Lily by pedroza

My name is Lily and this is my story. I hope none of you have to go through what I went through.

It's Friday night and I can hardly wait to meet my boyfriend for drinks after work.

He loves it when I dress hot for him and I love what he does to me after we've had a few.

It's almost quitting time so I change in something suitably ****ty.

I'm wearing a short white shirt that buttons down the front and an equally short skirt that rides low on my hips. Sans bra, my ******* poke out visibly.

The two skimpy articles leave my whole belly exposed.

My boyfriend loves to see my belly and I've been doing my best to make it extra nice for him.

I've managed to lose about ten pounds (down to 115) and have been doing lots of crunches.

Being 5'4", I have a flat stomach and I think I'm on my way to a tight little body.

It's time to go! One of my co-workers is also leaving and we walk out together. "Hot date?" she asks. "Oh, yeah", I answer.

Our cars are parked next to each other way in the back of the parking lot. I rummage around in my purse to get my keys.

When I look up, two girls are there, a bigger girl and a smaller one. It's like they came out of nowhere.

I don't know them, what do they want? I turn around to go back and my co-worker's standing there.

"What is this?" I say. Almost before I get the words out, my co-worker shoves me toward the other two girls.

"Oh, my God..." I whisper after letting out a loud groan. The smaller girl has rammed something hard deep into my unprepared belly.

I double over and wrap both arms around my midsection and drop to a knee, gasping for air.

I see that the girl has one of those big metal flashlights. My stomach is burning where she hit me and I dropped my keys.

I hear the click of my SUV's car locks. My coworker has unlocked it, the back door opens and I'm being dragged in headfirst.

Co-worker goes over to the car and gets something out of the trunk. She gives it to the bigger girl, who's sitting on me. The smaller girl piles on... I can't move.

The SUV starts and we're moving. Now able to talk, I yell "What are you doing? Where are we going?". Then my arms are pulled hard and I hear a zip noise.

The girls have zip tied my arms behind my back.

The co-worker goes on a rant.

"He's not your boyfriend, he's mine!! He'll always be mine! I'm going to teach you a lesson! No one's gonna want you after we're done!"

I put two and two together. My boyfriend had mentioned that he had dated a psycho ***** before. This is her.

I try to answer but the big girl grabs my hair and yanks my head up. Something gets shoved in my mouth. I try to talk but I can't.

The SUV has stopped and the co-worker and smaller girl get out. Then the other back door opens and the bigger girl gets off me.

I can move now but my wrists are bound tight. Two of the girls grab me under the arms and I'm being dragged out of the car face first.

The first thing I notice is how dark it is. We're back behind some building and there no lights. Co-worker has been planning this for awhile. 

As soon as my feet hit the ground, I'm kicking with all I've got, my cries muffled by the gag. I hear the tailgate open.

Co-worker and bigger girl haul me around behind the SUV and throw me in back first.

The smaller girl has already climbed in. She grabs my hair harshly and pulls me in until my ass is at the opening.

My flailing legs are dangling out the back, barely able to touch the ground. My arms tied behind my back cause my back to arch.

The smaller girl has her knees on my hair and is holding my shoulders down so I can only see her and the roof of the SUV.

I can feel my abs stretching out from the weight of my legs, my stomach straining as I kick and sucking in when they touch the ground.

I manage a peek out the back... my ***** are heaving from the effort and my ribs are sticking out.

I can see them through my skin as my shirt rides up.

I feel one of the girls push my leg down. Then there was a loud thump and a muffled grunt.

The pain welled up inside me as the blunt object caved my abs in again.

That psycho ***** had rammed the flashlight hard into the center of my upper stomach.

It was especially bad because this time I was held down, leaving my outstretched belly to absorb the blow.

I stopped kicking and started trying to squirm out the pain. At this point I start crying.

My legs were kicked apart. I couldn't see who did it, but I suspected that it was the co-worker.

It was confirmed when she stepped between my legs and said "Here's your lesson, ****."

I tightened up as hard as I could, expecting the flashlight again. But that's not what I got.

Instead, psycho ***** started pistoning her fists into my stomach on either side of the spot where she had hit me with the flashlight.

I hardened myself against her and the punches bounced off me with a thwack.

She wasn't strong, but her bony knuckles hurt like hell as she repeatedly dented my abs, making me cry even harder.

It seemed like an eternity, but she pummeled my belly for what was less than a minute.

But in that minute or so she probably landed 30 or 40 punches.

I somehow managed to keep the barrage from penetrating my ab wall and the psycho tired.

She said "Dammit" in frustration,, but was nowhere near finished.

I grunted through the gag as the ***** went back to old tried and true. She drove that flashlight in my belly right in the same spot as the last time.

I stayed tight and the blow dented me again, but this was a lot harder to resist. She had targeted the line down the center of my belly, which was weaker.

