Pirate Queen Comes to Justice (complete) by John Feer


Captain Edas and the Pirate QueenMartha, first mate of the all-girl pirate ship Shrike burst into Captainess Lillith Rac...

Martha, First Mate of the all-girl pirate ship Shrike burst into Captainess Lillith Rack’s cabin.

“We must flee o’ queen of pirates, Captain Edas and the good ship Virilor has docked in the Port of Mustique!”

Lillith rose up from behind her desk a look of concern on her lovely face.

“Edas…the captain who dragged my cousin Debbie Captainess of the Jolly Janet off into concubinage in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?”

“Aye sweet captain, Edas is in the Two Paddles tavern swearing he’ll bring you and the crew to discipline!”

Lillith strode over to her vanity table…her long jet-black hair glistened in the late afternoon sun, she wore a short white tunic with a wide leather belt that was too small for her big capricious bust line.

The Captainess crossed her shapely legs as she sat down and reflexively began powdering her nose.

“We won't flee from him, I’ll challenge him to single combat and when I win we’ll plunder the Viridor.

Martha thought her beautiful Captainess, feminine scourge of the bounding main didn’t sound at all convincing.

Earnestly the First Mate continued “That is just it oh Queen of Pirates, Edas says he has figured out our secret weakness…after he captures us all he plans to sell us all into concubinage in order to improve the stock of the American colonists!”

Martha looked stricken at the thought of some big strong MAN roughly taking her prisoner. The very notion made her wet-er-scared!

Lillith pursed her lips and applied a light coat of lipstick “Stuff and nonsense Martha no man can beat me in single combat!” she declared.

“That is just it…Edas claims he will use our own womanly vanity against us!” whispered Martha.

Captain Lillith arose from her lace-trimmed table and was examining her rear end in a nearby full-length mirror “Blast!” she thought “this tunic makes my ass look huge!”

“There isn’t a shred of feminine vanity on the Shrike Martha…you know we are all rough tough pirate girls here!” said Lillith proudly.

Martha continued with wide panic-stricken eyes she HAD to make her Captainess understand!


Just the mere thought of Edas’ paddle connecting with her soft girlishly tender rump made the Captainess vaguely…faint.

Edas did have a reputation for solid discipline, Lillith recalled the story that her cousin Debbie had been very soundly and publicly spanked until she recanted her piratical ways and promised to be a good girl!

Lillith had sworn revenge or at least an oath to meet her cousin’s conqueror at some point.

She had been rubbing her thighs together at the thought.

“Now Martha dry your tears and fix your mascara…pass the word to the girls to get made up extra nice…I mean to prepare for battle!”

“He-he has a paddle with your name engraved on it-Oh sweet Captainess we should flee this man!” whined the first mate.

“Never I want to meet him…he sounds interesting…” breathed Lillith with an odd look in her eyes.

“Aye Aye Ma’am” sniffed the First Mate.

“Oh and Martha?”

“Yes my Queen?”

“Be a lamb and lay out my pink silk ******* for tomorrow…they bring me luck you know“ blushed Lillith.

And then…

Lillith lost her confrontation with the dashing Captain Edas the very next day when the Virilor caught up with the Shrike on the high seas.

Not wishing to see so many beautiful women hurt or killed in an all out fight, Edas challenged Lillith to single combat with swords-winner take all.

The pirate Queen rashly accepted his offer and was soundly beaten in the duel.

Edas was a master swordsman; he flicked off the straining buttons to Lillith’s fresh tunic and soon exposed her bare breasts and bright pink ******* to the fresh sea air.

Lillith did the only thing she could she screamed, dropped her sword and tried ineffectually to cover her nakedness…everyone could see her lucky pink underwear!

The tip of Edas’ sword was soon under her chin…and when the pirate queen looked back to her crew for support, she saw an astonishing heartbreaking sight:

The ENTIRE girl crew of the Eaglet was up off the deck clutching their skirts wailing in fear!

Yes whilst Lillith was being disrobed by Captain Edas…his crew had released a horde of mice onto the Shrike.

Lillith’s whole crew was standing on chairs, stave barrels, the rigging…anything to escape those awful mice.

