(part 4) Sarge Gets Involved by Mark


(part 4) Sarge Gets Involved by Mark

The gate closed behind the guards, leaving Brooke and Sarge bound and at the mercy of Bruce, Americana and Thunder... the crowd grew louder in anticipation of what was next.

Americana strolled over to Sarge, who was still on the arena floor, and reached for a handful of blonde hair. Then, THUDDUFFF!!! Sarge had been playing possum and kicked Americana in the gut, driving her foot into the muscular woman's belly hard enough to bend her over. With Americana's head in range, another quick thrust from Sarge's leg connected solidly.

TWAAACCK!! Americana dropped to the ground and Sarge leaped to her feet ready to attack, but before she could, Bruce grabbed her from behind in a reverse bear hug. Sarge struggled for a moment, then CRACKKK!!! The back of Sarge's head smacked flush into Bruce's face... he held until an instant later another loud CRACKKK!! resounded as Sarge head-butted Bruce a second time.

Bruce released her and staggered back holding his nose. but Sarge's victory was short-lived. The sound of Sarge's head bashing into Bruce's face was still echoing through the arena when... SMACK!!!! Thunder snapped a wicked right hook sharply into Sarge's chin, sending her down to her knees. The big woman quickly grabbed Sarge's hair, holding her torso parallel to the ground as the now recovered and angry Americana ran toward them.

THUDDDDUUUHHHFFFF!!! Sarge grunted loudly as Americana punted flush into her tensed gut, lifting her off the ground by her hard stomach as the vicious kick followed through. No sooner had Sarge returned to the ground than THUDDUHHHFFF!! another punt in the guts. Americana's boot bent Sarge's body at the navel, her flat belly giving way slightly as the harsh kick lifted her off the ground again. Thunder lifted Sarge's head up higher now - the 6-pack muscles of her reddened belly moved in and out quickly in an effort to recover some lost wind. Thunder cocked her arm again and CRACK! Another sharp right to the chin had Sarge seeing stars.

Sarge would not stay down for long. After a short huddle, Thunder grabbed her by the hair again, got down on one knee and dragged Sarge's body over her other leg, placing the small of her on her thigh just as Sarge had done to Lightning only minutes earlier. Bruce then pushed down on Sarge's legs as Thunder pushed on her chin, bending her body in a brutal backbreaker. Sarge tried to struggle against the pair, her body straining and her outstretched abs rippling as she fought to straighten her tortured torso.

"This is for Lightning", said Americana, raising her arms above her head. A split second later, she clasped her fists together, jumped high in the air, and drove them into the trapped woman's stomach.

GUHHHHUUUFFF!!!! Americana's fists slammed deep into Sarge's navel, her overmatched abdominal muscles giving way instantly. Bruce and Thunder held tight as Sarge's body instinctively tried to create space for her rudely displaced guts. GUHHH...Uhhh... Sarge moaned, her 6-pack writhing in a vain attempt to put out the growing fire in her belly.

Clasping her fists tightly again, another leap and a second belly slam blasted into the center of Sarge's concave stomach. Her tight abs held for a split second, then released with a GUUUUHHHgggff! as the crushing blow stretched them beyond their limits, completely deflating her body. Americana smiled as she withdrew her knuckles from Sarge's now spasming belly.

Sarge was struggling to catch a breath, only to lose it all as Americana drove her hammer down into her solar plexus... THUUUDDDUUGGGHHH!!! Now offering little resistance, Sarge's muscular upper stomach collapsed into a deep receptacle around the advancing punch, her smooth skin stretching tight around her protruding ribcage as Americana's clenched fists disappeared into the concave belly.

The series of brutal full-force blows from the powerful Americana had reduced Sarge's once hard abdomen to a quivering mass of sinew, her body convulsing as she gasped for precious oxygen. The cruel fighter slammed the center of her belly again, her knuckles sinking into the pit of Sarge's stomach until there was enough resistance from the extreme stretching of her 6-pack and lower belly to slow them down, seemingly stopping near her spine with a GGGUUUHHH!!! and sloshing of guts.

Sarge's body was limp, her battered belly glistening with sweat from the effort of her failed defense. Americana showed no pity, devastating the nicely defined punching bag stretched out in front of her by driving her fists repeatedly straight down into Sarge's stomach. From her flat lower belly to her navel to each of her 6-packs, every segment of Sarge's abdomen received the attention of Americana's fists, conforming obediently to every punch accompanied by the grunts of both women and the sound of knuckles ripping into tenderized belly flesh.

Americana finally stepped back and Thunder threw off Sarge like a rag doll, But she wasn't done. With Sarge on her back, she reached down and yanked off the bottom of her outfit, then instructed Bruce and Americana to each grab a leg, exposing the beaten woman.

Thunder walked over to Brooke, who was badly hurt but had awakened. The big woman grabbed her hair and dragged her over to Sarge, shoving her face into Sarge's crotch. "Eat her!", Thunder ordered, but Brooke resisted, turning her head. Shoving her face down again, Thunder ordered Brooke again, "Eat her!" Again, she turned her head. Somehow, Sarge sensed the humiliation and with the last of her strength tried to squirm away.

Thunder pulled Brooke's head up by the hair. "Now you will learn what happens to little girls who disobey me." Americana grabbed a handful of hair as well and the two amazons yanked wobbly Brooke to her feet as she squealed from the pain of the sharp pull on her scalp.

Bruce dropped Sarge's leg, leaving her spread-eagled on the ground and although pretty much out of it, stirring a little. Since she had also resisted Thunder's humiliation, the fighting instructor decided Sarge had not learned her lesson.

Bruce stepped back, then jumped, coming down with both feet on Sarge's stomach, driving a loud UUUHHHHHFFFF!!! out of her wide open mouth as all of Bruce's 220 lbs flattened her upper belly and caused her lower belly to bulge out as her guts sloshed into them.

Sarge tried vainly to get Bruce off of her, but she had nothing left and after raising up a bit initially from the shock of the belly stomp, dropped limply to the ground. Bruce smiled as he stood on the hapless woman's stomach and looked down. Sarge's ribcage was sticking way out, then moving down, her body sloping sharply away to the boot that deeply compressed her upper belly, then a short length of concave muscular flesh, another boot embedded at the navel, and finally the bulging lower belly.

Bruce gathered himself, then jumped again...

Meanwhile, Thunder and Americana each had one of Brooke's arms and stood her up in front of them, fists, clenched...

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