Lucy Returns to TV by Devon12


Lucy Returns to TV by Devon12

After the success of the first episode of the new TV show, there was huge anticipation for the next installment


Word had got around about the quiz that had taken place, which had left a poor Lucy in a very humiliating state (see episode 1 for the finer details). TV Viewers made sure they returned from the pub early, in order to make sure that they did not miss the start, and it was soon 11 pm again on Saturday. The show's presenter, Jake, bounced onto the stage and gave a preview of what was on the show today.


After a few segments, Jake announced that it was time for an interview with a very special guest. “Please welcome the star of last week's show, Lucy.”


The studio audience roared with approval as Lucy walked onto the stage to join Jake.


Lucy was wearing a **** black dress and black high heel shoes. Her shapely long legs were stockinged, and the dress was fairly low-cut which gave a glimpse of the tops of her breasts. Lucy smiled and waved as she walked on.


After last week's ordeal, many would have thought that Lucy would never have wanted to appear on the show again. However, the truth was that Lucy had attracted much publicity, and she had made headlines in a lot of the newspapers during the week. Clips and photos of her from the previous week's show were on the internet, which had proved very popular.


Although Lucy felt she had been humiliated and embarrassed on live TV, her modeling career had been given a huge lift. Her agent had received numerous offers for both television presenting, promotional, and modeling work.


The show had contacted Lucy to ask her to appear in the chat section of this week's show, and although very reluctant to begin with (given the messy and naked state she had been subjected to the week before) her agent had convinced her to appear, as this would further boost her profile, especially as there would be many more viewers watching. Her agent had also assured Lucy that the show had promised that she was being invited as part of the chat segment of the show. With the knowledge of this, the 28-year-old brunette seemed very confident, as she joined Jake on stage.


“Welcome, Lucy. So nice to see you again. Please take a seat.” Lucy thanked him and smiled sweetly at the TV cameras as she sat down. Lucy looked stunning in her black dress, which showed off her perfect 5 ft 5 figure.


“How did you feel being the star of our first episode?”


Lucy thought for a moment before replying “Well, I was obviously honored to be asked to appear on your first ever show, but I wasn’t really expecting the quiz forfeits, but I was really pleased that the charity got £4,000, and that is the most important thing”.


Jake grinned and wanted to delve deeper into last week's events and asked “So, what was it like when you got dunked in the water tank?”.


Lucy shifted uneasily in her seat “Well, I can’t say I enjoyed it, as the water was quite cold, and as I hadn’t put a bra on under my T-shirt, I felt like I was at a wet T-shirt contest.”


Jake seemed to enjoy seeing Lucy feel uneasy. “So, what were your thoughts when you had to take your shirt off and go *******, wearing just denim cut-off shorts and high heels.”


Lucy gulped as she relived the experience again in her mind. “Well, I have to admit, I wasn’t ecstatic having my hands tied above my head, leaving me helpless and my **** on full show.”


Jake quickly interjected, “But what a lovely pair of **** you have Lucy, and I can safely say that the view was most appreciated by all the viewers.”


Lucy blushed “Well, thank you, but do you not want to ask me about my latest modeling assignments,” she said, trying to change the subject.


“Yes, we will get to that, but I have got to ask you, how did you feel when you were completely submerged in the chocolate vat?”.


Again, the events of last week came flooding back to Lucy, as she shuddered at the ordeal she had gone through. “Well, since you ask, I hate getting my hair messy, so I was gutted that my hair got saturated with gooey chocolate. I mean it was bad enough, being lowered into the chocolate vat, but I thought it would stop at my waist. I really wasn’t expecting to be dipped completely in it, which ruined my hairdo”.


Jake smiled as he continued the line of questioning “and what were your thoughts when you were left *******, with your lovely chocolate coated **** on full view?”.


Lucy seemed concerned that Jake kept mentioning her **** “Well, I obviously wasn’t happy, especially when my shorts and knickers were also pulled down to leave me completely naked. I could see that the TV cameras were zooming in on my **** and muff, so I was highly embarrassed knowing that my family would be watching.

"I had many tweets after the show, but the most humiliating tweet was from my 19-year-old cousin Joe, who wrote the following – Great **** and muff. Hope to see them exposed and messy again soon.” Lucy admitted to Jake that she had been grimacing at the thought of her cousin perving over her, ever since she received his tweet. “I don’t think I will ever be able to look my cousin in the eye again.”


