Rodeo Girl Get's it in the Stomach by D-Rock


Rodeo Girl Get's it in the Stomach by D-Rock

I heard through the grapevine that they were going to get her. Rodeo Girl had been busy. She had been the biggest flirt ever and left no guy untouched. She was really just a tease and wasn't going to do anything, she just liked to see who she could lead on and she did it indiscriminately not caring who these guys might be seeing. So I heard three other girls who had had enough were plotting to teach her a lesson.

I couldn't hear it all but there was something about "their pointed, steel-toed boots" and how it would hurt if they "kicked her where it would hurt the most", and something about "so the bruises won't show" and that they would catch her alone in the barn after the show. I just knew I was going to find a hiding place in the barn early so I could see it go down!

Sure enough, the three girls somehow got Rodeo Girl into the barn. They were acting friendly until they got inside and one girl pushed Rodeo Girl down and said something about messing around with other girls' boyfriends. They were all dressed the same in their Rodeo Shirts and Suede skirts and Cow Girl boots only the shirts and skirts were different colors.

As Rodeo Girl tried to get up, the biggest girl punted the pointed toe of her boot up into Rodeo Girl's stomach like it was 4th and 40 and Rodeo Girl's stomach was the football! Rodeo Girl grunted hard and flipped over onto her back clutching her stomach and drawing her knees up. I could see the veins popping out of her neck as she silently suffered in pain with all the breath kicked out of her.

The big girl said, "Get her up". The other two smaller girls had trouble getting her up and the big girl pushed them aside and grabbed Rodeo Girl from behind by her elbows and got her to her knees while pulling her elbows back while Rodeo Girl was on her knees the big girl put her knee into the middle of Rodeo Girl's back and pushed her knee into her back forcing her to arch her spine inward and push her vulnerable, soft, flat and young stomach out, raising her rib cage and making her delicate stomach a perfect target.

Then she said, "Now kick her real hard, right in the stomach!"

One of the other girls lined up and planted one foot and with her focus on the target, she swung her other leg back and then drove her pointed-toed boot as hard as she could right up the pit of Rodeo Girl's stomach! It was like she was trying to kick a 65 yard Field Goal to win the Super Bowl in the last second of the game. She gave it everything she had. Rodeo Girl had not said anything because the first kick from the big girl kicked all her breath out so all she was doing to this point was gasping and wheezing and wretching.

But this field goal kick in her stomach was so hard it made her eyes bulge and she found some way to grunt a heavy, throaty, breathy heave-grunt up from deep in her soft guts where the boot connected. Her little body reacted in such a way that I thought I would see the tip of the boot come out through her back! The big girl hissed "This'll teach you to mess with our men"! Rodeo Girl had slumped over some so the big girl pulled back on Rodeo Girl's elbows and pushed her knee further into her back pushing the stomach target back out for the next attack.

It was the third girl's turn and her tactics were a bit different. She lined up and just started kicking Rodeo Girl in the stomach over and over and over with one pointed-toed boot and then the other. Just before, Rodeo Girl had gulped in some air but it was now being kicked out of her guts again. The deep guttural stomach grunts burst out of her throat and nose with magnum force with each brutal kick to the stomach. The pit of the stomach, the gut, the belly, the lower abdomen, and the solar plexus, all were open targets due to the Rodeo Girl's forced position. Soon all the breath was kicked out of her again and the only sounds that could be heard were the solid, meaty, muffled thuds of the heavy boots being jammed into Rodeo Girl's stomach.

The kicks were so devastating and her reactions so violent that the big girl lost her grip on Rodeo Girl and she immediately clutched her ruined stomach and folded over with her forehead on the ground. She whimpered and clutched her stomach for only a few minutes before the 2nd and 3rd girls took an arm each and got Rodeo girl to her knees again.

She knew what was coming but couldn't speak because her diaphragm had her stomach muscles and lungs all locked up, but she did look at the big girl with pleading eyes as if to say "Please! Don't! My Stomach!" But with a half-running start, the big girl drove her pointed-toed boot into Rodeo Girls' stomach. All she could do was shut her eyes tight and grimace in pure, excruciating, stomach organ agony. Only to get another from the big girl, and another and another until Rodeo Girl started to spit up. The big girl was so blinded with rage that she must not have noticed and with each solid connection of her boot in Rodeo Girl's stomach, more of the thick spittle was pumped out of her injured stomach organ.

The other two girls panicked when they saw it and let Rodeo Girl go and the big girl stopped kicking Rodeo Girl in the stomach and said "eeww!"

Poor Rodeo Girl just collapsed onto her side clutching her thoroughly destroyed stomach and writhing in agony and unbelievable stomach pain still spitting up some mucus and stomach acid. The other girls started to run out. I stayed in my hidden spot and just watched Rodeo Girl suffer and moan, desperately trying to get breath and ease the pain in her kicked-in stomach.

She writhed and rolled onto her knees and did the ****-up-head-down position awhile then flopped on her side again, then rolled onto her back and arched her back and pushed her punished stomach up and drew her knees up, then onto her side again, and then back to her knees. She cycled thru these positions over and over, never letting go of her torture stomach, for at least a half-hour before she was breathing almost normally again and she got to her knees and sat her **** on her heels, still cradling her stomach in her arms and hunched over, still moaning and gasping a little and after a while longer she finally struggled to her feet, still hunched over and hugging her rearranged guts.

She slowly walked out. I tried to follow but she disappeared into the darkness and no one ever saw her again.

April 5, 2022 7:00 AM