(part 1) Sarge by Mark


(part 1) Sarge by Mark

A bewildered look crossed Sarge's face as the cloaking devices shrouded the Slobovian warriors, but this was soon to be replaced by a look of pain.

WHOOOSH! came the sound, not unlike those on the soundtrack of low-budget Kung-Fu movies, then THUDDDUPPHHHH!!! as an invisible blunt object thundered into the center of Sarge's taut midsection. The impression of a warrior's knuckles embedded into her collapsing stomach as Sarge bent around the fist, abdominal muscles rippling as they slowed its penetration, arms instinctively covering up.

This left her upper body open and another WHOOOSH! was followed by a powerful kick up into the stooped woman's chest, sending her flying onto her back. Now Sarge's arms moved up and her back arched, her body's reaction to its harsh contact with the hard arena floor.

WHOOOSH! STOMP! UGGGHHHFFFF!!! Sarge's arched body was flattened against the floor as a boot-shaped impression drove straight down into her belly. The sole surged into her, causing her shoulders to come off the floor as her stomach was rudely depressed. As she came off the floor, she was grabbed under her arms and thrown against the wall.

Sarge was hurt, but she had enough of the senses about her to know not to stay in one place too long. She slid to the side, just avoiding a straight kick that knocked bits of concrete off the wall. Holding her belly, she moved away from the wall... a tactical error. WHOOOSH! SMACK! A harsh kick to the small of her back sent Sarge flying forward...

WHOOOSHHH! TWAACCKK! The forward momentum of her body was instantly halted by a vicious slug to her wide open belly. Sarge's eyes bugged and mouth opened wide as the invisible fist blasted into her flat abdominal wall at the navel and continued on, her guts conforming around it as her abs stretched inward in a vain attempt to stop the violation. The blow turned upward, with Sarge's crushed stomach emitting a guttural GUUUUHHHHFFFFFFF! as her body folded around the punch that had completely penetrated her muscular defenses and was lifting her off the ground.

Sarge collapsed face-first to the floor in a heap, coughing and gagging her arms clutching her devastated stomach as the crowd roared its approval... but the warriors were far from done with her. The warriors moved quickly, with one grabbing each of Sarge's ankles, followed by the depression of 2 knees on her upper back. The bending of the woman impossibly backward in a vicious Boston Crab was accompanied by the popping of vertebrae and the roar of the crowd.

Sarge's studded leather pants rode very low on her hips, leaving her abs cruelly exposed down to her pubic area and very tightly stretched. The third warrior had moved to systematically punish her body, starting with a hard punch to the right of her navel.

THUD!!! The warriors' invisible knuckles indented Sarge's hard stomach with a small UMMPPPHH. The rippling of the striations of her six-pack abs moved across the surface of her belly as the punch penetrated her already concave abdomen about an inch and was then withdrawn.

A slug to the stomach just left of her navel had Sarge flailing a bit trying to escape, but the warriors were too strong. The warrior moved up to punish the upside-down woman's lower abs, slamming blows into flat belly flesh between her studded beltline and navel. The resistance of Sarge's outstretched sinew began to wane and the outline of the warrior's transparent fist penetrated deeper with each punch.

Sarge was not flailing now, as the fight had pretty much been taken out of her, but a low UHHHPPHH was beaten out of her by a punch that ripped into the center of her 6-pack. Her upper belly and muscular abs had been pretty much unscathed until now, but that was about to change.

In rapid succession, blows pistoned high into Sarge's stomach just below her ribcage on either side of line down the center of her belly. Sarge's rippling muscles belied the fact that they now offered little protection, dancing away as a wave of flesh from the site of each blow.

The crowd roared as the drumbeat brutalized Sarge's belly, each segment of her 6-pack a separate instrument to be played. The warrior would move up a couple of inches and hammered the next pair of muscles, pistoning both sides of the center set of abs. The crushing force hammering deep into her guts caved the center abs completely, stretching the upper and lower 6-pack to their limits.

