Punished for being Sexy by Daniel Walker



Chloe is a beautiful girl. She is 1.25m tall, with A cup breasts, long blond hair, and an amazing belly. Her stomach is smooth and almost concave, even when she is standing up. She is extremely skinny but her belly is unbelievably soft.


Alex is Chloe’s cousin. Alex has long brown hair and pale blue eyes. She also has A-cup breasts and her stomach is even softer than Chloe’s, even though she is just as skinny.

Punished for being Sexy by Daniel Walker

It was a sunny day and Alex and Chloe decided they would go to the beach. They got dressed in their bikinis, pulled on some hot pants, and set off. When they got to the beach they found an empty space and laid down their sunbeds. They had decided that they would sunbathe and get a good tan, so earlier that morning they had covered each other in sun lotion so they didn’t get burnt.

Chloe laid down first and her belly became completely concave. Then a wasp fluttered around her and landed on her exposed belly. Its stinger hanging down inside the vertical oval slit that was her belly button. Chloe shrieked and sucked in her belly as far as she could; causing her ribs and hips to stick out like mountains over a deep valley.

“Wow!” Alex exclaimed. “Your belly is so concave! You look so ****!!!” The wasp flew off and Chloe relaxed her stomach.

“Hehe, thanks” Chloe giggled.

“How do you do that?” Alex asked curiously.

“lay down and I’ll show you.” Chloe smiled. Alex lied down and her belly naturally sunk in a little. Chloe knelt down next to her cousin’s slim body. Then she placed her hands, one on top of the other, just under Alex’s belly button. Chloe instructed Alex to raise her arms above her head and make her belly as relaxed as possible. Then she told Alex that she would push down into her belly and Alex would just **** in as far and for as long as she can.

Chloe buried her hands into Alex’s soft relaxed belly without warning, and Alex let out a soft ‘OOOF’. Alex sucked in her belly as far as she could and she was able to **** it in a little bit further than Chloe could. Chloe saw this and got a little jealous. She put her full weight on Alex's belly and pushed down so hard Alex thought that her cousin’s hands were going to go all the way to her spine.

“UUUULLLLGGGGFFFFOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!” Alex screamed in pain. Chloe started pumping her hands into Alex’s skinny belly as if she was trying to give it CPR. Every time her hands buried themselves in the soft flesh of Alex’s belly Alex let out a loud groan. After about five minutes the girl was wearing down and sat back.

Calming down, Chloe looked up to see that Alex was in immense pain and had her hand kneading her belly trying to erase the pain.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry,” Chloe whispered. She apologized multiple times and started to massage Alex's aching belly.

About 5-6 hours later, Chloe was apologizing again.

“Alex I’m so, so sorry.” She said repeatedly.

“it's ok!” Alex said, “I kind of enjoyed it anyway.”

“What?” Chloe asked, stunned “You did? That’s Great!”

“yes! Sure it killed, but I kind of enjoyed the pain and the feeling afterward.” They got back to their 2 bed-roomed bungalow just before it was dark. They sat on the sofa and started to watch a film that had just come on the TV. They had flicked it on just as the thin woman got ******* and started to be tortured. The torture involved belly punching, belly kicking, belly kneeing, and they even got blunt objects and shoved them hard into her defenseless belly. Alex turned off the TV.

“Let’s do that!” she said enthusiastically.

“What?” Chloe said.

“The belly torture. I do it to you first then you do it to me.”

“why do I have to go first?” Chloe complained.

“Because you’ve already hurt my belly and it's payback time.”

“Ok. Do your worst.” They walked into the basement and found that there was a sturdy pipe that jutted out of the wall. Chloe gave Alex some leather handcuffs and told her to tie her to that so that she couldn’t get down and so she had to be on her Tip toes to stand up. Alex tied Chloe up and Chloe’s body was at full stretch, and her bikini top and bottom framed her beautiful belly like a target. Even though Chloe was at full stretch her belly was still extremity soft.

Alex wasted no time in beginning Chloe’s torture. She slammed her fist as hard as she could straight into the blond's venerably exposed belly. ‘OOOOF’ Chloe groaned as the air was knocked out of her. Alex’s fist sunk deep into Chloe’s soft skinny belly. Alex left her hand in Chloe’s belly for a couple of seconds, before removing it only to deliver another punch in her belly, this time just above her *****. Again Chloe groaned. Alex proceeded to deliver 10 more devastating punches to the soft blonde’s belly, before changing her tactic.

Alex took a couple of steps back, then sprung forward and smashed her skinny knee straight into her victim’s solar plexus.

“UULLLGGGGFFFFFFFFFFF” Chloe screamed in agony as her stomach organ felt like it was squished flat. Her stomach burned in pain, but it kind of felt nice. Especially when Alex plowed her fists into her lower belly. It hurt to start with, but once the fist was removed, there was a sought of enjoyable pressure left behind. Chloe arched her back and her stomach caved in even more. Alex rested for a moment, letting Chloe recover a bit. Then she went over to the corner and picked up a blindfold. She Snuck up behind Chloe and wrapped it around Chloe’s eyes so she wouldn’t be able to tell when the next blow was going to come.

Then she stepped back in front of her target and slammed the heel of her foot into Chloe’s vulnerable belly button. The blonde’s reaction was explicit. Chloe’s body swung back from the force of the kick and her legs literally came straight out as she tried to fold.

“Naw, poor Chloe.” Alex taunted. “Did that hurt your soft, ****, skinny belly?” with each word she delivered a punch to the soft belly.

Alex left the basement but came back quickly brandishing a baseball bat. She waltzed over to Chloe’s stretched-out body and gently placed her hand on it. Chloe tried to flinch away from the touch but that only drove Alex’s hand deep into her guts. Alex stood there for a couple of minutes, prodding and pushing in her cousin’s belly. Then she stepped back and surprised Chloe by slamming the rounded tip of the baseball bat into her soft underbelly.

“UOOOOOOOGHHHGG” Chloe moaned as the air once again left her lungs. Then Alex walked around the skinny blonde’s belly and placed the rounded tip straight on top of Chloe’s belly and put both hands on the shaft of maximum thrusting power. Then she pushed her own body against the blonde’s body from behind.

“Your torture is nearly over, hun,” Alex whispered to her stretched-out cousin. Then started to ram the baseball bat with as much force as she could, into the soft flesh of Chloe’s belly. She did this for 10 minutes straight, and each time the bat pushed into her belly Chloe let out a loud groan. Then she un-blindfolded her cousin and place the bat against the wall. She untied Chloe and laid her on the floor, belly up. She told Chloe to put her arms up above her hand and to arch her back, and Chloe obediently did as she was told.

Alex stepped towards the slim, soft girl and stared at her target for a moment. Then, without warning, she hammered her foot hard into Chloe’s soft abdomen. Chloe let out her loudest groan yet and folded, grabbing Alex's leg and trying to remove the girl’s leg from her already sore belly. To counter Chloe’s efforts to get her off she lifted her other foot so her entire weight bore down onto the soft girl’s belly. Alex felt her foot go all the way to the floor.

“Fuck.” Alex said quickly stepping off. She looked down, expecting to see a gaping hole in the middle of her cousin’s belly. But all she saw was her cousin, sprawled on the floor, belly exposed and looking beautiful as ever, unconscious and breathing shallowly.

April 5, 2022 3:10 PM