They were finished, Lillith knew it, and tearfully she surrendered the Shrike to Captain Edas.

The Virilor’s crew soon rounded up all the girl pirates in a huge brig set up for their imprisonment.

True to his promise he spanked Lillith’s soft exquisite backside soundly that first night whilst the captured women looked on.

The pirate captainess turned out to be a big baby, two session’s over Edas’ lap and she burst into tears and begged forgiveness.

Edas made her stand in the corner, a gesture that broke the pride of the captured women.

Worse things were in store.

All the female captives were summarily deprived of clothing privileges, every day the girls were lined up on deck for “exercise”-an event that was little more than entertainment for the lusty crew of the Virilor.

Captain Edas also ordered the Shrike’s beautician to shave off all the captive’s pubic hair.

Failure to keep the girl pirates properly barbered “down below” was a spankable offense!

At was at this time that Captainess Lillith was removed from the main brig and installed in a special cell in the Captain’s cabin.

Thereafter each night, the Virilor resounded with Lillith’s plaintive complaints followed by the sweet music of her inevitable paddling.

Captain Edas also decided their captives were “too skinny” and ordered all the girl pirates to be force fed special high calorie meals.

“We are being fattened up for sale what a finish for us!??” moaned First Mate Martha as she munched a slice of apple pie with a special sweet cream sauce.

Captainess Lillith could only weep with frustration as the former strict diet discipline she kept on the Shrike gave way to drooping breasts and soft womanly asses.

After two weeks of eating, getting their coochees lovingly shaved, and with nothing else to do except fuss with their hair…Lillith’s crew’s fighting edge was neatly eliminated.

Captain Edas then decreed that their voyage of discipline had to pay for itself.

He ordered the construction of a special tilting chair with wrist and ankle restraints and all made from stout New England oak.

The whole thing was solidly bolted to the floor and could be set in such a fashion as to bring the feet of anyone sitting in up into easy reach.

He called it his “chair of truth”, a name that made Lillith shiver with fear.

One Edas ordered Martha into the chair and commanded that Lillith watch as he administered correction.

Martha was pink, naked, and nervous. She eyed Captain Edas helplessly as she was strapped into the chair and her small bare feet were swung up high into the air.

“Martha!” asked Edas jovially “Where is all the treasure taken by the Shrike buried?”

Martha shot her captainess a brave look “I won’t talk!” she said stoutly.

Martha was just adorable when she was being stubborn thought Lillith-she won’t break!

“Now Martha” continued Edas patronizingly “we both you that as first mate of the Shrike you were privy to the burial locations of all the booty taken by your shipmates.”

“What if I was…I won’t talk…” sneered Martha.


Lillith was so proud of her first mate…but Edas’ unconcerned attitude bothered her and the captive captainess nervously tried to cover her coochee and breasts with her arms.

“Martha...” said Edas airily “You will tell me everything I want to know and more…” and with that he started tickling poor Martha’s bare helpless feet!

Martha exploded into lusty giggles straining hopelessly against her bonds as Edas ran his fingers up and down her pink helpless feet.

“WHAHAHHHAAAAAHAHHA S-S-STOP!” howled the captive girl.

“Where is the treasure buried!?” barked Edas who intensified his tickle assault.

Lillith gazed open mouthed at this bizarre scene of torture…Martha was so incredibly ticklish…Edas had figured out her secret weakness for sure!

“WHAHAHAAA W-WON’T TALK!” giggled Martha breathlessly her sides began to hurt from the pain of so much forced laughter!

What was worse, Lillith herself was hopelessly ticklish as well…especially on the ribs. If Edas put her in the chair…

The captainess shuddered in fear…she’d never felt so ticklish in her life and she was just watching!

Edas changed his tactics and abruptly stopped tickling the captive first mate.

“Martha you are a loyal girl…you won’t sell out your shipmates… so I’ll stop asking about the Shrike’s treasure.”

“Thank you” sniveled Martha tearfully.

“But just for laughs where are your captainess’ most ticklish spot?”

Lillith’s eyes batted wide open “No Martha NO! Don’t give in to him!” she silently pleaded.

Edas resumed his tickling and Martha resumed her helpless thrashing.

