Prison II by pedroza

After her latest series of altercations, Anna once again found herself in solitary.

But this time something was different. The guards brought Anna water but no food. Two days went by and... nothing.

One the 3rd day a guard brought a huge meal. Not knowing when she was going to get another, Anna stuffed herself, then feeling very tired, laid down to take a nap.

They had slipped something in Anna's drink. She awoke in a haze, not knowing where she was other than she was someplace other than solitary.

She was laying on her overstuffed belly, naked, face down on the floor her wrists handcuffed behind her back. This room was big and all white.

On one wall about waist high was an electric hoist. The were two more on the wall behind her, one at the top and another at the bottom.

She was laying on a steel bar the was about 4 feet long. The bar was positioned under her upper belly just below her ribs.

The bar had a couple of holes driiled near each end. An 8 foot long cable with loops on both ends was attached to the bar through the holes.

She couldn't see it, but the cables were attached to the hook on the hoist at the top of the wall behind her.

Anna could feel another bar laying across her back. This one had two cables attached to it.

One of set of cables was attached to the hook on the waist high hoist in front of her.

The other set was looped under the bar that was under Anna's stomach and attached to the hook on the hoist at the bottom of the wall behind her.

In the corner of the room was a big air compressor.

Next to the compressor was a scissor lift cart. On the other side was a large steel cabinet.

The cart had some kind of gun-looking contraption mounted to it with quick connect air lines and cables coming out of it.

Lastly there was a desk with a laptop and several remote controls sitting on it

A bespectacled man wearing a dark suit and tie, crisp white shirt and polished shoes entered the room along with two large men wearing white lab coats.

The man wearing the suit walked over to the desk and the large men walked over to Anna, standing over her.

The man looked like he could've been an engineer that worked at NASA or IBM in the 1960s.

"What the **** is this ****??" said Anna, her mind starting to clear.

"Good morning, Anna", the bespectacled man said. "I am Dr. von der Brandt, the warden of this prison. These are my assistants, Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith."

Anna began to struggle but was immediately pinned to the ground by Jones and Smith.

"Please do not waste your energy on pointless endeavors, Anna, You will need to conserve all of it." said the warden.

"Let us begin, shall we?". He picked up two of the remotes and pushed the "up" buttons as Jones and Smith got off of Anna.

The hoists hummed to life, taking the slack out of the fore and aft cables.

When the cable that was attached to the bar behind Anna and wrapped around the bar in front of her stomach pulled taut, it began to pull the two bars closer together.

The bars began to compress Anna's stomach as the front hoist started to lift her off the floor. Jones grabbed Anna's hair and pulled her up until she was on her knees.

The warden continued to push the "up" buttons until the cables were tight, the front bar wedging up under her ribcage.

She tried to use her powerful abs the keep the bars out of her belly, but they were no match for the hoists. Her belly visibly strained as her midsection collapsed.

To make matters worse, Anna had eaten a large meal which was forced beneath the bars, almost making her look like a slightly pregnant woman with abs.

Once the bars were deeply embedded in Anna's gut, Dr. von der Brandt stopped the fore and aft hoists. The cable on the hoist above was now slack.

But not for long. He pushed the "up" button of the remote that controlled the hoist and the cable began to tighten.

Once all of the slack was out of the cables, the hoist started lifting Anna upward. Anna got on her feet, trying to relieve the strain on her belly.

But soon she ran out of room for relief and the hoist lifted her body off the ground, her body suspended by the bars firmly implanted in her abdomen. 

Once she was suspended, the worst pain she had ever felt in her life surged through her body.

Her own weight was causing the bars to crush her and the bars were right on the nerve center in her solar plexus.

She cried out "Oh, God, oh my God!!!", and swore, struggling just to breathe, her bloated belly not at all helpful.

The warden tweaked the hoists until Anna was 6" off the ground.

He sat down behind the desk, looking at his watch. Anna had stopped struggling and just hung there by the stomach.

The longer she hung, the more the front bar seemed to slide up under her ribs, so the warden blipped a remote, tightening the rear hoist. Uuuuhhgg... Anna moaned.

