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Melissa back at the Dentist

Posted on March 1, 2022, by jw_wjw

I don’t wish to create an account on any of these sites, so this is a blog post. In any event, this is a story in the universe of DonJuan’s 2014 “Family Dentist“, zakalwe’s 2015 sequel “Family Optometrist“, and my own 2019 sequel “Date with the Receptionist“; it is a sequel to the last. This is a universe that is somewhat underrepresented given its potential IMO and might be worth its own contest one day. This is also an entry to the Light/Dark contest on the Light side.

Intellectual Property isn’t real and we’re all here to ********, so this story, much like “Date with the Receptionist”, is released into the public domain (or CC0 license, if anyone gives you bother). With that said, here we go.


After her date with Brad, Melissa began to loosen up quite incredibly. She started dressing up much more casually around the house, with her sports bras starting to serve as stand-alone tops. She even bought a few tank tops and bikinis at the store! Her mother, ever the social butterfly, noticed this and complimented Melissa on her figure, increasing the girl’s confidence. She kept up the relationship with Brad via Zoom, with both of them in various states of dress. Whenever she ran errands, she would occasionally “forget” her bra; after a while, she might also ditch the *******. She wouldn’t dare, however, to go any further than that, and her parents, it seemed, still did not catch wind of her adventures with Drs. Jorgensen and Stevenson.

Three weeks came and went, and it was time for Melissa’s follow-up with Dr. Jorgensen. Fully remembering his comment on how she was expected to appear at the appointment, Melissa considered wearing a commando sundress to slip off when the time came. She decided, ultimately, to instead revert to her classic long-sleeve shirt, skirt, and underwear kit, figuring that it would be more titillating to remove all four of those garments in succession.

Melissa arrived at the dentist firmly in the early afternoon, with all of the other patients; being in such a, well, distracted state at the previous appointment, she hadn’t really considered what time she chose for her follow-up. She went up to Jessica at the front desk and checked herself in; it would be a 30-minute wait. So she sat down (there were, mercifully, open chairs still) and grabbed a magazine to pretend to look at. The room was moderately busy, with a few familiar faces.

“Look mommy”, a young boy pointed, “it’s that lady. She’s not naked anymore!!”

The mother said, “Yes, but I keep telling you it isn’t polite to point.”

Melissa smirked at the exchange, knowing what was going to happen at her appointment. She looked at the B-52 bomber replica over Jessica’s head. How much had changed since she had last seen it!

Eventually, her turn was called. She was fully expecting Brad but instead came out Dr. Jorgensen. He looked rather somber and serious, and without any hint of excitement and prurience said “Ah, hello there, Melissa. Please come to me in the back room, I have to talk to you about something.” She seemed somewhat confused at his demeanor, but he led her back past all the exam rooms and into his office. He had her sit down, while he sat down across the desk.

“Melissa, what I’m about to say might surprise you, but I was talking with my lawyer about last time’s, incident, and he seemed very upset at the events that had transpired. He told me that we were negligent in that day’s events. I also received a lot of complaints from my female patients about family-inappropriate activity in what is supposed to be a family dentist shop. Perhaps most damning, however, was a visit to this establishment by the district attorney. She told me that public ****** was not legal in this county if done with ****** intent, and it appears that the excitement, on your leg seemed to clear that threshold pretty substantially.”

Melissa shuddered at the thought of doing something illegal. Despite all that had happened, and even (if not especially) after her run-in with law enforcement, she was still at heart a good girl. Dr. Jorgensen continued.

“He also advised me that what had happened had not been necessarily with your consent, opening a ton of opportunities for you, and as I might have implied earlier, others to sue the pants, if we may, off of us. As such, I believe that it would be imprudent for us to discuss the matter any further, much less attempt to replicate the experience. I have also heard that Dr. Stevenson had a similar experience with you, although his opinions might still differ from mine. Be all that as it may, I believe it’s time for us to forget all about it and start examining that plaque. Come with me to an exam room and let’s get started.”

