Revenge in the Sand by Ace


Revenge in the Sand by Ace

Jenny slowly regained consciousness, found her clothes, and got dressed. She felt like she'd been hit by a truck. Her whole body ached, especially her belly. She somehow made it home and into a nice warm bath where stayed for nearly an hour. She relived the beating she had just received, and all of the pain and anger returned. As she was toweling off, she helps but sees the ugly splotches of black, blue, and red that her summer's tan couldn't cover. From the middle of her stomach to far below her belly button, the marks of Tammy's fists were evident. She recalled the pain of those fists striking her breasts and the thought that Tammy was going to punch all the way through her body as she drove her fists deep in her lower belly. She vowed revenge.

As it developed, she had even more reason for anger toward Tammy. Brad, the boyfriend who was at the center of the problem was not at all sympathetic. He, in fact, sided with Tammy and said that she didn't want a wimp like Jenny for a girlfriend. So now, Jenny had lost all the way around--she'd been beaten to a pulp and lost her boyfriend to her rival. She vowed never to lose a fight again.

She joined the local "Y" and began working out there. She wanted to tighten up her abs as well as take boxing lessons. The teacher was effective, and Jenny was a quick study. She learned how to block punches, to follow through for the post power, to put her entire body behind punches, and to throw combinations. Her jogging and crunches paid off, too. Her abs were more defined, and she looked even better in her bikini, which she could finally wear, now that her bruises had healed.

She sought Tammy out at school one day and told her that she wanted a rematch after school down at a deserted beach. And, she wanted Tammy to bring Brad so he could both referee and watch Jenny get her revenge. She intended to show Brad that she certainly was no wimp. Tammy readily agreed. Jenny also stipulated that each fighter would wear shorts and a cut-off tee. The shorts had to cover the belly button.

She also insisted that there be punches only to exposed skin. That meant no tit or lower belly punches. Even though she expected to win, she did not want Tammy to use her belly for her personal punching bag. She wanted a fair fight and was sure that Brad would keep things from getting out of hand.

Tammy's only response was, "Whatever".

Late that Jenny arrived at the deserted beach on the outskirts of town. Jen had followed her own rules to the letter. She was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans which covered her belly button and a short cut-off tee that just covered her breasts. She looked quite fit as the white tee contrasted nicely with her firm, tan stomach. Jen felt confident as she rehearsed her footwork, the necessary follow-through on punches, and the ways she knew to block punches. Even though she had lost Brad, she knew she could win him back by beating Tammy. She also wanted to put a big hurt on Tammy for the unfair beating the blonde had given her. She remembered looking down and seeing her breasts brutalized and Tammy's fists nearly disappearing in her belly. She hated the girl.

A few minutes later, Tammy and Brad showed up. Tammy was dressed similarly to Jen--cut-off shorts and a tee.

Brad stepped between the two combatants and reviewed the rules: punches, kicks, elbows were allowed only to expose skin. There would be no rounds or times out. As Brad went over the rules, her thought to himself, "What a sweet deal, these two babes fighting over me." He couldn't help but notice that the two were in many ways a mirror image of each other. They were about 5"7", and weighed about 120. Their legs were brown and well-toned from days and weeks of playing on the beach, their midsections were flat and looked well-toned, especially Jenny's. Even their breasts appeared to be about the same size--full and firm and totally in proportion to their size.

At last, Brad said, "Get it on", and the two girls circled each other. Jen's arms were raised in classic boxer style while Tam's arms were a little higher. She certainly did not want to get hit in her beautiful face. Tammy struck first, aiming a right at Jen's face. Jenny caught it on her arm and kept circling. Tam then threw another headshot, but Jen simply weaved out of the way.

Jen then fired off a jab that landed on Tammy's forehead. It wasn't a particularly hard punch, but her head snapped back, anyway. Jenny then landed a left jab to the right side of Tammy's face. Tammy retreated, and Jen stole a smile at Brad. Jenny then faked another left to the face, and when Tammy took the fake, she received a hard right under her ribs.

Jenny then slipped in a nice left/right combination to the face that set Tammy up for a straight right to the pit of her stomach, just above the navel. Tammy grunted and retreated. "This is not going well, who taught this b... to fight?", Tammy thought to herself.

