Not such a Teaser Story (part 5) written by 42


There are times, especially during encounters like those, where the rest of “normal” reality seems to fall away and you’re sucked into the moment. No past; no future. Just the object of your attention.

Seven knew she was my world at that moment. Sauntering between her enviable collection of furniture, she would occasionally lounge on something wordlessly. Here was a lounge couch, leaving her belly flat and totally relaxed; there was a love seat, where her tummy was curled up into a completely soft nest; they even had a gymnastics-horse-style table, on which Seven would lie - letting her head hang off one side, her belly stretched out, taut as a rubber band.

I simply watched, adoringly, as Fox took a spot on a nearby couch - Mouse lying on his lap - and let his fingers pull idly at her navel and hipbones.

Seven interrupted my reverie while straddling the horse. “Well? Where do you want me?”

The words snapped me out of my trance while my eyes were still completely focused on Seven’s tummy. For a second, I felt like a total idiot. Then, as my wits collected, I realized exactly what was going on. Suddenly, I realized I was surrounded by a startling amount of furniture. For a moment, I let my eyes take it all in- seats, lounge couches, easy chairs, all heights and manners of tables and ottomans and other things. Most of it looked like it had been assembled from the “Free” section of the classified ads, but everything looked like it served a particular purpose. There was even an old pool table - though I didn’t see a cue in sight.

“There,” I finally said.

Everyone in the room looked to where I was pointing. Between two end tables sat a squat, white, armless chair with a comfy-looking cushion for a seat.

Fox clapped. “Great choice!”

Seven waltzed over. “Sitting or lying?”

“Sitting first,” I instructed. “And scoot your **** forward, K?”

She did so, resting her shoulder blades on the chair’s hard plastic back. Seven’s body lay at a forty-five degree angle, with her bare heels resting on the floor and her belly pulled just slightly in. Sweetness.

“All right, man,” called Fox. “Just get started slow.”

“Aright,” I called back.

Reaching out gingerly, my thumbs encountered the space just above Seven’s softly emerging hipbones and pressed gently inward. The instant I penetrated her belly cavity, Seven grinned and the most heavenly little noise came from her throat - a little moan, smaller than if she’d cleared her throat. And accompanying the sound was the motion of her body; her hands went to the top of her head and she streeeeeetched - then relaxed again, letting my fingertips deep into her abdomen.

I almost had to stop there. It was completely unreal! Two absolute knockouts on each side of me, both belly fetishists, with one letting me give her a belly-rub and the other getting one behind me.

Seven took a deep breath, relaxed her belly further, and started talking. “You know, there are probably a lot of people like us out there. This isn’t really that unusual.”

Pulling my fingers to Seven’s sides, I began pressing my thumbs into the area just above her navel. Beneath it, I found an incredible sweet spot - that place Fox showed me, where muscle doesn’t seem to protect the sweet softness beneath. Rubbing in circles, I discussed back. “You think so? How do you get that impression?”

“Mmm, easy,” replied Seven. “You look on Internet groups. If you divide the statistics of total internet use a**** total users and members of belly fetish clubs, et cetera, you can get a statistic averaging 1 in 3200. Better yet, that’s assuming everyone who has a tummy fetish is on tummy fetish groups. Uh...”

I had cut Seven off by pressing my thumbs deeply enough to reach her spine. That same familiar throb I’d encountered in Mouse’s tummy was now pulsating in Seven’s. “So what you’re getting at,” I interrupted, “is that there could be as many as 1 in 1500 people with a fetish like you or I.” Withdrawing my thumbs, I pressed a palm into Seven’s relaxed stomach and started to spiral downward toward the pit of her belly. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No,” she said. “Look, if you could hurt someone by punching them in the stomach then we’d all have ribs all the way to our pelvises. But we don’t. Instead, we have a flexible soft spot with all the internal organs which don’t really bruise, rupture, or get hurt when struck. As long as I’m not sick, it’d be almost impossible to...”

Before she could finish her sentence, I shoved the heel of my hand deep under Seven’s ribcage. I could feel the harder diaphragm resisting my attack, but I could also feel Seven’s solar plexus forcing the air out of her lungs.

“UHH!” Seven’s body pitched forward, her hands resting on my shoulders.

“All right, I think I get it. Lie down across the chair, willya?” I asked.

“#### you, gimme a minute,” retorted Seven.

I answered by pounding her in the guts with a closed fist - right on her navel. I could feel her entire body jump with the shock; when I pulled my fist out of her belly, her head was resting on my shoulder.

Fox laughed. “Well put, Watcher. Come on, Seven, you heard the man.”

Seven, still pouting a little bit, turned sideways with her legs hanging off the armless chair. Then, sliding her **** forward again, she leaned waay back and dangled her head off the other side of the seat.

Her belly stretched out like a flexible, soft rubber band. Her navel, usually a shallow, round innie, was strained to the point that it almost poked out of her tummy. For a second, I let my thumb play with that rigid nub on the surface of her helpless belly.

“Ahhh,” moaned Seven. “Hey, that’s sensitive!”