“I’LL TALK I’LL TALK!” guffawed the first mate “Her ribs her ribs are totally ticklish!” she begged.

“WHY YOU LITTLE TRAITOR!” wailed Lillith, she took a step forward to chastise Martha before being sent scurrying back with one look from Captain Edas.

“Martha you have been truthful with me so I will let you go!” announced the Captain and with that he undid the straps restraining the sobbing tickle victim.

Edas swatted Martha playfully on the rear “Now scoot!” he admonished “I have business with your captainess”.

Martha scampered out the door with her chin tilted at a haughty level. She would have loved to find out how long Lillith would’ve lasted in the tickle chair.

The lovely captainess was now alone with Edas…her skin was a mass of ticklish goosebumps, she shrank back as he loomed over her.

“Give me a map!” she squeaked fearfully.

For the next two weeks, the Virilor sailed a leisurely course through the Caribbean digging up the Shrike’s treasure from various tiny islands-all thanks to a map helpfully provided by ex-captainess Lillith.

Her crew was now round soft and docile from two months of disciplinary captivity. They were also disgusted with their wimpy captainess who gave in under the mere threat of a tickling.

Edas consulted the Shrike’s logbook and a calendar…whereupon he made a momentous announcement, any member of his crew who wished to take a bride could do so with his blessing!

Edas craftiness and guile knew no limit; he’d handpicked a crew of lusty bachelors and then spent three months at sea tracking Captainess Lillith and her girl pirates.

Horny didn’t describe these men, ***** and rich from their shares in the Shrike’s treasure as well.

Lillith’s crew still had their pride though; they refused the offer of mass matrimony…that is until Edas addressed them in this fashion:

“Ladies this is an odd occasion I agree with you. But the choice is simple, either take a husband and face the marital altar or face a hangman’s noose when we reach Boston. The royal magistrate will decline to prosecute a woman with child regardless of the accusation of piracy!”

Within the hour sixty lusty tars were being married to sixty naked plump and pink pirate girls…Captain Edas himself officiated at the service in his capacity as ship’s master.

Throughout the brief ceremony ex-captainess Lillith was kept in a small upright cage where she fussed and fumed impotently at her crew’s enthusiastic embrace of marital *******.

That night, the Virilor dropped anchor in the port of Mustique. Edas then decreed that each man must “look to his wife” for one whole night.

Thereafter the ship fairly rocked with the sounds of loud ardent **********.

The sighs, groans, and shrieks were deafening to Lillith, who was being forced to listen to the cacophony in her cage on the foredeck as punishment for her behavior during the ceremony.

At one point, a tour of the crew’s quarters would’ve revealed 120 female heels lewdly pointed at the ceiling!

Lillith sighed and squatted in her cage in frustration.

She’d been spanked, paddled, shaved, stuffed, tickled, stripped, and humiliated throughout the entire voyage. And for all that, her masterful counterpart Captain Edas had not claimed her for a bride.

She felt like a bashful wallflower at a dance.

“I guess I alone will face the noose!” she said to no one in particular.

“You think?!” asked Edas who had stolen silently up aside Lillith’s cage to smoke his pipe.

Lillith gave a start…she hated when he did that!

“I am doomed oh Captain…no husband no claim on my womb…” said Lillith with finality.

“P’haps not” returned Edas “Let me tell you of the whole design…”

Lillith stared intently at the handsome Captain…her life was truly in his hands!

“First I had to dispose of your crew…that was the tougher undertaking…sixty lusty girl pirates to be broken no small task…fortunately I know your secret weakness” lectured Edas.

“And what is that oh Captain?” wheedled Lillith softy.


“Women who work in close quarters over time, undergo a miraculous change…their lunar cycles begin to synchronize…fortunately you kept track of your own fertility cycle in your logbook-the rest was simply a matter of timing!” smiled Edas.

Lillith was aghast…with admiration!

“Brilliant!” she breathed, Edas was so clever the royal magistrate would never hang a crew of pregnant girl pirates.

A thought struck her…”What of me…I won’t be er-pregnant when we reach Boston?”

It was dark now so the ex-captainess couldn’t see Edas’ smile.

