Lori sat down on the bed beside Kim and lifted her roughly to a sitting position. "Goddamn it, Kimmy!" she said. "Shit, how much did you drink? Get the **** up. Ah, ****, it's ruined. I should let you barf in your sleep and die like Janis Joplin. Instead, I'll be nice and wake you up."

She slapped Kim hard across the cheek, first one way, then another. Kim groaned and opened her eyes. She swatted at the air in front of her face, as if trying to chase off invisible mosquitos. It took her a full 10 seconds to focus her eyes on her roommate's face. She belched out one heavy word: "Lori." Then she lost her focus and her head sagged to her chest.

"Oh, no you don't," Lori said, standing and forcing Kim to her feet. "I want you to be wide awake when I ***** you out." She walked the semi-conscious girl out the door and down the hall to the bathroom. Lori kicked the door open and shoved her roommate into the pink-tiled room. She guided her to a shower stall, helped her in, and let Kim's soft body slump against the back wall.

The slap of cold tiles against her ******** brought Kim around again. She gasped. Once more her drifting brown eyes found Lori's face. Lori could watch recognition bloom in Kim's ruined brain as her roommate realized, vaguely, that she had done something wrong. But it only lasted a second, then Kim melted into drunken giggles at her own naughtiness. "I'm fucked up," she slurred.

The smaller girl passed out again, her head lolling on Lori's shoulder. To help steady her, Lori put her hand on Kim's smooth belly. Lori pressed her palm lightly against her roommate's stomach, feeling the unexpectedly soft, yielding flesh. Curious, Lori pushed her fingertips down into Kim's belly, like a pianist depressing keys, and felt for the muscles that must lie beneath the plumpness. There was nothing.

Wicked images, dark and alluring, roiled up in Lori's darkened mind as she leaned her head back to watch her red familiar ugly hand pressed against the smooth, shivering flesh of Kim's pale belly. Lori took the lip of flesh at the top of Kim's belly button between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a firm pinch.

"Aaaaaaauuuhhh," Kim gasped softly and stiffened her shoulders. She leaned forward, falling, and as Lori shifted her weight to steady Kim, she deliberately ground her thick thumbnail deep into Kim's belly button.

"Uuuuuuuuuh" Kim breathed weakly. Lori withdrew her probing thumb, but she at once curled her fingers into a fist and pushed the knuckles slowly into Kim's belly. She met no resistance. Lori pushed deeper. She heard a faint sloshing sound from inside Kim, and the unconscious girl let out a little huff of breath. She released the pressure.

She stared at Kim's panting, bloated belly for long seconds while the shower hissed in the silent dorm. She made a light four-finger jab at the middle of Kim's stomach. This jerked Kim awake enough to lift her hand and grab Lori's arm. Lori quickly grabbed Kim by the hair and jerked her head by her scalp, glaring down into her cloudy brown eyes.

For an instant they hovered there, contempt staring down drunken fear. Then the spring in Lori's coil seemed to snap.

"You deserve this," she moaned in a voice so coarse and guttural she hardly recognized. Lori leaned Kim back against the tiled wall of the shower stall and knotted her hand into a tight fist. She stood with her feet firmly planted, in the entrance to the shower, looking hard at Kim. Seething, fretting, breathing hard through flaring nostrils.

At last, she drew her elbow back and unloaded her fist straight into Kim's bare belly. Charmed by the sensation of soft belly flesh cleaving and viscous organs squirming in protest as they're splashed out of place, Lori held her fist in her roommate's gut as Kim's body reacted.

"g-UUUUHHHHHsss!" Kim groaned as the wind shot out of her and she folded over Lori's arm, kneading her midriff. Kim's eyes bulged in her reddening face as she fingered her fleshy belly, trying to breathe. Lori pulled her upright by her hair. Kim looked in disbelief at her roommate just in time to catch a glimpse of Lori's fist before it snapped her head back with a jab to the mouth. Kim fell back against the tiles, both hands clapped to her stinging lip.

Lori shot a hard jab into Kim's gut. "Ooph!" Kim instinctively slapped her hands on her belly. "Muh ... muh ... my stomach!" Kim moaned. Lori aimed her next punch below the grasping hands, straight for Kim's deep oblong navel. Lori's fist seemed to splash up to her wrist in a warm belly.

"OOUUFF!!" Kim now folded both arms defensively across her midsection, but Lori grabbed her wrists and Lori yanked Kim up, holding her back and arched, hands above her head. Lori's eyes smoldered at the sight of the bulge in Kim's helpless gut. Lori couldn't put all her weight behind the punch, but she drove it down as hard as she could, plowing through Kim's deep belly.

"OOOOOOAHH!!" Kim howled. Lori's exhausted arm could no longer support Kim's dead weight. She dropped Kim into a heap on the floor. Straining after this effort, she turned to splash cold water on her face in the sink. Lori stood up in time to see Kim unsteadily crawling for the door. She was a soggy mess of clothes and shivering flesh, moaning, clutching her bare belly. Lori grabbed hold of Kim's hair, pulling her to her feet and spinning her around.

"Going somewhere, roomie?" Lori instantly shot a punch into Kim's belly.

Kim took it with a sharp "UUH!" Lori followed with a left to Kim's B-cup right breast, painfully smashing it against her chest. Kim's legs buckled and she went down to her knees.

"Get up so I can beat your belly some more!" Lori commanded. Kim made no sign of rising. She just bent farther forward, her bare white back shuddering in front of Lori as she sucked air.

With a herculean pull, Lori managed to bring the pot-bellied girl back up to her feet, bending her like a bow in the process and stretching and articulating the quivering, raw pink belly flesh. Kim was breathing in short gasps. Her belly ached and her little left tit throbbed. Lori released her. Kim sucked in several labored breaths. Then she started taking some deep breaths and began to relax. Lori had paused just enough to catch her own breath. She instantly went back to work.

POW! She drove her fist into Kim's soft stomach. This time Lori's fist sank almost to the wrist.

"Ulg-UUUUH!" Kim retched and folded forward. Lori caught her by the shoulders and rushed her back into the stall and slammed her back against the tile. Kim's hands lifted reflexively up to the back of her skull. She squirmed and arched her back, and Lori let her have it.

THUD! Lori walloped Kim right in her soft, pink stomach. Kim grunted loudly.

Lori slammed her other fist up deep into the brunette's soft belly. Breath rushed out of Kim with a wordless gasp. She folded further forward. Lori grabbed her roommate's lank hair and pulled Kim upright. Fear and pain mingle in Kim's face. The little girl's eyes widened as Lori's fist hurtled straight toward her stomach. Lori's punch connected with a dull thump.

"Oooooough!" Kim's face twisted into a grimace. "You're all mush!" laughed Lori, and socked Kim's pot belly again. Kim groaned and bucked forward.

"Uuuhhhh" Kim sobbed as she doubled over. "My stomach!" she moaned. Lori pulled her upright, opening Kim's tortured belly for another shot


"OOOOOOPHHH!!" Lori had shot her fist up under Kim's ribs, lifting her off the ground and blasting the air from Kim's lungs. Kim's upper body chucked forward as her **** leaped up and back. She draped herself over the fist and forearm that had viciously slammed her belly. As Lori withdrew her fist, Kim fell like dead weight onto her knees on the wet tile. Then she pitched forward onto her belly and rolled onto her back.

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