Jake looked delighted at Lucy’s last comments and turned to face the studio audience. “It's now time for a new section of the show which I have called Jake’ll Fix It”


Lucy looked puzzled.


“Please welcome on stage, Joe who is the cousin of Lucy”.


Applause from the studio audience greeted Joe as he walked on stage and sat next to a stunned Lucy.


“What are you doing here Joe?” she stuttered.


Before Joe could speak, Jake explained that Joe had written into the show asking for Lucy to take part in the quiz again on this week's show. There was a huge grin on Joe’s face as Lucy stared open-mouthed at the sudden turn of events on the show.


Jake laughed as he called on 2 masked men who approached Lucy and ushered her to stand up. She stood up slowly and reluctantly, still bewildered by what was happening.


Jake began to explain the new section of the show called Jake’ll Fix It. “Basically, we will grant the wishes of a viewer, and I am happy to say that Joe is the lucky viewer this week. Sadly, it’s not great news for you Lucy, but it is great news for everyone else.”


The 2 masked men took Lucy towards the spinning wheel which had been set up at the side of the stage. Jake walked over and joined Lucy, and stated that the quiz was about to start.


Lucy was not happy and said, “My agent told me that I wouldn’t be part of the quiz, so I don’t understand why this is happening again”.


Jake looked regretfully at Lucy and said that “unfortunately, this has happened because of our new segment called Jake’ll Fix It, and this wasn’t mentioned by your agent as something you definitely would not do. Anyway, if you do not participate then the charity will get no money. Do you really want that on your conscience?”


Lucy gasped at the predicament she was in. She realized that she had been backed into a corner. If she refused to take part, then she would most likely get bad publicity and be seen as denying charity much-needed cash. Lucy looked down at the floor and nodded her head as she grudgingly accepted to take part again. A glance towards the spinning wheel showed that some new forfeits had been added, and Lucy closed her eyes at the thought of what was about to happen.


She then cursed to herself as she remembered that she was meeting up with her boyfriend after the show, and had put on some really **** lingerie underneath her dress to really impress him. Now, it would seem that the viewing public would get to be impressed instead!


“Ok, the rules are the same as last time. There will be 5 questions that the studio audience has to answer True or False. For every question, if the majority of the audience gets the correct answer, it means £1,000 for our nominated charity and Lucy has to do a forfeit which is decided by a spin of the wheel. If the majority of the audience chooses the wrong answer, then it’s no money for charity and Lucy avoids a forfeit. Now, time for the first question.” Jake asked the question, and the studio audience voted, and 65% got the answer correct.


The audience applauded their success as Jake turned to Lucy “Lucy, please spin the wheel”. Lucy fidgeted in her black dress, knowing that she looked **** and that all eyes were on her, and what was about to potentially happen to her. At the very least this would get her loads more publicity she thought. The spinner went round a few times before it came to a standstill on a segment called “Custard Surprise”.


Lucy looked at Jake as if to say what does that mean.


“For this forfeit, we need some help, so Joe please come and join us.” Joe bounded out of his chair, very excited that he was about to see his cousin get humiliated on live TV again. Jake handed Joe a sloppy custard pie. “Joe, for this forfeit, you get to choose where to place this custard pie on your cousin.”


Lucy was horrified. Not only was she about to get messy yet again, but her 19-year-old cousin was going to take part in her humiliation. Lucy stared intently at Joe as if she was daring him to pie her. Joe was nonchalant as he surveyed Lucy up and down, and smiled when he eventually chose his target. With quick action, Joe slapped the custard pie on top of Lucy’s head, which completely engulfed her hair with the sticky substance.

Lucy stood transfixed, as her long brown hair had once again been messed up. She knew that Joe was aware of the fact she hated getting her hair messy. Streams of custard ran down her hair and face, and onto the tops of her breasts and down her dress, as she pulled the pie tin off her head and threw it to the floor, and put her hands on her hips, pursing her lips and looked at her cousin with dagger eyes.


“After all, I have done for you in the past, this is how you repay me?” she exclaimed.


Joe smiled back at Lucy, as Jake interjected “We’ve only just begun Lucy, now for question 2.” The audience voted, and as it was a very easy question it resulted in 98% getting the correct answer.


