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Sally vs Kyla

Fridays in Chicago were often busy; women wanting to look their best for an upcoming weekend would head to the boutiques and salons gracing the windy city. Women were vivacious personalities and reputations, each one wanting to look her best for the next party that could mean fame and prestige. The amount of money spent on manicures, hair styling, and even pedicures was as important as the trips to the dress shops in the downtown metro area of Chicago. Jewelry shops also were quite busy as the women spent money on fashionable accessories like earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, and at times chokers that brought her essence which often catapulted a successful career-driven woman into a new category. Married and singles alike lavished the attention of vaulting to the top of social elite categories earning the reputation of heiresses, princesses, socialites, anything to give her an advantage in the social circles she engaged in.

The competition was as lively in the bedroom as well as in the fields each worked in and strove to compete in. Sally and Kyla were no strangers to the socialite sector of Chicago; they were veterans of numerous social circles which attracted wealthy women to participate in the activities of wealthy upscale Chicago. Sally was a long straight hair brown eyes brunette. She had a cool demeanor, sometimes ruthless and calculating. Other women gave her a wide berth as she was capable of leaving competitors in fetal balls of flesh at her feet. She had the reputation of a wild “mustang”. Many men tried to break her and came back unsuccessful. The ones that gave her the respect she was owed and due, often were rewarded with a night of *** or a relationship.

Kyla was a wavy-haired green-eyed dirty blond. She had a reputation that was fierce, an untypical alley cat that many other women also gave her a lot of room for, as she developed a reputation of leaving the troublesome ones a heap of flesh at her feet. She loved to break any males that crossed her path and oftentimes left them in her wake. The ones who respected what was due her enjoyed a rather enjoyable night in bed with her or sometimes a long-lasting relationship.

They found dressing in pencil style skirts and blouses to be the best in terms of attire, often time selecting silk blouses and cotton skirts, each had no problems leaving the top 3 or 4 buttons were unhooked from the eyelets of the opposite side of her blouse and sometimes the 5th button which revealed more of her fashionable bra encasing her swaying breast flesh underneath the blouse unhooked on the front of her blouse revealing a fashionable silk bra. For Sally, she loved expensive jacquard prints while Kyla preferred cheetah prints for her bra. Each had similar 40-inch bust lines and their bras supported each woman’s curvy D cup that swayed under her silk blouse.

Each one went out after buying an outfit at one of the boutiques after having her hair styled and nails manicured. That evening they went out to a local party hosted by a prominent real estate developer and a girlfriend name Gayle with whom each one was acquainted. Each one nursed a few long island ice teas as they did they got a bit uninhibited and moody with one another. Each seemed to irritate each other more as Gayle managed to get them to a private room in the sumptuous penthouse where they got more vocal and louder as they were screaming insults in each other’s faces. They ended up trading more than a few bitchy remarks and disgusting comments about one another. It was after 10 pm that things went ballistic between them. They got in each other’s hair quite figuratively. Sally jerked hard on Kyla’s long wavy should haired dirty blond roots as Kayla winced in white-hot pain as she felt the wavy hair parting from her scalp and Kyla’s fingers curled themselves in Sally’s long straight shoulder-length long raven bangs as Sally winced in agony as she felt the strands of her raven black locks being pulled from her scalp. Kyla pulled out a few handfuls of raven locks of Sally’s bangs from her scalp as tears welled in the corner of Sally’s eyes and Sally ripped a few handfuls of Kyla’s dirty blonde shoulder-length wavy hair from her scalp that making Kyla’s eyes also well up with tears also.

To have better footing each kicked of her pumps so they had better footing on the thick carpet and carpet remnants beneath her feet. It bared an additional pedicured 10 toenails on each woman’s feet.

In addition, they were becoming more physical with one another, one was shoved across a sofa, and the other was tossed into an end table as each not only slapped at each other but took the opportunity to trade crisp punches and knees into the other’s soft vulnerable anatomy. They snarled and hissed at the other as they even took to choking one another’s vulnerable throats as they spat in each other faces and traded rough brutal knees and hard unmerciful kicks wither her feet which left bruises along with their bodies. The sharp toenails when used to kick dug into the other's soft skin puncturing the alabaster's creamy soft flesh as well.

Each one was moaning and grunting when she was kneed or kicked by the other as they got wilder as they fought in the empty glass penthouse that overlooked the Chicago skyline of many shorter buildings that surrounded the high rise tower they were in.

In the ensuing melee, blouses were torn off and shredded, bras ripped off as they were used by the other to further torment the wearer. Each one took knees to her waist, hips, and backs as well as to her exposed mound as they sounded growling in a guttural hiss and snarled at one another. Sally kicked at Kyla’s back sending her feet into her lower back in the sore spot around the dirty blonde’s kidneys

Sally remarked through her clenched jaws and teeth “you’ll bleed every time you go pee” Kyla's kidneys were aching from the kick from the raven-haired brunette. The dirty blonde managed to fight back and drove her knee hard into Sally’s lower abdominals as she spat out from between clenched teeth “your next birth will be a still-birth”.

Kyla attempted to leap from the sofa down onto Sally who was lying prone on her back in agony she missed her foot and missed Sally’s low abdomen by inches when she managed to roll and twist out of the way. Kyla swore as she missed her foot smashing hard into the carpet. The blonde’s long leg buckled on impact. Sally scrambled away. She rolled out and her feet trapped Kyla’s neck in a brutal scissor, her feet clamping the soft flesh of her neck as she brutally choked the blonde.

The two women staggered around the empty penthouse gasping and in agony as each clenched her fists they moved into a clinch in the front of the middle of the sofa as they came to blows hard fists were driven into the other's body gasping amidst snarls and hisses resulting in more bruises.

Each began marking up the vanity of the other, scratching and clawing faces and pinching lips as they clawed softly contoured beauty lines of others' cheeks and lips. Kyla took to applying a death grip to Sally’s face, Sally took to snapping her head and nose into Kyra’s bridge of her nose with repeated smashes, blood flowed as each one sought to win this fight at any costs. It went on for what seemed like hours before Kyra passed out from the bloody agony.

In the process they bit at the other probing slender fingers when they were shoved into her mouth as they scratch at inner cheeks and mouths, Kyla yelped as Sally screamed a shrill vocal scream.

Sally gathered what remained of her clothing and left walking out of the penthouse she made her way home happy with the victory over the dirty blond *****.

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