Poolside Stomach Punch by Cman


Poolside Stomach Punch by Cman

Here is a true story that happened to me about 10 years ago. I was staying at my aunt and uncle's house with my parents, visiting for the summer. They had a big house, and a wonderful in-ground pool, complete with a diving board, the whole 9 yards. I was 16 at the time, and so was my cousin Leanne. She was very attractive (not that I would sleep with her or anything, I'm not an inbred) with long black hair, B cup breasts, about 5'5 at the time, and about 125lbs.

On one of the days I was staying there, my aunt, uncle, and parents all decided to go out sightseeing for the day, leaving just myself and my cousin home. I had seen her wear bikini tops at the beach, and she was known for wearing short shirts all the time in the summer, which had more than once made me want to punch her in her cute stomach. she was long-waisted, with a classic hourglass shape. Her belly button was average depth, in kind of a slit. Her stomach was very soft and smooth looking, thin with no muscle tone, and was very tan from having sunbathed throughout the summer.

When our parents left, I asked her if she wanted to go swimming. At first, she said she didn't want to, but after nagging her for a few minutes she agreed. She said she had to change and would meet me out at the pool. So there I was waiting, nearly trembling at the thought of seeing, and eventually punching her soft stomach. I was devising a plan as I waited. I would push her into the pool, causing her to get pissed and attack me. Then I would punch her in the stomach, and claim it was only self-defense! it was perfect!

About 5 minutes later, out came Leanne...in the cutest dark blue bikini. Her stomach was practically calling out to my fist! We both walked over to the pool, stood there, and looked down at the water.

"The water is kinda cold," she said as she stuck her toes in and swirled around the water. With that said, I grabbed her by the hips from behind and shoved her in! SPLASH!

AAAAAHHHHH!! YOU mother FUCKER!! she screamed as the cold water shocked her body. I watched as the cold water made her muscles tense up, but still, I saw no abdominal definition. Her stomach looked so weak and helpless against an incoming fist....my mind was racing! As she stepped out shivering, she looked right at me and said "you're dead!" and ran towards me. My plan had worked perfectly!

She came at my head on and tried to push me over into the pool. "Now's my chance," I thought. She had both her arms on my shoulders, which left her stomach wide open for a shot. I cocked back my fist, and blasted her dead center in the middle of her stomach!

OOOOUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGG!!! she SHOUTED as my fist sunk WAY INTO her belly.

In all the excitement, I kinda hit her a lot harder than I thought I did. She instantly jackknifed forward and collapsed to her knees, holding her gut with both arms.

As she tried desperately to get her breath, I started to think about the punch. IT FELT SO GOOD! it was the first time, and up to now the only time I ever punched any girl, let alone a pretty one with a soft, pretty stomach in the gut!

Upon connecting the punch, I felt her silky stomach skin against my fist. then I remember it feeling like I was punching a squishy stress ball. I am pretty sure I felt some internal organs, but I'm no doctor. my fist sank in REALLY deep, her stomach felt so weak! She was the type of girl that was naturally thin, so she had probably never done a sit-up in her life.

I was in heaven. As I stand there reliving the whole ordeal over in my head, she managed to just barely get to her feet, though still folded over forward. she was limping toward the porch door, holding her stomach, and crying.

I kinda felt bad for hitting her, but I'd do it again in a second! I followed her into the house where she sat on the living room couch, still slightly crying, clutching her aching gut. she sat there unable to talk for about an hour. she was rocking back and forth on the couch, obviously still in pain.

I asked her if she was ok, and she shook her head no. at this point I got scared...what if I had done some serious damage? I asked her what was wrong, and in a low, almost whispering voice she said "I feel like I'm gonna puke".

I ran off into the kitchen and got a salad bowl for her to use. a few minutes later up came her lunch, luckily that was all! after that she said she had a stomachache but wasn't too bad.

She asked me why I hit her so ******** hard and I said it was an accident and apologized. She said she forgave me and said she understood. Truly a day I will never forget

February 20, 2022 12:15 AM