“Lucy, I am afraid another forfeit for you, please spin the wheel.” Lucy gave the spinner a forceful spin and watched as it settled on a segment called “Strip Dice”. Lucy gulped and looked down at her dress and knowingly assumed that she would soon be losing it.


“Ok, this forfeit will see Joe throw a dice. Whatever number is thrown is the number of articles of clothing that Lucy has to strip.” Joe was grinning from ear to ear, as Lucy could not believe what she had heard. She quickly counted all her items of clothing and wished that it wasn’t a high number. Joe threw the dice and the moans from the audience were apparent as the dice showed the number 1.


“Bit of a lucky escape there Lucy. Now as you already know I get to choose which item of clothing is stripped, so please take off your dress.” Lucy was both relieved and annoyed. Relieved in that it was only 1 article of clothing, but annoyed in that she was going to lose her dress which would reveal her **** black underwear, which had been intended for her boyfriend's viewing only. Slowly she unzipped the dress at the side and began to wriggle so that she could begin to pull her dress down. 


Joe watched as his cousin slowly wriggled out of her figure-hugging dress to firstly reveal a lacy black bra which barely contained her ample ****, then there was a black suspender belt, then a skimpy pair of black knickers, and finally the tops of some very **** black stockings. Lucy pulled the dress down her stockinged legs so that it was around her ankles, and then she stepped out of her dress. 


Joe admired the view before him. His cousin Lucy wearing some very **** black lingerie and looked extremely embarrassed as the cameras focused on her.


“Superb. Lucy you look so **** in your undies. Thank you for making such a special effort for us all today. Now, time for question 3”. Again another easy question resulted in 93% getting the right answer. Lucy squirmed in her saucy black underwear, as she reached over for the spinner. Her **** jiggled slightly within her lacy bra, as she spun the spinner. 


Joe licked his lips as he looked forward to the next forfeit. The spinner slowed, and Lucy could not bear to look and closed her eyes. She heard Jake say the title of the next forfeit “Baked Bean Bath”. Lucy opened her eyes to see the audience cheering wildly. Before she knew what was happening, a bath had been brought onto the stage in front of her, which was full to the brim with baked beans.


“Yuk, you don’t expect me to get in that do you?” she exclaimed.


“Yes, and if you do then it’s another £1,000 for charity.”


Gutted, Lucy gingerly stepped into the bath and stood so that the beans came up to below her knee. The beans were cold. She slowly bent her knees to try and sit down. When her bottom touched the top of the beans, the coldness of the beans made her involuntarily stand upright again, but knowing that she had no choice but to do this, she slowly bent down again and submerged her bottom and lower half into the cold bean sauce.


Jake observed Lucy who was now sitting in the bath, with the beans coming up to just below her ****. “Hmmm, the rules of this forfeit do require you to be submerged completely in the bath. Joe can you help me please.” Jake and Joe reached into the bath and grabbed a stockinged foot each. Lucy was helpless to stop them as they winked at each other, and each pulled a foot towards them and out of the bath, which had the desired effect of propelling Lucy’s upper body and head underneath the surface of the baked beans. Laughing loudly, they let go of her feet, as Lucy thrashed around in the bath and resurfaced with the result of her total body now covered in baked beans and tomato sauce.

Lucy cursed her luck, as she wiped sauce out of her eyes, and looked up to see a grinning Joe as he stood over her, lapping up every ounce of enjoyment of seeing his **** cousin humiliated. As she stared at Joe, Lucy did not see one of the masked men approaching her from behind, and he quickly upended a bucket of beans over her head to add to her humiliation.


“I can’t believe this. I hate baked beans, and I’m covered from head to toe in the slimy stuff”. Pleased and satisfied at the state of Lucy, Jake asked the audience the fourth question. As the audience voted, Lucy dragged herself out of the bath, with bean sauce dripping from her body. Lucy was still trying to compose herself when the vote results were announced.


“Congratulations again audience, a whopping 95% of you got the correct answer.” Jake smiled at Lucy, as she put her hands on her hips again, looking sternly at both Jake and Joe. “I’m not sure I can take you seriously with you in just your underwear and covered in baked beans.” laughed Jake.


“Oh shut up, let’s get this over with.” said Lucy as she spun the spinner and watched as it landed on a segment called “Gunge Dunk.”


