Punishment at the Gym Written by Unknown


Punishment at the Gym Written by Unknown

It was a normal day at the gym. Guys and girls working out. But the person everyone noticed most was Tracy. She was a personal trainer that worked at the gym. She wore a white sports bra and black biker shorts revealing her soft, extremely flat, tan stomach. She's about 5'6" 35-22-34 and had a straight indented line down the middle of her stomach. Everyone, she walked past stared at her stomach and because she worked at the gym, she worked out every day, especially on her beautiful stomach.

The day went by and it was time for the gym to close. Everyone including all the gym employees left and told Tracy to lock up after she was done working out. It was 12:00 midnight and Tracy continued her workout when suddenly she heard a sound. Then she saw 3 very muscular guys appear. They had been hiding behind the counter waiting for everyone to leave except for Tracy. They were bodybuilders and were very big. Tracy said, "Hey your not supposed to be in here!" The leader of the 3 guys named Rick said, "We've been watching you for a while Tracy and we admire your stomach a lot."(The other 2 guys' names were Tom and Mike). Tracy confused said, "What?" and told them to go out. The 3 guys didn't listen and stood still. Tracy a little pissed off walked up to the guys when Rick flung his huge fist into Tracy's flat stomach. UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Tracy grunted.

Although Tracy's stomach was strong and firm, it was no match for the huge fist of a bodybuilder. Tracy was on the floor breathing for air and said, "What are you doing?"

" We're going to show you how much we love your stomach," Rick said. The 3 guys began laughing and picked up little Tracy. They tied her hands over her head with a shirt and hung her on a hook of a punching bag. Her feet were off the ground and she was hanging with her stomach stretched out and couldn't hold herself up because of the gravity that was pushing her down. Now Tracy was the punching bag.

Tracy who was scared said, "What are you going to do to me?" Tom said, "Something that we'll enjoy a lot more than you will." Rick told the 2 other guys to step back and then went up to Tracy. Tracy's body was all sweaty and wet because of her workout and she looked beautiful. Rick put his hand on her face and then slowly brought it down to her sweaty, firm stomach. He clenched his big fist and 'WHAM' slammed it into Tracy's helpless stomach. Tracy swung back just like a punching bag as Rick hit her. She was swaying back and forth because she was hanging. Rick told Tom and Mike to stand behind her so she won't swing back and forth. Tom and Mike stood behind her. Rick then threw 7 hard punches to her gut.


Tracy was now out of breath and her strong stomach became weak. Then it was Tom and Mike's turn. They lowered her biker shorts so they could get a better view of her lower stomach. Tom and Mike got their huge fists and at once struck Tracy's stomach. Tom hit her in her solar plexus and Mike hit her hard in the lower stomach just above her public area.


Tracy shouted out as the 2 fists invaded her stomach. It was double the impact and pain of Rick's punches and Tracy was hurting. Tracy thought in her mind "when is this torture going to end." Tom and Rick shot punched her one second after the other which gave Tracy not even a second to breathe.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH" screamed Tracy as they punched away at her midsection. Tracy began to suffocate and her eyes rolled back. She wanted to hold her stomach so badly but she was *******. The guys untied her hands and she dropped to the ground holding her stomach, moaning, and coughing trying to catch her breath. The guys let her breathe for a few minutes and then held her up. With all her power she escaped and headed for the doors. The 3 guys chased her and they punched her at the same time one under the ribs, one in the lower stomach, and one in the middle of her stomach. "OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUFFFF!!!"

Tracy coughed as she dropped to the floor. They picked her up and they grabbed her firmly so she couldn't get away. The placed her on the bench press machine and tied her hands over her head. She was lying down with her stomach stretched again and she had no power to move. Then she saw the 3 guys go somewhere and come back with some big weights. Rick said, "It's not over yet." "No no please don't I'll do anything.."Tracy pleaded. Please don't..UUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHH

Rick slammed an 8-pound weight right on her stomach. She felt her insides get smashed between the weight and the bench. You could see her stomach cave in as the weight was dropped on her stomach. Every part of her body from her breasts to her pelvis was in great pain. Again Rick lifted the weight to bash Tracy's lower stomach. HHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! The wind was knocked out of Tracy as it hit her flat-concave lower stomach. Her lower stomach was flat and the weight went all the way down into her pelvis. 20 seconds after Rick hit her, Tom started punching away at her stomach with the power of his big, powerful arms.


Tracy's stomach was completely murdered. Her muscles were aching and Tracy began to pass out. Her eyes widened when she saw Mike's hand go up into a shape of a claw and brought it down to her stretched-out stomach. As he struck her stomach with his claw, Tracy started moaning and then passed out. Tracy was out and the 3 guys started to laugh. They started to beat her even after she was out. Rick got the bench press weight and put it on Tracy's stomach and the 3 guys started to push the weight on Tracy's stomach as hard as they could. The power of the 3 bodybuilders was incredible and Tracy's stomach caved in over the weight. Her insides were being crushed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They took the passed-out Tracy off the bench and hung her on a hook that was on the wall. They punched her at the same time several times making THUD, WHAM, and TWACK sounds. The passed-out Tracy made no sounds, the only sounds were the sounds of the huge fists pounding the little Tracy. As they punched Tracy's stomach, the sweat on her body was splashing off her body. They punched her, kicked her hard, kneed her, and also head-butted her stomach as she slammed against the wall. They hit her so hard that after they were finished, the wall behind her was dented. Tom brought a bucket of water and splashed it on Tracy to wake her up. When she woke up, her body was limp and she was coughing and aching everywhere. The guys took the limp Tracy to the locker room and stripped her. Tracy couldn't move from the beating but kept saying "Please stop."

The guys washed Tracy's naked sweaty body with water and changed her into her ******* and bra. "We enjoyed it, Tracy," said Rick. Tracy was clutching her beaten stomach. Tom grabbed her from behind and pinned her to the ground. Tom stretched out her stomach and tied her arms and legs. "PLEASE NO MORE¡¦¡¦," pleaded Tracy. "Don't worry Tracy, you'll enjoy this," said Mike. Mike began pushing Tracy's stomach and started to massage it. Then Rick and Tom joined in. Now 6 hands were massaging her beaten stomach. As they massaged her stomach, they touched some bruises and caused Tracy to scream, "OOOOOWWWW, AHHHH!!!"

Tracy who was stretched out enjoyed as the 3 guys massaged and soothed her beaten stomach but then they started to kiss, rub and lick her stomach. They also sucked her stomach, which was painful. Tracy ******* and helplessly watched as the 3 guys took over her body. Every time they touched one of her bruises, she shot her head back in pain. The 3 guys were enjoying rubbing, pressing licking, and taking over her helpless body. Tracy was stretched, still in pain from the beating watching the guys **** her stomach. Finally, the guys stopped and paused. Then Rick said, " Guys let's end it."

"What's that supposed to mean?" wondered Tracy. Tracy watched as they formed their 6 hands into one big fist and bring it down. NOOOHHHHHOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNN' Their huge fist sank into her upper stomach really hard, caving into her solar plexus extremely deep, making her ribs jut out to pass the huge fist! The pain was so intense, she passed out again with the guy's fist very, very, very deep in her flat **** stomach!!!

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