A couple more inches up, then THUD,THUD,THUD,THUD as more blows rained into her lower 6-pack abs, these punches appearing even harder. Sarge's body rocked from side to side, her stomach buckling inward a couple of inches each time the warrior ripped away at the once fit and proud abdominals.

The warriors released their hold, uncloaked, and flipped the motionless Sarge on her back. Her stomach was devastated and covered with welts but she was still conscious... barely.

"Bring her to her feet", ordered King Jerry. The warriors complied, bringing Sarge in front of the King. "Swear your allegiance to me", the King said to Sarge.

Sarge looked at the King through half-open eyes, summoned her strength, and spit bloodily at the King. "So be it", said King Jerry, His Minister pulled a card with a name on it. "Bring forth Ryan of Lower Slobovia!", he said.

The door opened and Ryan entered the arena. "You have been chosen", said the King. "Finish her." "Thank you, your majesty", replied Ryan, who turned to face Sarge...

The warriors released Sarge, who immediately collapsed to the ground... it was pretty obvious that she was in no condition to fight anyone. Ryan moved in, grabbed her hair, and flipped her onto her back.

THUDDD! UHHHHPPPHHH... Ryan slugged the beaten woman hard and straight down into the center of her 6-pack, his fist sinking wrist deep into the flaccid belly flesh. Sarge's stomach still looked hard, but the warriors had methodically destroyed her, leaving her abs defenseless. To make sure, Ryan grabbed Sarge's left arm and pinned her right with his knee, positioning his chest above hers and his right-hand free directly above her stomach.

THUD! UHHPPH! THUD! UFFF! THUD! UFFF! Ryan drove his fist straight down again and again into Sarge's concave belly where it sloped away from her ribs and sternum, the punches penetrating her unresisting abs and deep into her solar plexus, taking whatever breath she had left. Sarge's legs and ass bounced up and down as her belly flesh rolled in rhythm with the hard punches.

Ryan got up, grabbed a handful of Sarge's hair, and motioned to the warriors, who hoisted the semi-conscious woman to her feet. They pulled her arms tightly behind her, stretching her chest out toward Ryan and leaning back, lifting her feet off the ground and her tight body and even more concave belly dangling in front of him.

He wasted no time, measuring Sarge with a double-fisted assault Ryan torqued his shoulder and ripped a straight right into her left middle 6-pack, following through as if to try to put his fist through her body. When Sarge's battered stomach finally stopped its advance, he held it there, admiring the havoc he was wreaking on this muscular woman's guts.

He withdrew the fist, wound up, and ripped into Sarge's right middle 6-pack, again following through on her and holding his fist deep inside. Ryan's hammer had her lower body flopping like a rag doll as the shock of the blow rippled past her lower belly.

Ryan moved down on her, looking to work over the flat-bellied woman's slit of a navel. Gut slugging her right and left, the tender navel swallowed hard fist after hard fist, seemingly expand impossibly to take each blow to the wrist. He had picked up the pace of his punches a bit, but he was still measuring her as the hooks slammed into her body - hard punches that swayed Sarge's torso from side to side - then lower...

His next punch crushed her lower belly like an empty soda can, except that Sarge's flat abs popped back out as if asking for another. Ryan obliged, caving her stomach again as her ass slapped against the warriors then rocked forward - with Ryan quickly slugging her again as she swung toward him. a THUDD!!. A deep compression of flat abs, swing, slap, swing, THUDD!

The crowd roared its approval as Ryan's laid into her, rhythmically beating up the now unconscious Sarge. THUDD! A fist deep in the guts, swing, slap. swing, then... THUDDD! Ryan drilled a right uppercut high into the top center of Sarge's 6-pack, his knuckles ripping up and under her sternum, driving a reflexive URRRK! from her, then his left, rippling her abs as he slammed Sarge's guts into her diaphragm

Ryan stepped back and the warriors dropped Sarge to the ground as the crowd roared. "Remove the infidel", ordered the King as Sarge was dragged out of the arena.

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