(part 3) Sarge Gets Involved


(part 3) Sarge Gets Involved

The crowd began to roar as Sarge climbed the bars leaping over the top and into the Circle. Lightning's friends on the outside tried to alert her, but the crowd drowned them out... she mistook the shouts as encouragement and pumped another fist into the unconscious Brooke's unresisting stomach.

Sarge raced up to Lightning from behind just as Brooke's outstretched gut was collapsing from the advancing punch. Lightning's hard knuckles were embedded deep inside her when...

TWACKKKK! Sarge swung her leg high toward Lightning's head, connecting solidly with her ear and sending her flying to the side and onto the arena floor. Sarge wasted no time in attacking her dazed opponent, grabbing a handful of hair with her left hand. Yanking up hard, she shot sharp rights into Lightning's exposed chin.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Lighting's head snapped to the side as Sarge snapped quick punches into her face. The onslaught was so fast and unexpected that even the experienced Lightning was barely able to defend against it.

Lightning tried to cover up with her left hand and with Sarge's left hand in her hair, threw her right straight into Sarge's exposed stomach.

UHH..UHH... Lightning grunted as she punched away at Sarge's hard belly, but the combination of the energy expended battering Brooke's guts and the damage inflicted by Sarge had weakened her so that her fists barely dented Sarge's muscular 6-pack abs.

THUDDD! For the trouble of Lightning punching her, Sarge slammed her knee flush into the kneeling Lightning's face, ending her attack.

THUDDD! A second knee dropped her arms to her side. Sarge dropped to her own knees in front of Lightning and reaching back, slugged the fit woman full force into the center of her belly.

OOOHHHGGUHHHHFFFF! A loud groan and a rush of breath expelled from Lighting's open mouth, her flat stomach absorbing Sarge's fist as it drove through her unprepared abdominal muscles. Letting go of her hair, Sarge allowed Lighting's body to fold forward toward her, then slugged up into the dazed woman's belly.

UFFFF! UFFFF! UFFFF! Lightning tried again to cover and tighten up her abs, but Sarge pistoned her fists too quickly for her feeble defense to block many and the uppercuts ripped into her tan body. Several hard punches penetrated her upper belly, straightening Lightning up again as Sarge's fists sank into her flat stomach and drove up under her ribcage. Finally Lightning fell over backward, her back hitting the floor with her legs bent underneath her.

Sarge quickly scampered around to Lightning's side and again grabbed her hair. She got down on one knee and yanked Lightning's body up and over her other knee. With the small of her back resting on her thigh, Sarge pushed down on Lightning's chin with her left hand, bending the woman's supple body and tightly stretching her concave belly.

Lightning's body shuddered as Sarge hammered down on her muscular abdomen like a judge banging a gavel. Starting at her navel slit... THUDDDFFF! THUDDDFF! THUDDFFF!... Punches bounced off of Lightning's thin stomach as it resisted the first couple of blows, then buckled completely as Sarge pounded deeper into the semi-conscious woman's belly button. The flat lower belly and well-defined muscles of Lightning's upper abs that flexed in an initial attempt to repel Sarge's assault, now rippled and stretched in unison with the navel pummeling.

THUDDFFFF! THUDDDDFFF! THUDDDFFF! Sarge moved her attack up and down the helpless woman's body, slamming her hammer into Lightning's lower belly, then into her upper belly. She punched particularly hard into the defined muscles of her upper stomach, slugging down into Lightning's guts as her defeated abs conformed obediently to Sarge's knuckles, returning to concave, then a ripple across her belly flesh as Sarge embeds her fist in the flat belly below Lightning's battered navel, then another slug up high again.

The crowd was going crazy - security officials were caught off guard by Sarge's attack. a couple of minutes passed before the gates opened and guards rushed in. Sarge threw off the unconscious and brutalized Lightning, but was quickly subdued as the guards zapped her with a taser weapon and cuffed her.

The governor appeared at the podium. "Interfering in the Circle is not permitted. You have violated a sacred tradition and shall be severely punished," he said to Sarge. "Take her away!"

"Wait!", came a male voice from the gates. Bruce, Americana, and Thunder entered the Circle. "Sarge has assaulted our friend", Bruce said. "We humbly request that in your wisdom you would allow us to punish her and her friend in this very Circle where their crimes occurred."

"So be it", said the Governor. With that, Bruce, Americana, and Thunder walked over to the women. The guards moved to remove Sarge's handcuffs, but Bruce waved him off. Bruce got a second pair of cuffs from the guard and the trio released Brooke, who was now moaning and starting to come to, from her bindings. When they released her, Brooke crumpled to the ground and rolled into a ball... but not for long. Thunder pulled her hands behind her back and Bruce cuffed her.

Brooke and Sarge remained on the ground as the guards carried Lightning out of the Circle. The two bound women were now at the mercy of Bruce and his cruel fighters.

February 20, 2022 7:13 AM