She decided to go on the offensive and rushed Jenny with a flurry of punches. All she received for her efforts were missed punches, a shot to the eye, and a jab in her stomach. Jenny could see that Tammy was no match for her and stepped up the pace. She peppered Tammy with punches to the face, and when her guard came up, she zinged her with two uppercuts that landed just above the waistband of her shorts.

Tammy was in trouble now, and when Jenny faked another body shot, she bought the fake and never saw the overhand right that landed on the left side of her face and sent her down.

Jenny stood over her and asked if she'd had enough. Brad was yelling at her to get up. Tammy got up on all fours and realized that her only chance was the sand she was now clutching in her hands. She got to her feet and moved toward Jenny who was ready to finish her and reclaim her boyfriend. As the two came together, Tammy threw both handfuls of sand directly into Jenny's eyes.

Blinded, Jenny staggered back, both hands instinctively clawing at her eyes.

As Jenny backed away, a smile flickered across Tammy's face. The past few minutes of getting her head handed to her on a plate were quickly forgotten. All Tammy could see was the opportunity to do some quick damage to Jenny. The brunette was standing there holding her eyes thinking only of the pain caused by what seemed like a thousand pieces of broken glass in her eyes.

Tammy took careful aim and unloaded two well-placed uppercuts to Jenny's midsection. The punches landed on either side of Jenny's tanned navel just above the top of her cut-offs. Jenny's hands came down from her eyes and were pressed to her stomach. Standing right in front of Jenny, Tammy sent another punch above the protecting hands and into Jenny just below her breasts.

A deep "OOOUGH" came from deep within Jenny as she fought for breath. Blinded by the sand and in anguish from the assault to her stomach, Jenny was not aware of the fist until it landed on her jaw. Her head snapped back, and she staggered. Tammy followed up with a punch under Jenny's right eye. Disoriented and trying to protect her face, Jenny had no protection against the two punches that dug into her flat stomach.

Jenny would have needed much more ab work to be able to withstand the series of punches that landed just above the top of her shorts from one side of her trim midriff to the other. Her abs were slowly being beaten to putty, and each punch seemed to dig in deeper. Another headshot dropped Jenny to her knees, where she stayed, breathing hard, still trying to clear her vision. This picture of helplessness brought out the killer instinct in Tammy, and while Jenny was still on her knees, hands at her eyes, Tammy made a beautiful soccer-style kick to...

While Jenny was still on her knees, hands at her eyes, Tammy made a beautiful soccer-style kick to the middle of her stomach. A loud "oough" escaped Jenny's lips as she tried desperately to breathe.

Tammy pulled the girl to her feet but was surprised to see Jenny find a burst of energy and run toward her car. Tammy easily caught her from behind, ripping off her tee in the process. As Jenny struggled to escape, she called for Brad to help her. Just as Brad got to the struggling pair, Jenny's flimsy bra was torn off. Brad held Jenny in his arms, no doubt enjoying the sensuous feel of Jenny's firm breasts against his bare chest. Although Jenny was monetarily comforted, she did not see the broad wink Brad gave Tammy.

Suddenly he turned Jenny around to face Tammy and held her arms behind her. "Don't you want some practice on the stationary bags?", he asked Tammy as she approached her victim.

Jenny could now see well enough to know that she was in serious trouble, and she felt the first trouble when Tammy's fist landed full on her left breast, directly on the ******. She screamed in pain as first one tit and then the other was subjected to a vicious beating. Tammy used both fists and punched each tit straight on the ****** or with uppercuts that came to the bottom of each orb. For variety, she slugged Jenny occasionally in her flat stomach.

Tammy jabbed Jenny in the face with her left fist, and the pain of bone on bone seemed to hurt Tammy as much as Jenny. Tammy swore and held her hand. "I need a softer target; how's that belly of yours today; I can't even see it with those shorts up so high," said Tammy.

She unsnapped Jenny's cut-offs and began to pull them down. "No", screamed Jenny, "not my belly".

