Mouthy by Older & Wiser


Mouthy by Older & Wiser

During Spring Break I encountered many different people. This one girl just couldn't shut up. She came up to me and punched me in my belly. I'm 5'8" and she was 5'1".

She stunned me but then the fight was on. I'm not sure what made her so brazen. She stood next to someone's pickup in her bikini as my fist powered into her belly multiple times.

My sister came up and saw us fighting and stepped in. My sis held this mouthy girl in a full nelson hold wrapping her arms up behind her head. Several times I then rammed my fist into her lower belly allowing her body to jerk and attempt to bend. My sis pulled her arms up tighter causing this girl to grunt and moan as her belly concaved in front of me.

Her body trembled as my fist slammed hard into her belly numerous more times. I could see the pink then red circle forming around her navel and my fist print just above her bikini bottom and on her abdomen.

At first, her belly felt on the hard side but it wasn't long before I knew she was hurting.

April 5, 2022 3:01 PM