(Part 5 )Sarge Gets Involved by Mark


(Part 5 )Sarge Gets Involved by Mark

Brooke squealed from the harsh pull on her scalp as the two amazons pulled her to her feet. Thunder and Americana each grabbed an arm, easily holding up the much smaller woman who was wobbly from the severe beating Lightning had given her only minutes earlier.

Still, Brooke managed to struggle a little against the two powerful women... "Still a little fight left in her", said Thunder, who nodded to Americana.

HUUUGGGHHH!!!! Not for long though, as Americana torqued a massive right uppercut into Brooke's tender navel. Her belly muscles long since defeated, her abdomen conformed obediently around the big woman's fist, the upward force of the blow lifting Brooke's body off the ground.

She had barely come back down when Thunder slammed a left uppercut high into Brooke's defenseless upper stomach, above where Americana's knuckles had just left her body. All the wind exited her in an instant with a GUUUHHHFFFFHH!!!!! as Thunder's hammer crushed the young girl's belly and drove it up and under her ribcage, continuing into her as her feet again left the ground.

Brooke was now a rag doll in the women's muscular arms, her legs giving way and her body sagging, completely supported by Americana and Thunder, who launched a vicious final assault on the young girl's battered body.

UHHHH...UHHHH...Uhhhh uhhh uhhh... The amazons alternated powering punches into Brooke, her head bouncing and body shuddering as the blows pistoned her belly. The women looked to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as they turned it into a sort of contest... each attempting to outdo the other by slamming the flat punching bag of a stomach ever harder and deeper.

Finally, a brutal straight slug to Brooke's navel ripped her body from Americana's grasp with such force that the woman folded around the punch and flew backward, eventually hitting the ground and rolling several times after her devastated stomach expelled the amazon's fist.

With Brooke destroyed, they turned their attention to Sarge, who was being used as a human trampoline by Bruce. He stepped off her beaten, unresisting body... her 6-pack belly was severely reddened and covered with boot prints.

Thunder motioned to a guard to open the gate and left the Circle for a moment - only to return with a wooden pole about 6 feet long and 3 inches around. "Pick her up" she ordered.

Americana and Bruce quickly hoisted Sarge's limp body to her feet, then THUUUUDDD..UPPPHHH!! Thunder drove the blunt end of the pole harshly into the warrior's relaxed 6-pack, driving it through the collapsing stomach and sending Sarge to the floor, her shapely ass making a hard landing on the floor. "Again", ordered Thunder.

Thunder's partners complied, hoisting Sarge up to receive another belly bludgeoning. UHHHHGGGHH!! The once hard abdominals of Sarge's muscular belly caved abruptly, the sinew stretching around the pole, then spitting it out as her flaccid body went to the ground again, flopping as she hit the floor.

Sarge was now near the wall of the cage. "Lift her up", Thunder ordered again, shoving Sarge's back against the wall. Bruce and Americana grabbed Sarge under the armpits, lifting her off the ground, then Thunder jabbed the pole into Sarge's upper belly and dug the other end into the ground. Sarge and Americana let go...

AHHHHHGGG.... What senses Sarge had left were instantly awakened by the sharp pain of the pole digging impossibly deeply into her muscular upper belly. Her 6-pack writhed, vainly attempting resistance, but her weight worked against her. Her struggling stomach eventually collapsed completely, the pole settling into the concave belly under her ribs. After the short struggle, Sarge finally passed out, hanging by the stomach with the pole digging into her and the ground at a 45-degree angle.

Their foes vanquished, the trio left the Circle, waving to the crowd.

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