Parking Garage Story 2 by Unknown


Parking Garage Story 2 by Unknown

Dressed in my jogging shorts and T-shirt I was returning from my evening jog. As I walked through my apartment complex he stepped out and planted his fist in the center of my belly. 

On my knees gasping for air, I heard him say something about me taking his parking space and giving him the finger. I never saw who came from behind, picked me up, and pulled my arms back. “Is this the ***** that's been getting our parking space, he said?” 

“This will remind you where to park,” he said as he five times punched me solidly in my belly. I jerked but couldn't move. That's also when my body surrendered, and I didn't have the strength to struggle. 

Again and again, he slammed his fist into my weakened soft belly. “Please, please stop,” I pleaded. 

As I was held in place, he jabbed each of my breasts several times. That hurt like hell. 

I thought, please punch me in my belly or even my face. After hurting my chest, he again aimed for my belly. My body rocked with each of the many more punches I received. I was mostly shocked that I was being beaten up by gay guys. 

I couldn't believe it. My belly ached for several days. I got to my apartment and removed my shirt. There was a big bruise around my bellybutton and several bruises down to my ***** waistband while my breasts were bruised and swollen. 

I don't like being punched in the belly, but I really don't like my breasts being struck either. I believe guys punch girls in the belly to see her facial expressions, watch her belly and breasts quiver and or jiggle but mostly to hear her grunt and moan.

February 19, 2022 7:21 AM