(part 2) The Circle by Mark


(part 2) The Circle by Mark

"Where to start"... said Lightning as she studied Brooke's body, then slugged a quick right into the perky left breast that stuck out invitingly toward her.

AHHHH! Brooke squealed as her plump tit was crushed against her chest. "Good, you're awake", said Lightning as she slugged into Brooke's right breast.

AHHHHHH! UFFFFF! URRKKK! Brooke's squeals turned to grunts as Lightning moved down, drilling the girl's upper stomach with a sharp left/right, the first punch meeting substantial resistance as Brooke tensed her abs, the second driving a hiccup-like sound from the girl's open mouth as it penetrated deeper into Brooke's body.

GUHHFFF! GUHHHH! Lightning moved down and thudded another quick combo into the center of Brooke's quivering, but still resisting belly. A small wave of baby fat flowed away as Lightning's fists embedded themselves deeper into her fading abs and Brooke started to sag a bit. This increased the pull of the bindings on her, causing her body to stretch out even further and making her abdomen thinner and more concave... and more vulnerable.

Brooke was in good shape with a board flat stomach and a hint of abs, the stretching of her body revealing her muscles a bit more above her navel.. her belly continued to quiver as she used all of her strength to resist Lightning's next assault.

She didn't have to wait long, as Lightning targeted her at her strongest point.

UHHHHFFFF! Lightning's right hand exploded into the newly exposed muscles, which nearly collapsed despite Brooke's best efforts. The left that followed did them in... the center of her belly caved in as Lightning's fist plunged deep into her with the THUDD! URRRKKKKGGHHH!! of expelled breath and sloshing guts.

Lightning felt Brooke's resistance fail - knowing the next punch would really hurt her, she relished the feeling of a defeated opponent's soft guts fully conforming to her fists. Before Brooke had any chance to regroup, she reached back and delivered her hardest right uppercut into her solar plexus.

TWACK! GUUUHHHHFFFF! Whatever Brooke might have had left was instantly taken out of her as Lightning's fist ripped through her abdominals, crushing her guts against her diaphragm, her flesh stretching to conform to the fist that had embedded itself in the concave belly that was being driven up and under her ribcage.

Brooke's turned a shade of pale as her legs completely buckled and her tan, slender body squirmed and her belly convulsed uncontrollably in a futile attempt to breathe. Lightning admired her handiwork for a moment, then moved in to punish the girl some more.

Lightning began to pick up the pace a bit, methodically working the defenseless girl's belly and ****. She pulled down Brooke's loincloth to expose her entire lower belly, then pumped a left/right into her with a TWACK! THACK!! The soft, flat belly surrounded Lightning's knuckles as Brooke's now unresisting stomach trampolined in and out with the punches.

Lightning moved up, quickly snapping a couple of tit punches into Brooke that made her body instinctively stiffen and back arch, making her outstretched slit of a navel an inviting receptacle for Lightning's fists.

HuUHHFF!! HUUHHFF! HUUHHFF! Lightning grunted as she hooked lefts and rights into Brooke's navel... the rhythm of the hard punches rocked Brooke's body from side to side as her navel seemingly swallowed Lightning's fists to the wrist. Lightning threw these punches with more conviction, torquing her shoulder and snapping them through the girl's guts as if punching a heavy bag.

HUUHHFF! HUUHHFF! HUUHHFF! The hooks moved to either side just above the navel... while Brooke still offered resistance this was her hardest area and Lightning seemed particularly intent on destroying it. No resistance now, just belly flesh dancing from side to side as Lightning drilled the hooks into the girl, her stomach collapsing impossibly inward as the warrior attempted to hammer her fists through Brooke's belly.

HUUHHFF! HUUHHFF! HUUHHFF! Moving down once more, Lightning unleashed another double-fisted barrage into Brooke's guts, this time ripping rapid-fire punches straight into her lower belly as if it were a speed bag. Brooke's torso and legs jerked spasmodically and her ass slapped against the cold steel bars... her flat stomach again reacting to the pistoning fists like a backyard trampoline with a bunch of neighbor kids jumping on it.

Sarge watched all of this from the crowd... Brooke was now unconscious and taking hard punches to her stomach - and Lightning was thoroughly enjoying beating her up. Something had to be done.

February 20, 2022 7:09 AM