Maverick, Collins, Max Allen 1994


…days, a sight for sore eyes. She wore an elegant satiny gown, midnight-blue, her blond hair tied back in a bow, a black, beaded-glass necklace glittering at the creamy

Maverick p23 Collins, Max Allan 1994

And there she stood, in all her stunning Southern-belle glory, the slightly low-cut gown revealing a creamy expanse of nicely rounded womanhood.

And once again, that lovely creamy expanse was…

Maverick p45 Collins, Max Allan 1994

In my stateroom, I helped Annabelle out of her jacket, saying, “I won’t give it to you until you close your eyes.”

She looked lovely in the shirt-waist blouse, though it was not as fetching as in the gown with its alluring bodice. 

“What is it?” she asked eagerly, a happy, greedy …

Then I grabbed the cloth of the blouse with my fists and ripped open that lovely garment, buttons flying, cloth tearing, yanking it off entirely, as she squealed in horror, her eyes popping, hands covering her exposed self.

But it was not her creamy white skin she sought to cover, or her shapely figure, either.

She was trying lamely to cover a contraption worn …

… ing down under her dress, where it would end at her knees.

Maverick p214 Collins, Max Allan 1994

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