Prank Backfires by Unknown


Prank Backfires by Unknown

A light heavyweight guy comes back from some long and grueling roadwork in the summer. He comes back in breathing heavy and sweaty while his female friend is working on a heavy bag, and his other friend (a bodybuilder heavyweight and sometimes wrestler) is in the ring finishing up a light instructional spar with a much smaller rookie. The runner takes off his sweat jacket and shirt, doing stretches and limbering up. He closes his eyes as he strains and stretches near a chin-up bar, his well-cut 6-pack stretched and wide open. He didn't hear the girl approach and was completely oblivious to the monster, full-body right uppercut she slammed in just above the navel, pushing into his upper stomach.

"Whooooof!" He stumbled several steps back, doubled over in shock and pain, trying to catch his breath. She mockingly bounced on her toes, jabbing him lightly on the arm, exclaiming "You always said I took your breath away!" He looked up at her, his shoulders heaving from being out of breath, but his eyes were on fire! His nostrils flared, eyebrows furrowed and his teeth bared, even as he tried to hide a smirk. She got him good, but he was going to make her SUFFER for it.

His friend was exiting the ring and saw the whole thing, his 18oz gloves draped over his shoulder as he approached her from behind. This was a pretty common occurrence for all of them, roughing each other up was a strange form of bonding, in and out of the ring. It might've been strange to have a girl involved in what's usually a male ritual, but she'd proven tough and able to withstand the punishment, even give it back from time to time. She enjoyed the pain, especially of having her abs tested and even pounded on to exhaustion, and they respected her toughness.

Seeing the suffering man recovering and ready to pounce, "Ah look, it's time for my roadwork!" she said as she began to hop away. She turned and ran face-first into the bodybuilder's chest. He grabbed the disoriented girl and spun her around, roughly locking her arms behind her as he forced her back in front of the now erect fighter she sucker-punched. He walked into one of the private locker rooms, the larger man dragging the girl along with them. The bodybuilder took the gloves off his shoulders and tossed them to the other fighter. He'd already had his hands taped from workouts before running and slid the gloves on angrily as he closed the distance between them. The bodybuilder leaned over and taunted in her ear "You're in deep **** now!". The thicker gloves might offer more protection, but it also meant he could hit harder, and punish her longer.

It was going to be a long afternoon.

The man punched the gloves together with a resounding thud in front of her. It gave her chills, even quivers in other places. He flexed his lean muscles as he pushed the gloves together and pressed his body against hers, pinned between these two walls of muscle. He placed the back of one glove on her cheek and rubbed gently, smirking the whole time. "Looking for a nice, long, hard body workover?" He ran the glove over her soft, exposed stomach and pushed slightly. Beneath the small layer of softness, she was tough and could withstand a beating. She'd often let other female fighters pound away at her deceptively strong body to tire themselves out, but those were females around her 5'3" size. This was a 175lb 6'1" man looking to deliver some payback.

The 205lb 6'2" bodybuilder shifted his grip, putting one arm under her shoulder while gripping both wrists, and the other around her neck. He pulled, opening up her stomach for the brutal beating it was about to endure, but didn't stretch so far that it made it too difficult for her to tighten her ab muscles. They wanted to wear her down slowly and break her. Not torture her.

That would come after.

Now the light-heavy was bouncing on his heels, throwing light jabs tapping her face and ribs. He stepped in closer, pushing his body against hers once again, and whispered in her face. "Take a deep breath, it's going to be your last".

He bounced back with his hands up in a fighting position and turned his hips into a very stiff right uppercut, landing a bit above the navel. The smacking thud of the glove on her bare flesh was music to his ears, as was her answering grunt. She winced and gritted her teeth in pain, abs strong enough to withstand the hit, but that didn't mean it was painless.

He ducked lower and began working her like a punching bag, tossing all kinds of alternating punches into 3 major spots on the front of her belly. On harder ones, he would dig his fist deeper and leave it that way, grinding it into her ab muscles. She felt her back pressed into the larger man behind her, who would thrust her up from time to time, and even push her into a grinding punch. Each punch seemed to sink deeper, her abs weakening more and more. Her grunts and groans of pain were now wheezing gasps as more and more air was boxed out of her. A brutally hard left uppercut slammed deep into her upper stomach, pushing in and penetrating below her ribs. She let out a choking gasp, eyes wide and watering as spit flew from her mouth, along with her wind.

