Love and Basketball (part 1) by Nerveexplosion


(part 1) Love and Basketball by Nerveexplosion

Jules tried as best as she could to keep her wits about her as she rode on the bus with all the other inmates. How the heck did you get yourself into this mess she thought. Oh that's right, you shot someone, your boyfriend to be exact. She thought it was self-defense, the jury disagreed so here she was. Finally the bus got past the gates and entered the prison yard where the inmates were to be dropped off.

They were lined up then lead into a room where Jules noticed all the other women were stripping down. Must be a strip search she thought to hers self. As she stripped past her bra and ******* she noticed that practically everyone in the room was looking at her. She was used to it by now, every man she ever knew had been looking at her since she was 16. She was 23 now.

Jules was 5 10' with Green eyes and Auburn hair. She had toned, **** thighs, a flat stomach just barely hinting of a six pack, and full firm 38 c breasts. Once all the inspections were done, she redressed in her jumpsuit, leaving the top dangling down so only her tanktop remained. The one thing she thought she knew about Prison was that you had to be your own person, that you couldn't take crap from any one, so she dressed accordingly. Not more than a few hours after she had arrived it was time for the recreational hour, where the inmates got to go to the yard, and play sports, lift weights, or read. She was 5 10' so she decided she would try to play some basket ball with some of the other women that were trying to get a game going. She again rolled the top of her jump suit down behind her back tog et more comfortable before playing, leaving her in her tanktop.

Being 5 10' she was one of the taller girls playing and was having a pretty easy time getting to the basket and making shots over the shorter women. There was one in particular that was starting to get really aggravated. Her name was Roxy. She had been in the prison for 6 years already and was one the inmate who pretty much ran things. Jules knew that much from what she heard from her cellmate but she didn't care about it too much. She figured if she just kept sticking up for herself she would be ok, while they were playing basketball Jules continually used her height advantage to shoot over the shorter but far more stocky Roxy.

After about 15 minutes of this Roxy had finally had enough. "Damn it, who the hell do you think you are?" she yelled at Jules, "coming in here strutting around like your some beauty queen then acting like we are in the NBA or something." "Hey, I'm just playing the game." Jules shakily replied. Roxy could sense the fear in Jules shoved Jules towards mid court. "Hey, don't touch me." Jules stammered trying to sound tough, but Roxy had already seen through her façade. "Oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it?" she taunted as she pushed Jules further back towards the wall. Roxy walked away for a minute and talked with some of the other girls that had been playing, in no time at all there was a wall of humanity on all sides with Roxy and Jules in the middle of it. "So, like I was" Roxy taunted pushing Jules into the crowed while they pushed her back towards Roxy.

Knowing that a confrontation was inevitable Jules decided to make the best of things and throw the first punch, hopefully getting the jump on Roxy and using it to her advantage. So the next time the crowed pushed her back towards Roxy Jules swung with a wild right hand that glanced off of Roxy cheek. Jules had never been in a fight before so she wasn't exactly the best puncher around, and her punch had little effect on Roxy. "Oh ok, so you wanna play!" she screamed before ripping a right hand into Jules' trim middle. "UUUUGGH!!" Jules grunted as Roxy fist bounced off of her stomach. Jules doubled over for a few seconds before recovering, thankful for all those sit ups she used to do. She gathered her self threw another right hand towards Roxy, this time Roxy ducked under the blow and landed with an uppercut of her own that ripped up from Jules' bellybutton to her sternum. "AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGH!!" was Jules' only reply as she was lifted off her feet by the force of the blow. Some how she managed to stay on her feet, only to be pushed back into the crowd by Roxy.

They pushed her back towards Roxy who proceeded to jam first a right and a left hand DEEP into Jules. Once on the right side of her stomach the other right in the middle. "UUUUUUUHHH!" "UULLLGHHH!!" Jules could only gasp for air as she began sinking to the floor clutching her stomach in both hands but Roxy wouldn't let her off the hook that easy. She grabbed Jules from under the arms and lifted her back up to her feet. Once again Jules felt herself being pushed towards the mob only to be bounced back towards Roxy. This time Roxy hooked Jules' left arm with her own while Jules' right arm hung limply at her side leaving her stomach wide open.


Three times she punched her just under Jules' breasts taking all her breath away. The with a quickness unimaginable for a girl her size thundered 4 more punches to her navel. Jules shuddered with every punch until the last one, "UUUUUUULLLGGGH!" that drove so deep Jules could swear she felt Roxy's fist touch her spine. Jules just lay on the floor clutching her stomach after Roxy let her drop to the floor.

Her face had turned a shade of green and drool was running from her slack mouth while she gasped for air as Roxy got down on her knees and turned Jules onto her back. "Don't you EVER do that again..ok." With that She grabbed Jules' left arm from her stomach and held it down. "One last time, to make sure you don't forget." "AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHH" the hardest punch yet landed directly in the middle of Jules' flat stomach. Her whole body lurched up from the shock as her stomach caved in far beyond what anyone thought possible. Roxy pumped her fist in deeper, 2, 3, 4 times before with one last twitch everything went black.

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