Melissa couldn’t believe her ears. Something she had been excited about for the past couple of weeks was being taken from her. More unusually, she didn’t like this prospect! Why was she disappointed in not being naked? This should be a dream come true for her modesty!


“Yes, Melissa?”

“I actually quite liked that experience.”

“Melissa, you’re probably confused. When young people, both boys, and girls, are placed into tense and ********-charged situations, their bodies become naturally aroused. This does not necessarily mean that they like, much less consent to, the experience. Come on, let’s get that plaque.”

“No, doctor. I’ve thought about it some more, and I think that was by far the best dentist appointment I’ve ever had. I’ve become more assertive, and have gotten out of my shell, both metaphorically and somewhat literally.” Proving her right, she was maintaining eye contact with the avuncular Jorgensen. “I felt good, and for the first time in my life I was actually looking forward to going to the dentist today!”

“Melissa, I cannot have the liability of your **** figure in public view tarnish the reputation of this shop any further. This is a family dentist, not a bachelors’ dentist.”

“Is the only thing wrong with it me being out in the lobby in my birthday suit?”

Jorgensen stopped to think for a bit. “Yes, I guess that is so.”

“So if I was naked during the examination, it would be okay so long as I got dressed before I went out in the waiting room?”

“Perhaps; I don’t know if my lawyer would be so terribly pleased with that, but I guess if they can’t prove it was with a ****** intent the public ****** shouldn’t matter.”

“But the exam room isn’t public! You have a nice office with individual rooms. Just lock the door to mine, and there won’t be a problem.” What was she saying?!! Why was she insisting on this?!!?

“I don’t know, Melissa”, Jorgensen started getting uncomfortable, “There’s your dad and I, and my wife, and…”

“Can Brad give the exam?” Melissa was reaching, but hopefully, it would work.

“He’s a dental assistant, but he just got licensed to start giving supervised exams. Why?”

“He can give my exam, and you would just stand and supervise.”

“If you’re so into that, he’s just about done with a patient in another room. I can get him if you want after I lead you to your exam room.”

Jorgensen led Melissa to the exam room, which was down the hallway and, as Jorgensen took great pains to ensure, far away from the waiting room. Just before Melissa started to strip, she said “Just one more thing with Brad…”

“Yes, Melissa?” Jorgensen said, getting somewhat nervous.

“I want Brad to be naked, too.”

“Melissa, absolutely not. That is supremely unprofessional, unhygienic, and unethical, not to mention…”

“Uh, uh, uh…”, Melissa interrupted him. What on God’s green Earth was she doing, bossing the esteemed dentist around?! “I can sue you for last time, remember?” She also divulged what Brad had done to her ******* the last time around.

“He did what!?” Jorgensen stated, quite irate. “He really ought to be fired.”

“Doctor, please don’t,” Melissa protested, “I love him! I just think it’s unfair for me to be the only one showing skin around here,” she said with a wink and a giggle! There were not enough interrobangs in the world to adequately describe the unusuality of her behavior and mannerisms.

The doctor sighed a very deep breath, defeated at this turn of events. He really should be quieter when he walks into rooms! He left the exam room to Melissa, who gigglingly stripped off her clothes, put them by the sink, and sat down in the exam chair with the plastic leather hugging her backside.

Jorgensen returned with Brad, who was very nervous about stripping off while on the job.

“Brad,” Melissa pouted, “you were all eyes when it was my turn to get naked, now you’ve got to do your fair share, too!”

Sighing, Brad stripped off his scrubs and put his mask and gloves on, while Jorgensen kept watch on the trainee, fixing his gaze as narrowly as possible on Brad’s hands and Melissa’s mouth. The cleaning started and proceeded without incident (well, except for Melissa’s moistening that seemed to always result from these things). The exam focused on the plaque Brad had found earlier when Brad touched a lower left molar and felt the top give way.

“Uh, doc,” the **** dentist turned to the medical professional, “I think I’ve found a cavity.” Rats! Melissa’s self-discovery seemed to have distracted her from her teeth.

