Parking Garage Story by Unknown


Parking Garage Story by Unknown

All I heard was " that again and I'll make your stomach pay for it!" Curious as to what was going on, I peeked around the corner to where these voices were, and as I did, I was just in time to see this tough-looking guy with this pretty model-type girl. Long legs, long hair. She was wearing one of those really short skirts that only look good on girls with long legs, and though thin, she had a nice, feminine and rounded, slightly pouting abdomen so pronounced by this high-waisted skirt, she had on a tight-knit top. I noticed her **** tummy right away.

As I looked, I heard her say "you wouldn't dar Uuuunnnngggghhh!" 

She retched and folded over the guy’s fist that was just plowed into her soft little belly. He left his fist in her guts and she was belly-impaled on it, clutching his forearm with both of her little hands. He had punched the breath out of her, and he took his other hand and grabbed her hair, and pulled her head up, she had this look of sick stomach/stomachache combination on her beautiful face.

He said, "Oh I would, and I did!" She just grimaced in agony as he pulled his fist out of her gut and she collapsed to her knees with her thin arms folded across her violated tummy. She seemed to use them as a crossbar to fold herself over full at the hips. her forehead was about an inch from the floor and her tiny skirt had flipped up over her upturned ****. What a sight!

The guy got behind her and grabbed an arm and yanked her up and as he spun her around, he pulled her into an extremely hard uppercut punch that must have driven the bottom of her stomach organ up under her rib cage and up into her lungs. She grunted deep from within the core and pit of her guts, and she hunched over in obvious pain and was allowed to crumple to the floor, again doubled so far over and holding her beaten up stomach that her puny skirt had no chance to cover her silk ***** covered assets.

I'd never seen such a beautiful girl get punched so hard up her stomach like that. The guy left the room by the other door, and I stayed put and drank in the mesmerizing view of the doubled-up beauty suffering so much in the stomach and totally oblivious to her exposed rear. 

She stayed like that for about 15 minutes before she struggled to her feet and while still bent over, she staggered out the far door gasping and gulping and panting. It was late and since I was in a part of the building, I didn't belong I just got out of there quickly fast ad in a hurry. But I've never been able to get the images of her getting punched in the stomach and doubled over like that out of my mind. 

Since I work in the same office building, I see her from time to time and I immediately revert to those images. Haven't seen that guy since.

February 19, 2022 7:09 AM