A dunk-tank was wheeled onto the stage, and all eyes looked expectantly at Lucy as she shrugged her shoulders. It was as if she was resigned to her fate.


As in last week's show, Lucy climbed the steps of the tank. The TV cameras zoomed in on her shapely bottom as she made her way to the top and sat on the wooden plank which was suspended over the tank. The only difference this week was that it wasn’t water in the tank, it was thick green slimy gunge. Lucy looked down into the tank at the murky contents and braced herself.


“Joe, can you please do the honors?” asked Jake.


Joe was ecstatic as he pushed the dunk button, and the plank gave way and propelled Lucy headlong into the gunge tank. Lucy came up spluttering, with the slimy thick gunge covering her everywhere. Lucy slowly climbed out of the tank, with gunge dripping from every part of her. The cameras focused on all her movements. It wasn’t every day that an attractive female in her underwear got to be gunged. Once she had got back to the studio floor, Lucy started wringing her hair to try and get some of the excess gunge out of her hair. Somehow, she had still managed to keep her high heel shoes on, which was a very small consolation she thought to herself.


“Ok, onto the fifth and final question.” The audience voted, and again an easy question registered gave a result of 96%.


“Ah-ha, by answering 4 correct questions above 90%” stated Jake as he winked at Joe “means that there is a bonus forfeit before the wheel is spun for the final time”.


Lucy looked aghast and protested to Jake. “You are making these rules up as you go along aren’t you?”


“Sorry Lucy, those are the rules. For the bonus forfeit, Joe gets to choose 2 items of clothing for you to remove.”


Joe’s eyes widened as he surveyed his underwear-clad cousin.


Lucy looked menacingly at Joe. “Don’t you dare choose the 2 items I know you are thinking of”?


Jake laughed “I think you will find that everyone else is thinking the same”. The audience clapped in agreement.


Lucy with her hands on her hips again waited to hear Joe speak. “Sorry cousin but it’s gotta be bra and knickers,” he said with a grin on his face.


Lucy looked down at the floor in utter disbelief. She remained motionless, as she contemplated how she was going to have to strip naked on live TV for the second week running. She looked a complete mess, and now her humiliation was going to increase. Lucy decided that she had had enough. “No, I won’t do it” she retorted.


Jake motioned to the 2 masked men, and they stood on either side of Lucy and each took a firm hold of both her arms. Lucy was helpless as she nervously awaited her fate.


Jake passed a pair of scissors to Joe, and said “Would you like to do the honors?”. Joe snatched the scissors off Jake and approached the restrained Lucy. Joe quickly cut into the bra straps. and pulled the lacy bra material forward and off Lucy, to reveal her large ****. They were covered in bean sauce and green gunge. 


Lucy closed her eyes, as Joe reached down and fiddled with the side of her knicker elastic before cutting through it, and pulling the knickers away. As her arms were still being held by the masked men, her **** and muff were exposed on national TV again. The TV cameras zoomed in to get more close-ups of her naked state. 


She couldn’t believe the state that she had been left in. Wearing just black stockings and suspenders, and her black high heel shoes, and being covered in baked beans and then slimy green gunge. Lucy tried to free herself from the clutches of the masked men, but they held her firm.


“Looks like you won’t be able to spin the wheel for your last forfeit Lucy, but don’t worry because I’m sure Joe will only be too happy to help out.”


Joe gave the wheel a good spin, and there was excitement, as everyone watched to see which forfeit would be next.


“Good spin Joe. The last forfeit for Lucy is simply called Eggs.” A large tray of 50 eggs was brought on. “Joe you have 1 minute to smash these eggs all over Lucy. Get ready, set, Go!”


Joe was quick and athletic and smashed the first 20 or so eggs on the top of Lucy’s head and forehead, so the sticky egg ran down her face. The next 10 eggs were smashed on her ****, and another 10 were smashed on her backside. The remaining 10 were smashed up and down her legs.


As Lucy was still being restrained, she could not use her hands to wipe the egg from her face and eyes, as she looked angrily at Joe.


“Well, we have come to the end of Jake’ll Fix It, so please give a hand to Lucy for being such a good sport”. The audience clapped as the masked men let go of Lucy’s arms. Quickly, Lucy bent down and reached for her dress. She hastily put it back on, so that she could cover her nakedness. 


With another angry look at Joe, she stormed off stage back to the refuge of her dressing room.


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