After five minutes, the warden got up out of his chair and walked over to Anna.

"Congratulations, Anna. Only a few select ladies have made it through this part of our test in a conscious state".

What the warden didn't realize is that Anna had not only gotten used to the belly squeeze, but was now getting pleasure from it. She didn't let on.

"Let's move on to Part 2, shall we?"

Jones and Smith went over to the steel cabinet, obtaining several items as Dr. von der Brandt sipped on a cup of coffee.

Smith walked over to the desk, placing yet another remote control on it while Jones walked behind Anna, then Smith joined him.

They each grabbed an ankle and slapped a cuff on it, then put the other end on the wire that went to the hoist at the bottom of the wall behind her.

Anna's legs were spread, her feet about even with her ass.

Next, Smith produced a ratchet strap

He put one hook on Anna's handcuffs and attached the other hook on the strap to the hook on the hoist at the bottom of the wall behind her.

Then he ratcheted the strap, which pulled Anna's wrist's toward the hoist, bending her back.

Smith continued until Anna's body was bent back into a "U", which caused her ribs to stick out even more above the bar embedded at the top of her bloated stomach.

Dr. von der Brandt wanted her upper belly to remain completely squashed, so he blipped the remote on the front hoist as Smith ratcheted the strap.

Jones inserted a device in Anna's ******, strapping it low around her waist and around her legs.

Then Jones and Smith removed their lab coats, revealing a pair of impressive physiques.

They ducked under the wires in front of Anna and stood in front of her. Anna was looking at the ceiling, her ample breasts pointing straight up.

She was nervous... Anna didn't fear any woman, but these musclemen were something else entirely.

She had good reason to be nervous. "Let us begin," said the warden, taking another sip from his coffee cup.

He picked up the remote be had just been given and clicked it to on.

"OHHHHH.... OHHHHH.... OOOOhh... the simulation was way beyond anything Anna had ever experienced before, far more than any man could do.

The intensity of it curled Anna's toes, her body getting warm and heart starting to race.

Then UUUUFFF.... Jones rocked Ana's bulging belly with his big right fist. Ana's mouth was open, partly from the extreme ****** stimulation and partly from getting slugged.

She kept her abs tight but the vaginal device was making it very difficult. Anna came just as Smith punched her.

UUUUGGGH.... UUHHH.... UHHHH... Anna arched her back even more as the muscles in her body contracted.

Her uterus pulsed as Smith's fist hit it, the blow going deeper into Anna than any had ever gone before, followed a combination of pain and ecstasy.

Jones and Smith took turns ramming their fists into Anna's belly bulge, the pressure on her stomach making it feel like it was going to explode.

Anna knew that she'd be far better off if she puked, but the Doctor's diabolical stomach ******* insured that nothing would be coming up.

After several more hard punches to her still flexed abdomen, she climaxed again. The combination was beginning to exhaust Anna, who clenched her teeth.

UUGGGFF... UUGGF... UUGF... The huge men rhythemically punched Anna's protuding midsection, the blows shaking her core but still not breaking through.

Anna was successfully timing them so far, tightening her belly maximally when she thought she was about to get another gut buster.

After several more shivers were delivered to her body, she climaxed for a 3rd time. The ****** took a fraction of her strength, which was all Jones and Smith needed.

GUUUGGHHH... a right hand from Jones broke through, sinking it into Anna's overstuffed gut.

Anna's abs had never failed her before and the big fist inside her stomach really hurt her.

She barely had time to suffer before Smith followed up with a left that also plunged into her distended belly, moving her intestines aside as it penetrated her.

The second punch coincided with the end of Anna's ******, so she gathered enough vigor to regroup.

The next few punches from the powerful duo dented her muscular abdomen, but didn't break completely through.

This extreme effort was taxing Anna, who quietly prayed that the punching would stop soon.

If she had another climax before they stopped working over her stomach that it would be the end and her belly would just become a bloated receptacle for their fists.

Then the warden, who had been watching his men beat up Anna while also checking his watch, said "Halt!" and turned off the device.

Not a moment too soon... Anna came for the 4th time just as Smith's last punch jolted her body.

