Ronnie the Puncher by Justine


Ronnie the Puncher by Justine

The one "other cutie" I remember being abused by Ronnie was a light hairdo brunette, Sandy Mahoney (perhaps her real name, but probably not) Sandy always wore a pocket T-shirt (olive green or gray most of the time) and "chic" brand jeans and black high top tennis shoes. Anyone else would look sloppy in such an outfit, but she looked cute, although a little ****ty. Her clothes fit her like a glove, but she had a figure that could accommodate them well. We always noticed the guys turn their heads when she walked by. She also wore a little too much eyeliner.

So when it was Sandy's turn, she was dragged to the "punching field" by Ronnie's goons, with Ronnie striding silently alongside, and followed by the inevitable crowd. I was in the crowd and was still recovering from my punishment by Ronnie. It was strange, but Ronnie glanced at me and smiled. I kind of smiled back because I knew I was off the hook, and we were all in for a show.

She was held by her arms and struggled valiantly, but she could not resist them, and at times she had to be lifted. Instead of crying or pleading, she hurled insults at Ronnie and his goons, calling them such names as "sorry assholes" and "pencil dicks" and making comments, some without any class, and some quite comical as only an angry adolescent female can do. There was a lot of noise from the crowd in anticipation of the show. It was almost like a lynching scene from an old western movie.

Ronnie's goons then twisted Sandy's arms around her back, now forcing Sandy's midsection to Ronnie's attack. Her shirt had hiked itself up a bit, and her belly button just appeared over her jeans and several inches of the torso above also showed. As she inhaled and exhaled more heavily, in anger as well as fear, the definition of her exposed torso muscles increased and decreased correspondingly. I noticed the guy's eyes were all fixed on it.

The crowd was silent as Ronnie approached poor Sandy, and Sandy was still trying to wiggle away. Ronnie was smiling, but his smile turned to an ugly frown as Sandy bravely, but stupidly said, "f---in Ronnie has to hit girls to make up for his micro ****."

With that Ronnie's Fist buried itself into her upper belly with a loud "Punch" (I swear it) sound, and Sandy doubled over, with Ronnie's fist still entrenched, her stomach muscles folded around his ugly fist. He twisted his ringed hand in her, pulled his fist back, and Ronnie's goons (I love that term) pulled her back up.

She rattled off another insult, between gasps, and Ronnie buried his other fist in her belly several times, Punch, Punch, Punch, in rapid succession, each time lower ending just below her navel. Sandy screamed a loud sound something like AAAAAAAAAAHHFFFGGH.

Ronnie cut his hand on her belt buckle. He then reared back, doubled his hands together in a big fist, and hurled the combined hands into Sandy's belly between her navel and moans, this time avoiding Sandy's belt buckle, but making Sandy Scream.

The goons let her go and her hands and forearms held her torso tightly as she bent over and tried to stagger, but fell to her knees, gasping and crying. She was moaning and crying and threw her head back opening her mouth wide open in rapid moans and groans, tears streaming down her face and accented by the dissolving overdone eyeliner.

Sandy Mahoney was greatly respected after that because she did not just take it, but faced her peril bravely, although it was stupid. She even exhibited her bruises with pride. I noticed the guys made daily checks on her for a while as she pulled up her shirt, revealing her cute, yet bruised little belly.

However, no one ever insulted Ronnie again like that. Again, no one ever missed Ronnie.

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