Road Rage by CountryMouse (2022)


Road Rage by CountryMouse

Gabi’s pink BMW stopped suddenly as it impacted with the old yellow VW in front of her. The blonde lurched forward slightly, cursing as she messed up her lipstick. She sighed in frustration realizing the accident was going to cause her to be late for the basketball game.

Gabi got out of the car and adjusted her clothes. She wore a tight crop top with one shoulder cut out and one long black sleeve. The hem ended just above the girl’s belly button and her skirt rode low on her hips giving a hint of her delicious, tanned abs. The cheer top was red with black trim and had “Bearcats” emblazoned on the front. Her stretchy tube skirt was only eight inches long and showed off more leg and hip than any mother would approve of.

“Fuck!” she muttered under her breath when she saw that the driver she hit was also a woman. The girl, Bryanne, was about Gabi’s age, early twenties, and was very likely a student from the same school. If it were a guy, Gabi could cry her way out of it, maybe have to let him buy her dinner. Straight men were powerless against Gabi’s toothy smile. Women wouldn’t fall for that ******** though. 

The best she could hope for is that Bryanne would be reasonable. The blonde cheerleader threw her hands up “It’s okay. I have insurance. It’s not a big deal.”

Bryanne was taller than Gabi and rail-thin, a knockout if she applied herself. Her face screwed up in rage. “What do you mean it’s not a big deal you Bitch? You were putting on makeup, and you destroyed my rear end!”

“You wish!” The blonde said suppressing an inappropriate giggle. She forced herself to look serious, “But it’s just a junky old car. You don’t even have to repair it… Ugn!”

Bryanne hauled off and slapped the dumb blonde before she could finish. The sound echoed out into the street, which was starting to fill with excited bystanders and people watching in cars. Golden-yellow hair flew everywhere, and Gabi staggered a few steps after it.

When Gabi caught her bearings, she turned around and walked right into another vicious open palm from Bryanne. This one spun her around completely. The girl staggered drunkenly, desperate to keep her feet underneath her. Gabi stumbled right…

… then left till she ran headlong into her own car, bounced off of it, spun again then fell on her ass. The Cheerleader teared up as she held her burning cheek. Bryanne was a champion slapper. Her cheek stung like hell, but she was careful not to hit her ear so that Gabi wouldn’t miss out on the gathering crowd laughing at her clumsy pratfall.

“You Bitch!” The humiliation drove Gabi to stupidity. She jumped up, still holding her stinging face, and went for Bryanne’s hair. The girls dug their hands into each other’s manes wrestling and cussing but not really doing any damage to each other. This went on for a few seconds till Bryanne thumped a quick hard punch into the blonde’s tight stomach.

Everyone heard the thud and there was a shared gasp. Gabi had a strong core but Bryanne had caught her by surprise. At first, it didn’t register with Gabi, but then there was a deep ache in her guts. Her diaphragm was seized up and she couldn’t breathe in. The blonde was dizzy and disoriented, stumbling around like a drunk, hunched over holding her belly. She couldn’t move or breathe or find the floor with her feet. Gabi lifted her head, her blue eyes wide, mouth open, curls of blonde hair falling across her face. 

“Hey!” Gabi complained as Bryanne yanked her cheer shirt up over her face. She could feel the cold air breeze across her exposed stomach as she struggled blindly. Gabi was a hard-bodied little thing. Starting as a power gymnast and changing to cheerleading when she didn’t qualify for the national team. 

“Eek!” Gabi cried out as she felt Bryanne’s hand manipulate the snap and zipper of her skirt. Another tug and the skirt slid down Gabi’s athletic legs to her ankles.

Somewhere beyond the darkness, there was an eruption of applause as the blonde cheerleader was stripped to her bikini underwear. She had a natural hourglass figure, with big *****, wide hips, and a tiny wasp-waist. Gabi was still a dedicated gym bunny and had a truly bangin’ body as a result.

Gabi was both mortified and flattered by the catcalls. She stumbled and kicked but Bryanne had a hold of her shirt and her arms were pinned above her head. Bryanne slammed the blonde against the BMW and dug her fist into the girl's hard abs.

“Let go of me… Ugn!!” The heavy car behind her prevented any give so her gut absorbed the punch full force. Gabi lifted an athletic leg in defense but it was slapped away and followed up by another uppercut to her belly. “Oof!”

"I hate you ******* cheerleader sluts!" Bryanne barked.

"Oh, one of those girls! I'm in trouble..." Gabi guessed Bryanne was one of those kids that prettier girls like Gabi picked on in grade school. Bryanne seemed hell-bent on beating out years of bitterness on her. Not that she could do anything about it. After delivering several punishing body blows Bryanne whipped Gabi’s shirt completely off and dragged her by the hair into the street.

The blonde bombshell shuffled after her assailant, wishing she could have worn a bra with that skimpy top. Gabi did a quick inventory check. Yeah, she was ******* alright. She glanced around. About a dozen lucky men, women, and children were getting quite a show. In fact, it was stopping traffic.

“Ulf!” Bryanne hooked under her arms under her victim’s shoulders and brutally lifted her knee up into Gabi’s vulnerable stomach bringing her to her toes. Her big blue eyes blinked, and she grunted deeply. The next knee that violated her poor belly made Gabi hop off the ground a little. “Ulf!”

A half dozen gut-wrenching knees brought them back to Gabi's BMW. Bryanne set her ragdoll straight and drove home an old 1-2 "Oof! Ooh!" 

She tossed the girl onto the hood of the car. The blonde bombshell lay on her back, spread eagle sobbing for breath. Bryanne went to Gabi’s car and stole her keys, cash, and phone. Of course, the dumbass didn’t have a password on her phone. She used Gabi's phone to snap several full-frontal pictures of her. Sending them to everyone on the girl’s contact list. She noted that they were real, and they were spectacular. 

Then she threw the girl's clothes and belongings into the trunk of Gabi’s luxury car and slammed it closed. Blondie was going to have a hard time getting home. Bryanne jumped back into her VW bug without leaving her insurance information. 

It was not a big deal. Just a fender bender…

February 19, 2022 6:00 AM