Playing Basketball with Robyn by Mark


Playing Basketball with Robyn by Mark

You know, you never know when an opportunity will just fall in your lap. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Mark and this is a story about how me, my girlfriend Sharon and her friend Heather got to have some fun at the expense of a girl named Robyn. We know her name because we looked at her ID after we were done with her. She wasn't in any condition to tell us herself.

We were just cruising around on a Saturday with nothing to do, as usual, when I happened to drive by the local Junior High School, which is normally deserted on the weekend. As we drove past the gym, Sharon said, "Hey, check it out, the lights are on. Let's see who's in there."

I parked the car and Sharon and Heather ran up to the building and peeked in the window. Lo and behold, a lone woman was inside running and shooting baskets. The two girls looked at each other and started grinning like Cheshire cats. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Heather. Sharon started shadow boxing. "Yeah, I could use a little workout myself," she said.

I saw what the girls were up to and got out of the car. These two liked to scrap and when they are bored, they've been known to pick out a girl they don't even know and beat the crap out of her belly just for the hell of it. It's ok with me because my girlfriend really gets turned on when I hold a girl's arms and offer her a wide-open target. I reap the benefits later on.

"You got a candidate?" I asked. "Yep, we're going in," said Heather. We ran to a side door and it was open so we went inside and walked to the gym. Robyn was startled when she saw us. She was wearing a tank top with a spandex top underneath and gym shorts. You could see the pale skin of her soft torso from the side.

"Playing ball by yourself ain't no fun," said Sharon. "How 'bout some two on two? You two," pointing at me and Robyn, "against us two," pointing at herself and Heather.

"OK with me," said Robyn.

Sharon threw me the ball and I inbounded it to Robyn. Sharon was guarding her (sort of), waiting for her to shoot. When she raised her arms, Sharon slugged Robyn full in the belly.

GUUUUUHHHH!!! Robyn's relaxed belly sucked in at the middle as her torso jackknifed forward and folded over Sharon's forearm. She dropped to her hands and knees in an instant, her open mouth groveling for lost breath. Heather ran up from the side and punted the unsuspecting Robyn square in the gut.

UHHHHHFFFF!!! Heather's hard kick lifted the poor girl off the ground and sent Robyn flipping onto her back. Heather ran up to her again and jumped, this time landing with both feet on Robyn's soft belly.

GUUUHHHHFFF!! Robyn's stomach was no match for Heather's full-weight belly stomp. Her legs and head popped up reflexively as her weak guts caved in under the pressure. The softly moaning girl rolled to her side and clutched her violated belly with both arms.

This is where I come in. I grabbed Robyn by the hair from behind and yanked her to her feet, causing her to squeal and reach up. Sharon stepped up and stopped the squealing with an uppercut to the belly.

UHHHH!! Robyn's body sagged and she began gagging, but she kept her legs as the pain from her scalp kept her alert. Heather stepped forward and the two girls grabbed and yanked Robyn's tank top, ripping it from her body. "I want to see this, too," said Sharon, poking a finger into the pot-gut below Robyn's navel. The girls pulled down her shorts, leaving only the spandex top and Robyn's low-cut *******.

I let go of Robyn's hair and reached around her arms, then clasped my hands together, stretching her chest and making her belly stick out towards the girls. Robyn's belly was very smooth and soft, with not a hint of muscle showing through her pale skin. It was a belly you could really sink your fists into.

Heather went first. She swung from below with both hands, grunting as she punched, her fists ripping deep into the soft girl's guts and sending the ample flesh dancing away in waves.

UHH! OOOFF!! UHH! OOOFF!! Robyn's legs went limp, but I held her bolt upright as her head bobbed and her body jerked. I could feel the punches driving deeper into Robyn's upper belly as her resistance waned. By the time Heather threw her last uppercut (I had counted twenty-five in all), Robyn's responses had been reduced to small moans and she was pretty much dead weight.

"Your turn", said Heather to Sharon, who stepped in front of Robyn's limp body. Sharon had a thing for pot-guts and she slugged Robyn hard just above her pubic bone.

UHHHFFF!! Meeting no resistance, Sharon's rock-hard fist sloshed aside a host of internal organs on the way to Robyn's spine. It didn't quite make it, but I sure could feel it on the other side.

Anything Robyn had left was beaten out of her with that first punch. She was Sharon's pillow-soft punching bag after that and she could throw a helluva punch.

Sharon torqued her shoulders and scythed blow after blow into Robyn's flaccid lower belly, with a weak response, followed by another gut buster.

I was starting to have a hard time supporting her and the force of Sharon's punches began knocking me backward. I neared a wall and turned and shoved Robyn up against it. Sharon slugged her pot-gut five more times before she slumped to the floor. Robyn was out cold.

Not that that would stop us. Heather grabbed the basketball and we dragged Robyn's body out on the floor. Heather stuck the ball under the small of Robyn's back, while I held her arms and Sharon held her legs, stretching her battered belly skyward. Robyn had a water bottle and Heather squirted her in the face. The beaten girl came to with a low moan.

THUD!! UHHHHFFF!! Heather slugged downward into Robyn's poor stomach, her fist disappearing into Robyn's navel. The small amount of breath Robyn had regained was instantly driven out of her deflated gut, which began to spasm. Heather threw ten more punches downward into Robyn's navel and convulsing upper belly. She then switched places with Sharon, who moved the ball under Robyn's **** and resumed her attack on Robyn's pot-gut

THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! Sharon slugged downward into the core of her lower belly with devastating effect, ripping through her defenseless muscle fibers and breaking down walls within her. After Sharon had nearly driven her fist through her a dozen times, Robyn was completely destroyed and out cold again.

We let go of her and let her flop to the floor, rummaged through her belongings, and laughed

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