Lily 2 by pedroza

Lily, the sequel.

It took some time for Lily to recover from the belly beating that she got from her crazy co-worker.

Not that she's gone, Lily definitely has her boyfriend Marco all to herself.

When she was all bruised up, she couldn't dress **** for him, but now Lily's back and better than ever.

She rehabbed really hard and now has a nice flat stomach and even cute little 4-pack abs.

Not like a bodybuilder, but a tight little body nonetheless.

Lily's going to a house party tonite and she's going to wear something skimpy to get Marco excited for later.

She puts on sheer light blue lace Victoria's Secret bra and *******.

Then a short blue and white crop top belly shirt that's very loose (Iook up it and you'll see the bra) and a little white mini skirt.

Lily checks herself in the mirror... pretty hot , she thinks.

The doorbell rings and it's off to the party.

Pretty nice house... there's plenty of room and there a bar and pool table downstairs.

The drinks are flowing very freely... a few hours pass and they're pretty drunk.

Lily's hanging all over Marco ... she really wants to leave but be wants another drink.

There were only a few people left when they heard a loud commotion.

The door flung open and five guys wearing black storm into the house.

"Oh, ****" Lily heard Marco say under his breath as one of the guys grabbed him.

Everyone else ****tered... they were the only ones left.

"Where's my ******' money?" said the grabber, shoving Marco against the wall.

"I don't know!" UUUUGGHHFF... the guy slugs Marco in the gut.

"Wrong answer!... The money!!" "I don't..." UHHHHFFF. A second slug bends him over and he clutches his stomach.

Lily screams and one of the other guys grabs her from behind, covering her mouth.

He also reaches up her shirt and fondles her breasts, then runs his hands up and down Lily's belly.

"Nice", he says.

Lily doesn't know about any money, but Marco never gave the right answer.

Lily and the guy that's molesting her watch as the other four guys beat the crap out of Marco, punching him in the face and stomach, not letting him fall.

They rip open Marco's shirt, revealing his hard 6-pack abs and thin, fit, muscular body.

They targeted his well defined abdomen... one guy gut punched Marco's abs at least twenty times straight as he was locked up in a full nelson, his body gradually wilting as the guy laid into his belly.

The others passed Marco around from man to man, punching his gut in countless times in what looked like a contest to see who could put their fist through his midsection first.

They continued to slug his unconscious stomach well after he was clearly out.

Finally he went down, a busted up, bloody mess.

The leader of this gang checked out the house, finding the door to the downstairs game room. "Let's go", he says.

The guy that was groping Lily picks her up from behind with his hand still over her mouth and she's kicking with all she's got.

He's got his arm wrapped tightly around her bare waist and they head down the stairs.

Hard as she tries, she can't get loose.

Two other guys drag Marco down the stairs and the others follow, closing the door behind them.

Lily looks around the room.... there's a bar, pool table, poker table and a bunch of chairs and TVs.

The groper lets her go but another guy grabs her hair so she can't get away. So she starts screaming and swinging wildly.

One of the guys turns on a TV and cranks up the volume, drowning Lily out.

"That ***** is a wildcat", he says. The guy who hit Marco first grabs her by the neck and shoves Lily ass first into the pool table, bending her back.

"It's like this, *****. Your boy on the ground over there stole from us so you're gonna pay us back. Don't worry, we ain't gonna **** up your pretty face."

Lily gets a nervous feeling in her stomach.

Her feet are barely on the ground and she's looking at the ceiling, stretched out and sucking in her midsection, still kicking.

The guy who has Lily's neck stops the kicking.

He plows a big fist into her just above the navel, driving a loud groan out of the center of her body, buckling it.

When he lets go of her neck, she folds up like a cheap lawn chair, wrapping her arms around her midriff and rolling on the ground.

She doesn't see the men surrounding her.

The men all start tearing Liiy's clothes off, the TV drowning of the sound of cloth ripping.

Her skirt comes off easily but the belly shirt is tougher.

Lily stumbles around, partly from drink but mostly from the men tugging from all directions.

The shreded belly shirt finally comes off, leaving her Victoria's Secret bra and *******.