She also changed strategy. Instead of drilling me once, she started plunging the hard steel into me, using both hands to drive it home.

"Jesus, Jesus", I whispered to myself through the agony as she repeatedly bludgeoned my weakening belly, until she finally conquered it.

The sharp pains turned to fire as she treated my stomach like a clogged toilet. My exhausted muscles and skin obediently conform to the end of the flashlight.

I heard her laugh as she rearranges my guts, the clubbing making it impossible to breathe.

The intense nausea turned to dizziness and my legs gave out. I'm too hurt to cry now.

All three girls had to hold me up so I didn't fall and at least that stopped the beating and allowed me to at least try to take a breath.

But the respite was short lived. After a moment of consultation, things rapidly went downhill.

The smaller girl got up off of me, but only long enough to pull down her shorts. Then she sat on my face and started grinding.

The other two girls got a handful of blouse and yanked, ripping it open and exposing my ***** as the buttons flew everywhere.

Then they yanked down my skirt, revealing a pink thong. My entire body is open for punishment.

These girls weren't just looking to beat me up. They wanted to destroy and humiliate me.

The bigger girl and the psycho each grabbed a handful of **** to make sure I stayed upright and in the SUV.

My legs dangled limply off the back, unable to support anything.

The girls actually pushed my legs back under the SUV and used their own legs to make them stay there, making my back arch to the maximum.

I tried to tighten up again, but the grinding was making it a struggle to breathe.

I'm too weak and battered to fight back anymore and nervously await what is to come.

I didn't have to wait long. I could feel both girls release their hold a little bit, followed by the worst pain yet.

Both girls busted me in the stomach at the same time. The difference was that the bigger girl hit a lot harder than the psycho.

Psycho drilled me straight in the belly just above the navel, her bony fist sinking in deeper than before.

But the bigger girl went for the site of the previous bludgeoning, but instead of going in straight, she delivered a brutal uppercut.

I gasped audibly and repeated the refrain of "Oh, my God". Her fist plowed right through whatever resistance I had left.

I swear she mashed my guts right up into my chest. My belly started to spasm reflexively from the combination of trauma and lack of air.

It turned out that the breath before that punch was the last I'd get for awhile.

I hear them chuckle as they sense that I'm totally defeated. My cute little belly is about to become nothing more than psycho's punching bag.

No longer targeting one area, they begin systematically destroying my entire abdomen. The ease with which the blows penetrate me confirm their hunch.

So, the girls take turns, rapidly altenating brutal gut slugs.

One would deliver an intestine displacing hook, followed immediately by a hard jab by the other, my bellybutton seemingly swallowing it whole.

Then they'd target another area of my besiged midsection with another one-two drum beat.

All I can do it lay there and take it, all of the crunches useless, the abs I thought were tight, devastated.

It all started to become a haze. I sensed that they were busting me up from top to bottom, but I was passing out.

When it went to black, they were still slugging away at my flaccid stomach. I don't know how long the kept it up but I would find out later.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up naked in my car with a throbbing, angry red disaster of a belly.

I found out a little later that the girls had skipped town. the law hadn't caught up with them.

A couple of months passed. Then a video surfaced. A video of them beating the crap out of me.

After I was out, the girls undid the zip tie and got a rope.

This time they bound my wrists above my head and tied the other end to something in the car.

That freed up the smaller girl to use her phone to videotape the final chapter.

She zoomed up so that the only thing you could see was the area from my **** to my pubic area.

Then the girls resumed pounding my unconscious body, but slower and even more viciously.

They would wind up and hit my belly so hard that my whole body would jerk from the impact.

But what made it so real for me was that she did some of the bigger girl's punches in slow mo. 

When she hit me, her fist would sink so deep into my belly that you thought it was going to disappear.

Then waves of flesh radiated away from the blast site, rippling all the way across my abdomen.

She repeated this several times, each time anninilating a different part of my stomach.

When she went seemingly wrist deep into my lower belly, looked like my hip bones were going to pop through my skin.

The video stopped for a moment and then resumed with me laying still unconscious on the ground parallel to the back of the SUV.

The camera zoomed in again, my body from belly to ***** visible in the shot. My arms are up over my head.

You can see my tortured stomach move up and down with each breath.

My entire midriff was swollen with lots of abrasions and red all over. The girls' onslaught didn't miss many spots.

There was an especially dark area where the flashlight had done its damage.

Then, the horror or the smaller girl taking her shot, using my belly for a trampoline. 

She had jumped out of the back of the SUV and landed with both feet on my stomach, all captured in slo mo.

They even froze the action at the point where my entire abdomen was totally crushed, driving my back into the unforgiving asphalt.

The shockwave surged through my whole body, even sending a wave across my ****.

When she got off there were two footprints visible on my traumatized stomach.

I was glad I didn't remember anything about the last part.

March 21, 2022 3:41 PM