Prison I by pedroza

The female guards had had about all the could take of Anna and now they were gonna take matters into their own hands.

She was the most incorrigible, mean and belligerent prisoner they had ever had, constantly berating the guards and worse.

Several of them had urine and feces thrown at them. Putting Anna in solitary just seemed to make her meaner.

She was also an extemely tough girl that was very strong and knew how to fight.

Anna had a reputation for having abs of steel. She liked to brag to other prisoners that she could take billy clubs to the gut without it fasing her.

She had also beaten up several girls in the shower. Anna liked to fight there because there would be no weapons, it would be fists only.

Most of the other prisoners were deathly afraid of her, but one day a girl who called herself Brawllipop decided to challenge her.

Brawllipop got her name because she was always made up and constantly getting into fights. She was also extremely obnoxious, so the guards didn't like her either.

Anna was already in the shower when Brawllipop got in right next to her, very close and almost touching her.

She had a hard, heavily tattoed body with B-cup **** and a fully defined 6-pack. The girl was in Anna's space so she elbowed Brawllipop, moving her away.

"What the ****, *****?" said Brawllipop.

"If you want to eat my *****, ask first," replied Anna in her usual belligerent style.

"Oh, I want something but it ain't no *****", retorted Brawllipop. 

And with that she punched Anna in the stomach.

UHHHFFF... Anna thought something might be coming, so she wasn't completely unprepared, but it was a pretty hard punch and it hurt a little.

Anna stepped back and both **** girls assumed a boxer's pose with Anna covering up her face and leaving her belly exposed.

Brawllipop took the bait and came at Anna, snapping three quick punches into her hard stomach. Water flew off her body as the fists bounced off her.

The tattoed girl moved in again, but this time Anna looked for her opening.

When Brawllipop hooked her in the body with a right that did no damage, Anna snapped a quick left, nailing Brawllipop in the chin and snapping her head back.

Now Anna attacked, with Brawllipop taking two quick punches to her small **** and another to her pretty, made up face, which sent her to the wet tile floor.

A crowd of screaming prisoners gathered around them, but they parted as guards quickly arrived on the scene.

When the guards saw who was fighting, they did nothing because they hated both girls and not-so-secretly hoped they'd kill each other.

Anna grabbed two big handfuls of Brawlipop's spiky hair and yanked her up off the floor.

Brawllipop wasn't that hurt so she took this opportunity to drive four hard punches into Anna's midsection as she pulled her toward the wall of the shower. 

Anna was fully tightened up this time and the blows barely dented her convex, steeled abdomen, which was bad news for Brawllipop.

She managed to pump three more into Anna's stomach as they struggled against the shower wall.

Her hardest punches yet thwacked into the skin of Anna's wet body, barely registering as they caromed off her resilient abs.

This is when Brawllipop probably realized she was in big trouble. She was a very experienced fighter and while not a big girl, was a strong puncher.

But pounding Anna's stomach was futile, it was almost like punching a cyborg... she just shrugged off Brawllipop's biggest hits.

Then came the turning point... Anna violently cracked the back of Brawllipop's head into the unforgiving shower wall, making her see stars.

Now Anna took the opportunity, again snapping a quick left to Brawllipop's jaw, followed up by a brutally hard uppercut into Brawllipop's 6-pack abs.

UHHHFFF... Anna could feel that Brawllipop was hurt. Brawllipop tried to tie up Anna but she only got ahold of her hair, leaving her fists free.

UUH... UHH... AAAAOOOOWW!... Anna drilled Brawllipop three times in the stomach. The first two bounced off her ultra fit belly but backed her up against the hard tile.

The third one, a left hook, hit paydirt. With Brawllipop against the wall, she had nowhere to go and her stomach paid the price as Anna's fist broke though her ab wall.

She bent over as the stiff blow penetrated her tight belly and connected with her liver.

The blunt force of the punch sent an excruciating wave of agony through Brawllipop's body, causing her to instantly release Anna's hair.

She staggered away, bent over and holding her painful left side. Anna grabbed her from behind and locked in a choke on her.

The wicked liver slug completely took the wind out of Brawllipop's sails and before long she was down to her knees, nearly choked out.

Anna hoisted her back up and looked around the crowd, spotting two girls that she'd beaten up previously.

"You hold this **** up." she ordered. Willing to do just about anything to get back into Anna's good graces, they complied.

Each one grabbed a tattooed arm and stood up the mostly out of it Brawllipop, her muscular physique open to whatever punishment Anna wanted to dish out to it.

Anna had a well-earned reputation for brutality and was especially keen to annihilate the belly of any girl whose abs even looked like they might challenge hers.

She laid into the nearly helpless Brawllipops's **** stomach, targeting her 6-pack abs, which quickly submitted to Anna's fists.


Anna banked shot after shot into Brawilipop's prime abdominal real estate.

The girls struggled to keep her straightened up. Each hit drove in her gut and folded her over and Brawllipop's stomach was taking a lot off hits.

