Lucy the Weather Girl by Devon12


Lucy the Weather Girl by Devon12

Lucy was excited. Her agent had told her that one of the mainstream TV channels had a vacancy for a weather-******* their weekday breakfast show, and had offered her an initial 3-month contract.


Lucy was ecstatic at the news, as this was exactly the kind of job she was looking for, to continue her TV career. Especially as it was something she thought would not get her into the messy and embarrassing situations that had happened on her 2 appearances on the late-night Saturday TV show.


Two months passed quickly, and Lucy was doing really well. It was no coincidence that the viewing figures for the show had increased since she had started, and had developed a strong male following, who tuned in simply to get a glimpse of the attractive 28-year-old presenting the weather in one of her **** dresses before setting out to work. Lucy had also become an important member of the presenting team and had developed a good rapport with the main presenter Mike and Sally.


However the mainstream TV channel had seen their other main programs suffer decreases in viewing figures, and the channel’s advertising contract with the big advertisers was due for renewal soon. The bosses of the channel needed to somehow increase the total viewing figures across all shows so that they would be in a better bargaining position, and came up with a number of ideas for the forthcoming week, which included the breakfast show.


Meanwhile, Lucy’s agent had been told that talks about renewing Lucy’s contract with the TV channel, would take place at the end of the week. Lucy was therefore keen to put in an extra good performance for the week.




Lucy arrived at the studios and went into make-up. She was easily the most attractive female on the set and was quite popular with her male colleagues.


The show started, and soon it was time for the weather update. Mike turned to look at the far side of the studio, where Lucy was standing waiting next to the Weather Map. “Good morning Lucy. How was your weekend?”


“Fine thanks. As it was so sunny, I did a spot of sunbathing, and I bought this lovely dress.” Lucy pointed to her figure-hugging knee-length pale pink dress which showed off her long legs and great figure. She was also wearing matching pink high heel shoes.


“Yes, very nice Lucy. We’ve got a bit of a change for you this week. Every day this week, we’re going to ask you to present the weather in a slightly different way than usual.”


Lucy looked puzzled.


Sally interjected “Today, as it is so sunny, we are going to ask you to present the weather from outside the studio. We’ve set it all up, so if you can make your way outside please.”


Lucy walked towards the studio doors, went outside, and immediately saw a giant floating rubber map of the UK in the lake that was situated next to the studio.


“Now Lucy, we would like you to present the weather on the floating map, by standing on the areas that you talk about.”


Luck was gob-smacked “How do I even get on it?” she queried


“Don’t worry, we’ve got someone to take you there in a rowing boat”.


Reluctantly Lucy got into the waiting boat, which took her to one end of the map. Lucy took off her high heel shoes, and very carefully she put one foot onto the map to check its buoyancy. It seemed quite stable, so she moved her other foot on as well. Lucy slowly walked to the middle of the map, holding her high heel shoes in her one hand, and a cordless microphone in the other. The boat went back to the jetty, which left Lucy isolated and standing on the map.


Lucy began to give her weather presentation. She walked carefully until she was standing over Scotland. “There will be a nice start to the day for Scotland and the north of England, but there is a risk of showers later this evening, so don’t forget your raincoats if you are going out.”


Walking down the map to Central England, “Again a nice sunny start for the Midlands and Wales. Winds will increase throughout the day so the temperature may dropdown.


Finally, she walked to South England, “You lucky people in the South will have a wonderful day, as the sun will be out all day, so make sure to put sun protection on. That’s it from me, back to the studio.”


Mike said, “Hold on a minute Lucy,  I think you forgot Northern Ireland.”


Lucy looked across from where she stood and noticed there was a much smaller floating map that represented Northern Ireland. “Thanks for reminding me, Mike. The only problem is I can’t get to that map.”


“It’s only a small jump to get to it. I’m sure you can do it.” Sally giggled


Lucy walked to the side of the map, and surveyed the distance to the other map, it was a small jump away, but not close enough so that she could just step on it. Lucy looked at the water between the maps. It looked quite murky, and she couldn’t tell how deep it was.


“We’re going to a break in 1 minute, so could you get on with it Lucy,” Sally said playfully.


Eager to impress prior to her contract renewal talks scheduled for the end of the week, Lucy decided to go for it. She braced herself and jumped. Her feet landed on the map, but it was not as big and sturdy as the UK mainland map, and the rubber map swayed downwards with her jump. Lucy shrieked as she struggled to find her balance after the jump, but it was to no avail, as her feet easily gave way and she fell backward off the map and headlong into the lake which caused a mighty splash.


Roars of laughter could be heard from her colleagues, as Lucy thrashed about in the water. Eventually, she managed to find the bottom of the lake floor with her feet, and steadied herself, as she stood up. The water came up to her waist, and her pink dress had been saturated. It became even more figure-hugging since it was now plastered to every curve of her body. Being pale pink, it had gone slightly transparent, and a black bra could be made out through the saturated dress material. 


The tops of her cleavage could also be seen, as the bra was quite skimpy and struggled to contain her large ****. Although she had worn some **** dresses previously on the breakfast show, they had obviously never revealed as much as they did today. As she clambered back onto the Northern Ireland map, it could be seen that the bottom half of the dress had also gone a little see-through, and a pair of black knickers were visible. All eyes were on poor Lucy as they admired the scene before them


Lucy stood up and ran her hand through her soaking hair, trying to get rid of the excess water. She looked down at her soaked dress and realized that her bra and knickers could be seen through the saturated dress material. Lucy couldn’t believe what had just happened, and it was all on national live TV again. She quickly finished her presentation. “And in Northern Ireland, there will be showers all day. Back to the studio.” The cameras got another close-up of the drenched weather girl before they cut to the main studio.


Sally quipped ” and if you are in Northern Ireland, then don’t go out in a pale pink dress, as you may suffer the same fate as Lucy.”


Mike finished chuckling, “I really enjoyed that. Ok, we’re about to move on to our next part of the show, but make sure you tune in at the same time tomorrow when Lucy will be presenting the weather in another different format, with a circus theme.”


The producers had decided that the show should be more interactive and Mike winked at the camera, as he announced a special vote.  “We’re also going to have an online vote to see what you would prefer Lucy to wear tomorrow, and which circus act you would like to see her appear in.”

February 28, 2022 9:25 PM