“Let me see,” Jorgensen pushed Brad out of the way and examined the area. His coat, just like last time, brushed against Melissa’s *******, and just like last time they responded quite predictably, with hardening being the only possible result.

“It seems you’re right, Brad, good work!” Jorgensen commended; for the first time in quite a while, Melissa felt ashamed. “Well, Melissa, once Brad finishes his exam, you’ll have to take some X-rays before you go.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, returning to her traditional meekness.

The exam proceeded as normal from there, and Brad finished up. “Melissa, as you may know,” Jorgensen stated, “the X-ray room is just across the hall. You can’t miss it, it says it on the door. I’ll meet you there in just a second.”

“Okay doctor,” Melissa said as she started to exit the room.

“Uh, Melissa?” Bellowed the doctor with an assured firmness.

“Yes, doctor?”

“Where exactly do you think you’re going?”

“To the X-Ray room.”

“Melissa, I’m pretty sure we agreed that your ****** would be restricted to the exam room. You promised me, remember?”

That last statement really got to Melissa as she started to feel really bad about not honoring her word. Still, her clothes by the sink were the last thing she wanted to touch. Why didn’t she want to get dressed?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Oh well, she thought, times had changed, and this new her seemed to have more success and confidence than the old one.

Melissa thought for a brief moment about what to do with this dilemma. She decided to reach for the pile of her clothes, take her *******, and put them on. She then went back for the door and started to exit the room once again.

“Uh, Melissa…”

“Relax, doctor, I’m not naked anymore.”

Jorgensen decided to stop fighting this for the time being; it was just the X-Ray room, after all.

Melissa felt extremely mischievous in the X-Ray room and decided to swipe down her ******* and step out of them. She felt a rush of energy at this, and Jorgensen felt there was nothing he could do. Melissa was given a bit and told to champ down on it for the X-Ray. Three X-Rays were taken, but just as they were wrapping up a fire alarm sounded. Melissa looked around for her ******* but couldn’t find them as Jorgensen rushed her out of the room and towards the nearest emergency exit.

Luckily for Melissa, her exit was far away from the waiting room, which had been quite crowded. Also luckily, the weather was quite serene and peaceful outside on her nubile **** figure. Perhaps most luckily of all, however, the fire alarm was soon found to be false and people were let back in. Unluckily, however, everyone had to come back in through the waiting room and check back in with Jessica to boot. Melissa had no choice but to wait it out in the line, which stretched significantly out from the building. There she was noticed by the other patients. “Look mommy, that lady is naked again,” said the boy who had received a college-level lesson in anatomy from Melissa at this point. After the same admonition against pointing, Melissa chuckled yet again at her fate. At least she had company; Brad had been caught in a similar predicament, and Melissa decided to let him cut the line so the two could commiserate; absolutely no complaints were heard from the back of the line, but Melissa thought she could see some camera flashes from the corners of her eyes. Jorgensen was already having significant chest pains thinking about what the news, the DA, and his wife would all say about this.

After an hour, she had finally gotten back into her exam room. This was more than enough time for the X-rays to develop. Brad found her ******* in the X-Ray room and brought them back to her. Knowing that she had told Jorgensen of his misdeeds, he also gave her back her ******* from last time. Jorgensen rushed back into the exam room to discuss the results.

“Again, so sorry about that, but you people are honestly going to be the death of me,” Jorgensen stated. “Anyway, it appears you have a cavity, Melissa. I would say ‘shame on you', but it appears you have none after all of this.” Melissa didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that statement. “That’ll need to be filled, hopefully before you get back to college. You can schedule your appointment with Jessica after you put your clothes on. And I mean all of them, none of that ******** from earlier.”

Melissa simply said “thank you, Doctor” and turned to Brad, who was beginning to get dressed, “and Brad.”

“Yes, Melissa?”

She gestured to his **** body. “Let’s do my exams like this from now on.”

“Yes, Melissa.”

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