But the girls didn't dare let her fall... as Anna mauled the muscular abdomen, they managed to keep it open and available. They didn't want to be next.

After Anna nailed her with a long series of gut crushing ab busters, Brawllipop's head hung down.

The girls were tiring ftom the exertion of holding up the limp Brawllipop and keeping her beaten in gut curved out toward Anna.

She may have been out but no one was saying. Ann owned this belly now and it bent at the waist and to her will.

With Brawllipop bent over, Anna pumped one uppercut after another into her relaxed solar plexus, ripping up her upper belly and mashing her organs into her diaphragm.

There was a long countertop with a softly rounded front edge and many sinks just off to the side of the shower. Anna grabbed Brawllipop's hair and led the girls over,

They held the extirpated girl up by her armpits, her back arching and relaxed gut hanging down as they dragged Brawllipop's legs behind them.

When they reached the wide counter, Anna ordered the girls to throw Brawllipop's now clearly unconscious body on top of it between the sinks.

Anna positioned her as the girls held her upper body down. Brawllipop's slender legs hung off the counter with the small of her back curving around the edge.

"Hold this ***** down," Anna ordered. One of the girls jumped up on the counter and sat on her *****, her ass covering the skulls on Brawllipop's chest.

Brawllipop's ribcage protruded out sharply above her battered upper belly, her defined abs and flat lower belly stretched thin before Anna.

Her tattooed body was now bent back at a sharp angle. Anna ran her hand up and down the chiselled stomach, then punched it as hard as she could.

Brawllipop's legs kicked forward as her sculpted abdomen caved around Anna's knuckles, a loud whump heard on impact.

Anna unloaded on the bowed out stomach, the focused and malevolent girl systematically and thoroughly dismantling Brawllipop's midsection.

She grunted as she threw her entire body into the assault, each brutal slug measured to inflict maximum damage on the supine girl's stomach.

Brawllipop's belly flesh engulfed Anna's advancing fists, swallowing them as they rearranged her guts, then sprang back out to accept the next.

Anna was particularly intent on painstakingly taking apart Brawllipop's 6-pack abs, the torrent of ripping punches grotequely distorting and shredding the pliant physique.

The dull drumming of fists against busted up muscle was accompanied by the tight ass slapping against the front of the counter.

The once tight belly began to visibly sag as Anna's relentless battering turned Brawllipop's fit abdomen to mush, the drooping gut readily rippling away on impact.

After pulverizing Brawllipop's servile abdomen nonstop for ten minutes, completely demolishing it with countless vicious punches, an exhausted Anna finally stopped.

The girls dropped the insentient Brawllipop to the floor and she laid there completely motionless causing the crowd to fear that Anna may have beaten her to death.

The guards quickly hauled her off. Word came later that Brawllipop had severe abdominal injuries and was going to be in the hospital for some time.

With Anna totally worn out from annihilating Brawllipops' stomach, the guards decided that now was the time to strike.

Anna was barely had time to put on a jumpsuit and get back in her cell when it was stormed by three guards.

Taking no chances, one of the guards tased Anna, sending her to the floor, her body twitching. The guards stripped off her jumpsuit, leaving her naked once again.

They handcuffed Anna and then flipped her on her back... one guard sat on her chest and and one sat on each leg.

The guard that's on her chest has a nightstick... wasting no time she drove the blunt end straight down into Anna's belly.

UHHH... Anna had pretty much recovered from being tased and knew the guards would go after her stomach because the jumpsuit hid the beating.

As the nightstick ricocheted off the hardened abs, the other guards started punching her with the same result.

Punching this girl's stomach is like hitting a solid, hard rubber mannequin... there's a lot of noise, but little penetration.

"I'd call you ******* dykes, but you don't hit hard enough, Nice ******' moustaches, though", Anna said mockingly.

The guard sitting on her chest pulled down her pants and sat on Anna's face.

"How's my ass taste, *****?", said the guard. "Like whale ****," replied Anna.

One of the other guards slugged her in the gut, eliciting a small UHH from Anna. "How's that feel?" she asked. "Suck my ****." retorted Anna.

Getting nowhere fast, the guards changed their plan. They dragged Anna over to the toilet and threw her across it on her back.

Then they pushed down on he chin and legs, bending her back and stretching her out, hoping that Anna might be weakened by the pull on her abs.

They resumed bludgeoning and punching her stomach, but Anna just laid back, gritted her teeth and took the blows.

Anna finally managed get a leg free and kicked one of the guards in the chest, knocking her down, then she rolled off the toilet.

She got to her feet, ready to kick the crap out of any guard that came near her. The guards decided discretion was the best plan and retreated.

Anna, looked down at her abs. They were bruised and battered but still intact, which is a lot more than you could say for Brawllipop.

Frustrated, the head guard made a call. "Yes?" answered the warden, Dr. von der Brandt.

"We have the one you've been looking for," said the guard.

"Very good," said the Doctor. "Bring her to solitary and I will take it from there".

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