The puncher and the bodybuilder exchanged glances. The larger man released her neck and re-adjusted his hold, locking her elbows in his. Her upper body released, her head sunk forward as she was still gasping for air. The puncher gave her a few moments, admiring his work, then stepped in closer. He put a glove on her chin and slowly pushed her head up, straightening her with his other glove on her shoulders. He looked into her punch-drunk eyes and smiled.

He wasn't finished yet.

Her defenses worn down in a long, agonizing workover, now it was time for the real pain.

He put one foot forward and the other behind, one glove still on her shoulder, and braced as he threw a torqued right uppercut into her beaten stomach, right above the navel. It landed a deep thud, a loud "OOOOOOF!" and she folded fast on his penetrating glove. He pushed up with her in this position, her own weight driving the glove in deeper. He left it in there and continued to push, eliciting croaks of pain from her mouth. He slowly removed his fist and righted her again, her ragged gasps even louder. She was trembling, the pain and power of the blow felt in every inch and fiber of her being, tingling from her fingers to her toes. She was getting lightheaded, and the space between her legs moistening. A gut-wrenching blow like that was a special kind of agony, one she actually enjoyed.  

And he knew it.

He braced her shoulder as the other man jerked and arched her back, this time they worked to stretch her wide. He plowed another deep, penetrating uppercut into the same spot, jerking her forward again and lifting her feet off the ground, her ass getting shoved into the hardening crotch of the man holding her.

The puncher loved the feeling of her caving into his fist, doubling over as he thrust his dominance into the core of her being, crushing her to his will. He dug into her repeatedly, switching which arm braced her and which jackhammered deeper into her guts.  









Her exclamations of pain became weaker, becoming little more than wheezes. He slowed his punches down but increased the force, letting her take in more air but beating it out harder.  She was dizzy and drunk with pain and lack of air, eyes rolling into the back of her head as threads of spit came from her mouth. He righted her once more, her head lolling to the side. He forced her to look at him with both gloves.

"Enjoying yourself?" It was something she asked him the first time he convinced her to pound away on his abs when she was nervous and unsure.

She choked out "..could..use..mouth to..mouth..uh".

The bodybuilder smirked, he had played this game with her too.

The puncher covered her mouth with a rough, deep kiss, breathing in and out as she returned it. He wasted little time in plowing another punch right into her navel, almost driving it into her backbone and leaving it there. Hot air rushed violently from her body and into his mouth. He drew it all in greedily, and sucked on the kiss harder, removing any possible breath she might have had left. As he slowly released the kiss and his thick implanted glove, her head fell forward, limp. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head and spit fell liberally from her mouth. He prepared to finish her off with a sharp punch to the solar plexus, sending her off into unconsciousness.

The larger man shook his head.

The puncher could only raise his eyebrows at this, leaving her awake like this was brutal torture compared to the sharp pain that was quickly eclipsed by the peaceful oblivion of what he had planned.  

"No, let her enjoy it while it's fresh."

The puncher gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and two light taps to the lower belly and bikini line then went to change for some sparring.

The bodybuilder lifted her arm over his neck and supported her at the waist, mostly dragging her to the benches in front of the ring. He sat her on the bench and sat right next to her, her head resting on his broad muscular shoulder, waist still supported by his other arm. From behind, they looked like an affectionate couple. From the front, she looked like a zombie.

The man who put her in this state smirked as he walked past. She looked like hell, but once admitted to him that she loved the pain of getting pounded deep in the gut. At the time he had felt bad for bringing her to her knees with a counter-punch body blow that caught her in the stomach as she walked forward. She assured him it was alright, and confessed she enjoyed it. It even turned her on. From then on, they would spar, workover and play with increasing roughness, but was sure to never injure her.

He punched his 16oz sparring gloves together as he stepped through the ropes. His already nervous opponent walked past and saw the scene of a near-unconscious, haggard, and bruised-looking woman leaning on a much larger man. As he made his way through the ropes, he asked the bodybuilder "What the hell happened to her?"

"Your opponent just made love to her."


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