"Fraid so, honey; you've got to be taught a lesson", replied Tammy with a smirk. Tammy slid the cut-offs down until they were resting on the ground. "Well, well, well, look at this," said Tammy.

What she saw was several inches of Jenny's smooth, **** belly below her navel. Jenny's bikini ******* were just a sliver or red as they hung on Jenny's hips, revealing the 17-year-old's tan belly with its deep innie belly button. Her work in the gym had produced just the hint of some muscle definition in her belly, and this served to draw Tammy's (and Brad's) eyes to the softly feminine lines of her gut.

"We're gonna have some fun, now," grinned Tammy as Jenny sobbed with the recognition of what was going to happen.

"Please don't punch my belly; you can have Brad; just don't hurt me any mo...OOOOGH". Jenny's plea for mercy turned into an exclamation of pain as Tammy's left fist landed on Jenny's belly button. The left was followed by a right to the same target. The sound and feel of fist on belly brought back pleasant memories to Tammy and a nightmare to Jenny. "Don't worry, I'm following your rules. You said punching only to exposed skin, and I'd say your belly is pretty exposed right now," laughed Tammy.

Tammy then pumped punches into Tammy's belly to the left and right of her navel. Jenny began to slump over, and Tammy told Brad to hold her up straight. He did as she said, and even bent her back a little, so that her belly was pushed out toward Tammy, making it a better target. Jenny began to beg for mercy again, so Tammy went upstairs with a punch to the solar plexus to quieten her down.

"Having trouble breathing? Maybe this will take your mind off your lungs", said Tammy as she smashed Jenny's belly button with two punches. Tammy then attacked the softest part of Jenny's body, her gently rounded lower belly. She pivoted and put her weight behind a powerful punch that made contact a good three inches below Jenny's belly button and dug into the soft, tan flesh. Jenny's head was hanging down, and she was in the position of being an observer to her own belly beating.

"Watch this," laughed Jenny as she sent another devastator into Jenny's lower belly. Jenny watched the small hard fist sink into her body and felt the burning pain it caused.

Tammy stepped to the side and gave Jenny two karate chops to the lower left side of her belly. What she lacked in Oriental technique she made up with power, and the whole length of the edge of her hand just buried into the helpless girl. "I need more practice with my left hand", Tammy said, and she went to Jenny's right side with two more karate shots.

"Are you getting tired of holding this cow?" Tammy asked brad. "You want some of this?"

"Sure", replied Brad, "it looks like fun". "Go for it, enjoy!" replied Tammy. Brad and Tammy exchanged places, and Brad stood directly in front of Jenny, and what he saw was a beautiful 17-year-old, perfectly proportioned and nearly naked except for the tiny red bikini *****. Her full, firm breasts, her flat stomach, and ****, smooth soft, belly all beckoned to him. He had never punched a girl before but knew he was going to love it.

His first punch was, for him, a rather light one, landing the middle of Jenny's stomach. To Jenny, it was the hardest punch so far, and her eyes bugged out and her breath was again driven from her lungs by the force of the blow. Brad then punched Jenny's breasts and thrilled to the feel of his hard fists on the smooth, soft skin.

"Go to her belly", you'll like it there", encouraged Tammy. Brad did just that and drove his fist into her belly button.

"OOOUGH" was what came from Jenny. Brad then poked his fingers into Jenny's belly below her navel. "You are really soft, you should exercise more" he smirked before a pounded three straight monsters punched low in the girl's belly, each punch driving deep into the girl's gut. He then smashed her in the face with two punches before sending two more punches to her lower belly.

"You should have tried this", he said to Tammy as he gave Jenny a three-fingered thrust to the belly button. Once again, his hand all but disappeared in the wide-open, helpless girl's body.

"Let's go," said Tammy, "finish her off". A knee lift to the belly, three jabs to Jenny's now totally soft mid-section, and three huge shots to her lower belly caused the girl's head to sag forward. She was in dreamsville.

One more huge punch to the middle of Jenny's stomach made her lips purse into a perfect "ooo" as the punch dug in. Jenny collapsed to the sand.

Tammy pitched Jenny's clothes on her beaten body as she and Brad walked away, smiling.

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