He let the question hang in the air for a few moments for full effect.

“Well as Captain I couldn’t very well preside at our own marriage…but perhaps…” Edas mused.

Suddenly Lillith interrupted “Edas swear to me… promise me, no harm will come to my crew…they are good girls they’ll make strong wives…they understand the sea and the seafaring life…I care not what befalls me but promise me not just their lives but that they will be happy? If you pledge so…then hang me and be done with it!”

Edas paused…and answered in the old-timey sailor’s vernacular “Thee shall not hang so swears Edas!”

Lillith began to quietly cry.

“Will thou obey me now in all things?” asked Edas.

“Yes” quavered Lillith.

Edas moved forward and produced a key from his pocket.

Lillith reared back, the lock was rattled to her cage, and suddenly the door swung open on the deck.

“Thou must pledge to me with a good woman’s tongue oh Lillith” continued Edas.

The ex-captainess got the message…lightly her pink and naked self stepped onto the deck…she fell to her knees before Edas and opened her sensual mouth.

The lusty Captain opened up his trousers and produced a ten-inch horse****!

Lillith was goggle-eyed at the sight!

Her coochee was sopping already!

Slowly sensually the girl pirate wrapped her mouth around that huge member and with expert timing began worrying it with her tongue.

“Mmmpppphhhh… mrrrrgghhhh” she hummed sending waves of pleasure up Edas’ stout ****.

“Ahhhhh…” smiled the Captain.

Lillith quietly started playing with herself running her free hand lightly over her own engorged ****.

With practiced grace, Lillith took Edas’ ***** deep into her own throat with no demure and much joy.

The Captain rested his hands on his captive’s comely head as it bopped up and down on his joint.

He savored the image, the mighty captainess Lillith sucking the **** of her conqueror...girl pirates everywhere should beware!

Alas the inevitable happened, Edas came in Lillith’s warm wet mouth, she swallowed ever drop with a smile truly the Queen of Pirates had been at last brought to discipline!

Three months later, the Virilor dropped anchor in Boston harbor.

The Royal magistrate was amazed, sixty girl pirates were led off the ship cad in white shifts and obviously pregnant-the blushes and smiles alone were a dead giveaway.

With no further ado the judge decreed manumission on a promise that Lillith’s crew would never more take up piratical ways.

All the girls readily agreed to the magistrate’s terms before being taken off to domestic life by their new husbands.

Edas! How did you do it?” asked the magistrate.

“Oh one must know thy opponent,” answered the Captain.

“And what of the ruthless captainess Lillith?” continued the magistrate.

“She died at sea…drowned rather than submit,” said Edas with mock sadness.

“A pity…she were a monster though…” offered the magistrate.

Aye” said Edas “A splendid monster indeed…”

A humble young girl minced up to Captain Edas, her submissive demeanor clearly marked her as one in the shipmaster’s service.

She wore a blue plaid skirt, one that hardly reached hr knees, blue knee socks, and flat shoes and wore her bright ready hair in pigtails.

“Thy carriage be packed oh master!” she said with bright admiring eyes.

The magistrate was surprised “Be this girl thine?” he breathed.

“Aye!” said Edas proudly “A cabin girl as it were…I was sick of the cooking on the good ship Virilor…tis’ a safe thing a cabin girl, all my men are married and happy!”

All this time “Lilly” the cabin girl stood with eyes down stifling a giggle as best she could.

Edas swatted her on the backside “Away with thee Lilly. Curb this silliness-mount my carriage and be quick on it!”

“Lilly” scampered away her red ponytail bobbing.

“This is too rich!” she thought.

As Edas’ carriage rolled away the shipmaster reproved his “cabin girl” in no uncertain terms.

“Thee are an uppish girl Lilly…in my house we have rules for women. Debbie thy cousin will familiarize thee with the nature of concubinage!” smiled Edas.

“What are those oh master?” asked “Lilly” who was checking her make up in a compact.

“There are but two kinds of girls in my house…those that are carrying and their servitors…since Debbie has already rendered up twins to me…”

Ex-captainess Lillith Rack, now Lilly the cabin girl and concubine…smiled ruefully.

“It will be good to see my cousin again” she remarked.

The End


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