Road Rage (2nd revision)


This is a revision done around 2020 that temporarily added it to the Sarah Series.

Road Rage by Countrymouse11

Sarah’s red BMW stopped suddenly as it impacted with the old yellow VW in front of her. The blonde lurched forward slightly, cursing as she messed up her lipstick. Sarah got out of the car and adjusted her cheerleading outfit, typically short, short skirt with a long sleeve top with a high-cut hem that bared her belly. She sighed in frustration realizing she was probably going to be late for the Bearcats basketball game.

The tanned, bleach blonde cursed again when she saw the driver. It was Allison, a girl from her college math class, and she looked pissed as she examined the back of her car. If she were luckier it would be a guy and she could just charm him. Now she had to be political.

Allison walked up to Sarah who threw her hands up and shrugged innocently. "Look I'm sorry Allison but I have to get going... UHHHHH!"

Sarah was cut off mid-sentence as Allison buried her right fist into her belly. Air exploded from her lungs, her body folded forward, and her eyes opened wide. 

"You *****! You were putting on makeup I saw you!" Allison spat, she let Sarah drop to her knees and hold her belly. Allison grabbed Sarah's wrists and pulled off the girl’s top, ripping it slightly. She lifted the bottle blonde by her dark roots and slammed her back into the car.

"I'm sorry... OOF!" Sarah was cut off again as Allison hammered another fist into her guts. Her assailant was a slender light-skinned brunette, not as athletic as Sarah was, but Allison got the drop on her, and she hadn't had the chance to defend herself.

Allison wasn't about to give it to her either.

The brunette slammed another sharp jab up into Sarah's stomach "OOHH!" The girl's hands were on the trunk behind her, trying to keep standing.

Allison was talking again, "Those cars are so old they can't be insured anymore!" Sarah would have argued against that but instead took another hammer-fist in the stomach. "Auph!"

Allison had two more punches special delivery. "OOf! OOF!"

Postage due "HOOF!"

The enraged brunette unclipped and pulled away her victim's bra. Sarah, a little on the short side tanned curvy body, stood ******* by the roadside. The appreciative horns and catcalls from passing cars were nearly as bad as the punches.

Sarah tried to pull herself up on her car behind her, lifting her bare legs to protect her belly. Allison merely yanked her back down by the ankles and dug her fist in deep. "OOH!"

"I hate you ******* cheerleader sluts!" Allison barked. Sarah thought "Oh one of those girls! I'm in trouble..."

Not that she could do anything about it, she was hanging onto her attacker loosely gasping for air. She felt salty tears getting into her mouth and knew her makeup was running.

Allison seemed bent on beating out years of rage on this girl. She propped her up a little higher and started to slam her knee up into her stomach. "OOF!"

The girls had moved out into the street a bit stopping traffic. Allison sent another hard knee into Sarah's bare torso. "OOF!" The cheerleader's shapely legs flailed as each brutal knee took her feet off the ground. "OOH!"

Sarah was in another place, beyond feeling pain, she was just a body that went "oof!" whenever you punched it. Her big blue eyes blinked at the people in the cars watching. If she could speak she would have pleaded for someone to stop this.

A dozen gut-wrenching knees brought them back to Sarah's car. Allison drove home an old 1-2 "Oof! Ooh!" and pushed the ******* girl onto the hood of the car. The bombshell lay beaten and spread eagle for anyone to see.

Allison cautiously put Sarah's car in park, grabbed the girl's purse and keys, pulled the cash out of her victim's wallet. She threw the rest into Sarah's car trunk. Sarah had a digital camera in the passenger seat, Allison wanted one so she took it.

Sarah finally caught just enough breath to moan violently. "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!" 

Allison snapped a few photos of her latest work, prime material for her 'Zine website. She took Sarah's bra and top, got into her VW bug, and drove off, it was only a fender bender after all...

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