“Good,” I haltingly rebuked. I stood up, standing with one leg on either side of Seven’s knees. Then, I leaned forward, and planted both thumbs on Seven’s navel, gripping her narrow hips with my fingers. Gently, I began to rub the surface of her creamy bellyskin...

“Oh, o-o-ohh,” Seven coaxed.

I let my thumbs press a little deeper, still rubbing in a slowly widening spiral.


I felt almost as good giving the bellyrub as I’m sure Seven felt getting one. Her taut tummy was a perfect practice ground; I could penetrate instantly into the deepest regions of her stomach. I explored that tight area between her lowest ribs; the pit of her belly lying just above her navel; that softness below her belly button; the deeply penetrable regions to each side of that same concave gem. Every so often I’d add a little of Fox’s massage oil, giving Seven’s tummy a slick sheen that gave my probing hands just a little less friction as they glided across Seven’s belly. When I looked up, Seven was completely blissed out; a tiny sheen of sweat appeared on her neck, shoulders, and forehead.

“God, give it to me already, you ####ing tease!” she commanded, pulling her head up to look at me freshly.

“Ooh, you’re getting feisty again,” I retorted. Then I pressed my thumbs as deeply as I could into the pit of her belly - and held them there.

Seven’s body relaxed, drooping back over the chair - a throaty “Uhhhhhhh...” was my reward.

With Seven’s belly all oiled up that way, I was able to slide my thumbs freely in any direction I wanted while still penetrating all the way to her spine. I decided to try a trick I’d once pulled on the novice Mouse’s tummy.

Slowly, agonizingly slowly, I pushed my thumbs up against a hard ridge deep in Seven’s belly - it must have been one of her vertebrae. With the incredible softness of Seven’s stomach, I could feel all the details of her spine. Still putting much of my weight into Seven’s belly rub, I let my thumbs slide up that vertebrae to its crest - then rolled my thumbs upward, sledding off the vertebrae downward into the next deep part of her belly.

Seven tried to take a breath, but I was much heavier than her diaphragm was willing to allow; her startled gasp was shallow and excited. I could hear a moan issue from her throat that meant she was really hurting.

“Are you OK?” I asked, hesitating.

“Go. Harder.”

“Your wish is my command,” I grinned, sending my thumbs back to their massage. I could feel the pulse in Seven’s abdomen hammering against my invasion - the blood rushed under my thumbs as they held Seven pinned by one agonizing probe.

“Ooh... uh... yea a a a ah.”

I kept worrying at Seven’s spine for quite some time while Fox and Mouse watched. There was a sort of reverent silence as we all listened for the occasional gurgling protest of Seven’s delicate guts.

Then, something happened. I’m not sure what, but I knew that was the right time. I slowly, slowly withdrew from Seven’s belly, my brain running at a zillion miles an hour. My eyes jumped from spot to spot on Seven’s tummy, anticipating where her most delicate spots were.

It must have been the time my mind realized I had discovered all the secret softnesses located in Seven’s supple stomach. Suddenly, I had stopped seeing the surface features of that belly stretched out in front of me; instead, I saw its internal features.

Her diaphragm, pushing and pulling at her lungs...

Her solar plexus, hidden deep under some tougher muscles just between her two bottom ribs...

The pit of her stomach, reached easily by that spot just above her navel where the muscles didn’t protect...

Her navel, which would distribute force evenly throughout her sweetly tenderized abdomen...

Those two spots two the sides of her belly button located outside the protection of her abs...

The soft, slightly rounded bulge of her lower belly...

And before I knew it, I had already driven my knuckles into Seven’s diaphragm, pushing the air straight out of her lungs.


But she didn’t double over. Instead, she lay flat - and I didn’t see a single muscle emerge from her belly.


I figured I would still play it safe with Seven... at least, for a while. My plan was this: to aim for each of those five sweet spots with increasing amounts of force until I was hitting as hard as I could. I figured I’d guess my own strength as well as gauging Seven’s thresholds.

Next came her solar plexus - I figured that after knocking the wind out of her, I’d blast the most sensitive part of her tummy. I drove the next punch downward, forcing my knuckles directly toward her core. I could feel something deep within Seven’s guts give, like a little cluster of fibrous material.

Seven didn’t make a noise. Instead, she shuddered heavily - so heavily that I had to put my hand on her hip so she didn’t fall off the chair. Then I heard the words just barely pass her lips at a whisper: “Ohhh...God.”


Still, Seven wasn’t flexing. I watched her belly rise and fall, eyeballing that soft spot just above her round navel. Just to test, I pushed the pads of three fingers into that area - and Seven still wasn’t flexing. Amazing!

As I withdrew my fingers, I could see Seven’s belly sharply rise as she took a hasty breath - then, realizing her mistake, let the breath out slowly.

And that was my time to strike. I punched her in the stomach again, pushing my fist in just above her navel and rushing upward sharply into her guts.

“Uh!” Again, it was almost like I’d punched the noise out of her. My knuckles crushed her guts inward, and I felt the sharp, hard impact of my fist against her spine. As quickly as I’d entered her belly, I pulled my fist out to let her suffer in peace.

She didn’t even move. She just shivered a little, again, but otherwise didn’t make any noise or motion.

