My First Punching Experience by Green


My First Punching Experience by Green

The first girl I ever punched with any considerable force was my ex-girlfriend’s roommate from college. They had gone to high school together and had decided to be roommates, though I had never met her. I started dating my girlfriend that summer, knowing that she would be attending college a few hours away in the fall. When the time came, I promised I would help her move in, and spend most of the day with her.

We arrived at the school, and my girlfriend went to see her room and greet her roomie. The girl was short, probably 5’ 3” or 5’4”, slightly dark complexion, long brown hair, and skinny. Not much shape at all. I thought she was cute, kind of annoying, and basically never thought much about her.

I went to visit several times that year, usually spending the day or the night. During my visits, we all hung out in the room, and I would watch my GF’s roomie moon the girls on her floor, or lift her shirt to show them her stomach, basically anything to make them laugh. I was always behind her during these times, never seeing her belly, but noticing she had nice calf muscles.

Finally, one night, my GF and I returned from spending the day together and laid down in her bed to rest. We laid there talking for about an hour when her roomie returned and was quite hyper. She spent several minutes trying to make us laugh, and then lifted her shirt to show us her belly. She had a very lovely belly with a small navel that was oval-shaped. She was flexing her abs, and I was shocked to see a defined 4 pack after only seeing my GF's round belly all the time. I thought about her abs a lot, though never saw her belly again til the end of the year.

On one of the final days there, my girlfriend and I were leaving and her roomie was lying in bed bored. Not aware I was watching, she raised up her shirt and lifted her head in a crunch position, and looked at her abs. I was having a hard time looking away when my GF noticed her and said something along the lines of “that’s gross.”

Months passed, and I started that same college in the fall. I was again spending time in the room when my GF decided to take a nap. I hung out a few minutes, then began to sneak away when her roomie started to follow me to the door. I picked up a flashlight that they had borrowed from me when her roomie began to laugh and told me shhh!

Playfully, I jabbed the flashlight into her belly, and she immediately began to cough. We hurried to the door, and she kept coughing, telling me that she wasn’t ready for the flashlight and that it had kinda hurt.

“Oh that didn’t hurt,” I said, and punched her in the middle of her stomach, not hard, but not easy either. I’m not sure how much she was acting, but she grunted loudly and collapsed to the floor, cradling her belly. It could not hurt as much as she let on, because my fist had bounced off her abs.

In the next 2 years, we would wrestle in the hall, and I would punch her easily, each time with her acting as if I had slammed her with all my might. Sadly, she gained her freshman 15, and her belly lost the abs that I thought were so hot. One day I was in their room over the weekend using the internet, and only my GF's roomie was with me. She told me to punch her, and I did easily, but then she told me to give her my best shot and that I could do better than that. This was the only time she had said this, and I decided to make the best of it.

I lined up my punch and felt her belly to see if she was ready, but it was kinda soft. I told her to flex, and she blushed and told me that she was. I laughed and told her I was kidding (although I wasn’t) and told her to lift her shirt because I didn’t want to miss and hit her ribs. She lifted her shirt and flexed, which only made her belly flat. I punched hard, though not as hard as I could, and she grunted loudly and leaned forward slightly with one hand on her belly. She stood like this for 3 or 4 seconds, until the pain got worse, and she wrapped her other hand around her and fell to her knees, resting her face on the carpet. I put my hand on her lower belly and could feel her gasping for breath.

She laid there for approximately 2 minutes, then slowly got to her feet, still bent over cradling her stomach. She smiled at me and said in a raspy voice, “that was a good one,” and went outside into the hallway. She saw 2 friends who asked what was wrong and she said “I just got a swift punch in the belly,” and the girls went on talking as if this was ordinary to them.

Sadly, she never let me punch her in the belly hard again, only once or twice easily as we wrestled in the hall. LOL but honestly, she went and bought an abs tape that week.

April 5, 2022 6:57 PM