Anna was still spasming as the warden got out of his chair. She was glistening with sweat, which dripped onto the white floor.

"Congratulations, Anna. You are the first to survive this part of our test." said Dr. von der Brandt, turning off the stimulation device.

"Let us take a moment before we move on to Part 3, shall we?" he said.

Anna let her head fall back, her long, sweat soaked hair laying on the ratchet strap. She breathed as hard as she could with her squished gut, trying to recover.

As Jones undid the device and pulled it out of her, Anna thought "Survived? Did the other girls get punched until they expired?"

She wondered if it still might happen to her. Maybe it was karma for what she did to Brawllipop's stomach. Thoughts raced through Anna's mind.

While Anna contemplated her fate, Jones and Smith set up the apparatus for Part 3.

They rolled the cart with the contraption mounted on it under the cables, placing it about a foot in front of Anna's outstretched stomach and locked the wheels.

This large pneumatic cylinder was mounted on a servo base that was computer controlled and the base was mounted to the cart.

The servo was able to move left and right, up and down... wherever the computer program told it to go. There were valves with controllers mounted to the cylinder.

There was also a camera array mounted to the cylinder. All of it was wired together.

Jones screwed a 2.5" diameter, one kilogram steel ball onto the end of the cylinder's shaft.

The two men connected the pneumatic air lines from the cylinder to the compressor.

They turned on the compressor and it hummed as it pressurized. Then they plugged the cable from the apparatus into the laptop.

The warden re-entered the room carrying a fresh cup of coffee. He sat down at the desk, opened the laptop and brought up a special program.

It was a program that controlled the actions of the cylinder. He moved his finger on the mouse pad and observed the cylinder as it followed the motions of his finger.

There were six virtual buttons on the screen that said "Extend", "Retract", "Extend/Retract", "Automatic", "Settings" and "Camera".

When he clicked "Camera" it brought up an image of Anna's stomach. He used his mouse to draw a rectangle that represented the limits of the cylinder's motion.

Then he moved the cursor over various areas of Anna's belly. When he clicked it, a target appeared on the image of her abdomen.

After a number of clicks, he hit "Done", but he left "Camera" on for a close up view.

He then clicked "Settings" which bought up 3 sliders... "Speed", "Power" and "Frequency".

He set "Speed" to 60%, "Power" to 40% and "Frequency" to 20%, hit "Done" and closed the window. He moved the cursor over the "Extend/Retact" button.

Dr. von der Brandt said, "This is Part 3 of our test. If you complete it you will be eligible to recieve very special privileges. Let us begin."

Still looking at the ceiling, Anna couldn't see what was happening, but she knew it was going to be bad and she steeled herself.


The cylinder extended with lightning speed, ramming the hard ball into Anna's stomach and then retracted just as quickly.

Anna's whole body shook as the ram made a deep dimple in her belly, nearly breaking though her abs. 

She had never been hit that hard in her life, not even by the muscle men. And unlike a fist, the ball was completely unforgiving.

Anna's tried to lift her head to see what had just hit, but she couldn't look down that far. When she tried to look, she did tighten her abs... good thing...

"Pssst, THUD, Pssst, THUD, Pssst, THUD, Pssst...UHHHH... UUUGGHH... GUUUGGGFF... OH FUCK, OH GOD, OH FUCK...

The warden had quickly clicked "Extend/Retract" three times, the ram acting like a stomach plunger.

The first one dimpled Anna's belly bulge again, the second went deeper and the third found her gut. Anna suffered and cursed as the iron orb violated her midsection.

The he clicked "Extend" and the ram did just that, but this time it didn't retract. It lodged in the center of Anna's stomach and kept pushing.

Anna's belly trembled trying to keep the ball out, but it was slowly moving inward. Finally, her muscles collapsed and it sank deep into her abdomen.

Anna's head fell back and she screamed in agony, her glistening body squirming around the embedded ball.

The cylinder shoved the ball into her with considerable force. It felt like it was almost touching her spine, moving everything... food, intestines, organs... aside.

Anna realized that resistance was futile, so she relaxed her stomach and just let the painful ram go all the way into her. 