“Mm, good,” I uttered, despite myself. I leaned forward toward my next destination, placing one fist on each side of her navel and pushing my weight downward. Her navel poked up between my fists and I saw her lower belly bulge outward with displaced guts. Pressing more of my weight downward, I got closer to Seven’s face - I watched her beautiful eyes close and her lips barely part as I pressed most of my weight down into her belly.

I almost kissed her. I was definitely close enough, and I definitely wanted to. But I wasn’t sure what Fox would think - and I wasn’t quite sure whether Mouse was the jealous type, either. The thought kept me from enjoying myself during the moments I pressed more force into Seven’s stomach, removing myself from her stomach.

I removed one fist from her, then the other - very very slowly. As soon as my second fist was free of her belly, I let her have it right in the navel with my other fist.

“UH!” was the noise that Seven shouted at my attack. I could feel the little hard nub of her belly button stuck between her spine and my fist, and I rolled it to the side in an attempt to get deeper into Seven’s belly. It only caused her to continue the noise: “uh....hhHHHHhh...”

I figured there was no time to waste. With my free hand, I let her have it just below her navel, and I felt her soft belly give way perfectly, welcoming my fist into her softened intestines. They seemed to reject my fist with their elasticity, but Seven still winced and made a breathy little “Nnh!” noise as I battered her already weakened guts.

That was one round from top to bottom. I figured I’d go from the bottom up for my last assault. I figured that I should give her a moment to rest, so I withdrew both fists and sat back for a moment.

Slowly, very slowly, Seven’s hand traveled to her punched stomach. I was ready to give her some time to recover, but all she did was pass her palm gently over the surface of her belly. Then she dropped her hand back to her side - ready for my final onslaught.

I couldn’t wait. My fist plunged into her lower belly again, this time pressing downward with all the strength I could muster. I still couldn’t feel her spine, but I figured there was a lot of stuff in the way - lower intestines, et cetera. I could feel it all under my knuckles, every couple of seconds another fold giving way and letting my weight press deeper, deeper into her belly. Seven only rolled her eyes back, let her mouth drop open a little bit, and I watched her head roll to the side a little bit. At the back of the chair, her fingers clutched feebly at the vinyl.

I knew there was more strength left in my arms. I tried to gauge it carefully, so I could use even more force with my next punch. Then I got an idea.

I was going to work my way up slowly - but since this was my first real punching experience, I figured I’d do a little experiment. While Seven was still distracted by my fist in her guts, I readied my free hand for an onslaught she likely wouldn’t forget.

The instant I let my fist out of Seven’s lower belly, she took a deep breath - just as I’d predicted. As she did, I watched her mouth open wide - then wider, as I slammed my other fist down into her belly with her navel as the target. My fist practically bounced off her spine, and that hard navel of hers actually hurt my knuckles when I crushed it against her vertebrae. With no time to waste, however, I drew both fists back and pumped them, with equally crushing force, into those two ultra-soft parts on each side of her abdominal muscles... one fist an inch to the right of her navel, the other fist an inch to the left.

And I left them there.

Seven’s mouth didn’t close; instead, it opened wider in shock. And then even wider as I brought my force, my full weight, down into her stomach. I got closer and closer to her, until my elbows were stuck out to the sides and our bodies were only held apart by the fists I had buried so deeply in her stomach.

This time I couldn’t help it. When I was close enough to do so, I planted a kiss on Seven’s cheek. I would have kissed her on the lips, but they were still held apart, gaping, by the omnipresent quaking in her belly.

Fox giggled. So did Mouse. I figured I was in the clear, since it didn’t appear that Seven was complaining either. How lucky was I?

I had time to ponder that later. Throwing myself upright again by shoving against Seven’s stomach, I readied myself in that instant for her last two strikes.

They happened almost perfectly in sync. Seven hadn’t been ready for what I might do after I let up; she took that same vulnerable breath that she’d taken at the end of my last attack. I saw her belly push outward, convex and tender for just a moment.

In that moment, I struck. I jackhammered one free fist as hard as I could - so hard, I even shocked myself - into the pit of her stomach. I entered just above her navel and felt something crushed between her spine and my hand. It was that same bundle of nerves which, just by nudging in Mouse, had caused her to collapse. The shock of it was so intense, I almost felt it myself - I saw Seven’s body flop almost as if by electric shock.

In the time of an eye-blink, I then pulled my fist back and snapped a second punch, with equal force, up between her ribs to fly against her diaphragm.

No noise came from Seven’s throat. Wracked with pain, Seven shot her hands immediately to her stomach and doubled over, pulling her legs to the side with such force that she fell completely out of the chair. Lying on the floor in the fetal position, Seven only rolled back and forth gently.

“Well done,” shouted Fox. “Brilliant! It’s not every day that even I can do that to Seven.”

I was already on my knees beside Seven’s curled-up body. “Hey, are you OK?” I asked.

“F-f... uck...” breathed Seven. “You’re goooooooood.”

“So are we in the club?” I grinned.

Seven looked up at me, opened her eyes, and smiled the most winning, girlish smile I’d ever seen. “No ****,” she fired back.

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