After a minute that seemed like an eternity, the warden hit "Retact". Anna breathed deeply and rolled her belly, which had a red dot in the center of it.

She would not get long to recover. So far the ram had only targeted the center of Anny's midsection, but that was about to change.

Dr. von der Brandt hovered the cursor over "Automatic", picked up his coffee cup and watched the image of Anna's stomach on his laptop as he clicked the button.

"Whir, Pssst, THUD, UGGHH!!...Whir, Pssst, THUD, UGGHHH!!...Whir, Pssst, THUD, UGGGHHHFF!!!...Whir, Pssst, THUD, GUGGGHHHFFF!!!...

With servos whirring, the ram blasted Anna's belly every 5 seconds, randomly selecting the targets on Anna's abdomen and firing.

Anna's belly trampolined in and out... after just a few hits, her abs were defeated and the ball dove in, her guts comforming to it.

The warden sat there, calmly drinking his coffee as a cacophony of sounds trom the machine and Anna's body echoed around the room.

After about a minute and a half and 18 brutal thrusts, Anna's head fell back, her body unmoving except when stuck by the shivering ram.

It continued to plunge the ball deep into Anna's stomach for another 30 seconds, driving it into her 6 more times before stopping.

Dr. von der Brandt got up out of his chair and walked over to Anna. who shockingly was still conscious.

She had simply stopped fighting the machine, electing to tune out the pain and letting her guts absorb the ball, which took considerable courage.

After the initial shock of seeing that Anna was still awake wore off, Dr. von der Brandt gave her the news...

"Congratulations, Anna. You have survived all of my tests. You are the one."

Jones loosened the ratchet strap and straightened Anna up as Smith took the cuffs off of her ankles.

She was still handcuffed and belly squashed, but at least she wasn't being twisted into a pretzel.

" I have a proposal for you." said the warden. "If you submit your body to me, you will be moved to a special section where you can serve out your term in luxury."

Trying to gather herself through the intense pain in her gut, Anna thought about it for a moment, then spit in his face. "Fuck you." she snarled.

"Very well, Anna". he responded. Jones and Smith cuffed Anna's ankles together as the warden walked back to his desk.

He calmly removed a handkerchief from his pocket, cleaned off his glasses and said, "Perhaps I can change your mind."

He pulled up the Settings screen on the laptop and slid "Speed", "Power" and "Frequency" all up to 100%.

The compressor turned on, bringing the system up to maximum pressure. By the time Anna realized what was up, she barely had time to say "oh no" under her breath.

And then it fired. And fired. And fired. The cylinder's arm extended and retracted so fast that it was a blur.

The ram struck Anna's belly with such force and frequency that her stomach was violently driven in and stayed in, given no time to return to its previous shape.

Her body bent at the waist as the ram moved in all directions, rapidly bludgeoning her entire midsection.

Anna's upper body leaned forward, the whirlwind of impacts bouncing her head around and jiggling the buxom inmate's breasts.

The riot of whirring, hissing and dull thudding continued for just 30 seconds, plenty long enough to completely annihilate Anna's stomach.

As soon as the ram stopped, Anna's head hung down, her body again motionless.

Then she slowly turned her head toward the Dr, van der Brandt and whispered "I submit." Anna has finally been broken.

"Very good," said the warden. "Release her and see that she is well cared for." Jones and Smith uncuffed Anna and lowered the hoists.

As soon as she hit the floor she rolled up in a ball, clutching her once proud but now soundly defeated stomach.

It took Anna some time to recover, but she when was well, she was moved into luxury as promised.

Having beaten her previously undefeated stomach, the Doctor was the first person she ever really respected.

Anna submitted to the warden, wearing belly baring outfits and surrendering her strong, gorgeous stomach to him.

Despite being twice her age, he was an amazing lover. He had technology on his side, perfectly tuned to drive Anna wild.

It wasn't long before she was actively seducing him, wearing ever skimpier outfits and arching her **** belly toward him.

Anna didn't have to beg him to punch it and insert his "science", her hard body and voluptuous breasts were irresistable to him. And the Doctor never disappointed...

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