They're torn from her body in a moment... Lily puts her legs tightly together and her hands cover up her perky *****.

She should've covered up her belly.

A big hand yanks on her hair as another man steps in close and drives big fist high into her stomach.

Her body wraps around it, abs conformant, an OHHHH... from her mouth and eyes wide opened wide by the shock of the powerful blow.

Lily's arms are grabbed and she's harshly straightened back up,

The pull makes her lean back, arching her flat belly.

OHHH GOD... she gasps as the he powers into her little 4-pack, knocking her right back into the guy who was holding her. He shoves her in the back, right into an oncoming uppercut. An UUUURRKKK!!! is driven out up her as the fist drives her guts up, mashing them against her diaphragm and lifting her off the ground. Lily's legs buckle, she drops to the floor and starts retching.

But only for a moment. Big hands grab Lily's ***** from behind, straightening her back up.

The strong man then grabs her arms, locks his hands behind her back and leans back, easily lifting the much shorter Lily off the ground.

Lily's chest stretches tight from side to side, with perky ***** on top of her visibly jutting ribs, her stomach sucking in as her body again arches, her abs tensing as she kicks weakly.

A man steps in front of her and snaps five lighting fast punches into the struggling girls body.

The first caves in her soft lower body, her two lower abs yield to the second and third and the last left and right penetrate her two uppermost abs.

His big fists wind her and violate her stomach organ. Her belly starts to convulse.

The man gets out of the way as the dangling Lily pukes up her drinks.

She's still hanging there, head hanging down her stomach tightening and relaxing as she coughs up the last of the booze.

"Glad we got that out of the way" says the man who ravaged her guts.

He takes her shredded belly shirt and wipes the vomit off her.

The other man who still her locked in carries her over to the pool table and throws her on top of it.

The pool table in this game room is massive, with a big leg in each corner and two more in the middle.

The main guy takes off his belt and binds Lily's legs to one of the middle legs while two of the other men hold her up.

The other two men have jumped up onto the pool table.

Once Lily is bound. they each grab an arm and pull, bending her back around the side rails of the table.

Lily's stomach is struggling with the vomiting episode, but now it's bowed way out.

Her spasming abs get an extreme stretch, her navel a thin slit, lower belly ***** in and her ribs stick way out.

The main man and two of the other men have pool cues in their hands,


Lily lets out a loud cry as the blunt end of the cue drills into the center of her stomach.

She tries to bend but her legs are tied and the men are strong . Her tender skin readily conforms to the cue.

Lily's belly collapses violently inward, the hard cue displacing everything in its path until it almost reaches her spine, badly winding her.

The main man twists the cue that's embedded in her. When he withdrawn it from Lily's body, it leaves an angry bluish dot on her reddened skin.

She rolls her abs as if trying to push out the intense pain and nausea welling up inside her.

A dull thud accompanies what comes next... all three men ram their cues into Lily at the same time.

One dives deep into her center of her lower belly and the other two into her abs, the three cues driving the poor girls back and ass into the side of the pool table.

With the table stopping her body's retreat, Lily's guts swallow them up.

The men bludgeon the girl all over her defenseless midsection, her stomach trampolining in and out as the hard cues enter and exit her abdomen.

One more cue plunges into her lower belly right above her pubic bone, brutally crushing the organs inside. Lily's bladder lets go and pee runs down her leg onto the floor.

The main man undoes the belt and wipes it and her leg off with the tatters of Lily's skirt. Lily's once gorgeous stomach is various shades of red with an constellation of blue and purplish circles arrayed across it.

The men release her and she falls face first to the floor, rolling up in a ball and retching, arms wrapped tightly around her devastated belly.

A moment later, she's throwing up again.

The men wait until she's done heaving, them wipe off her face with her shirt.

The extent of their kindness ends right there.

She goes limp and passes out from the horrific beating, but soon she brought back by the ice cold water that's being poured on her.

Two men grab Lily again and drag her over to the bar, while two others jump over it.

They throw her body back first against the hard bar, strong hands grabbing her arms.

They're pulled back, her chest stretched out tight again, sickened belly rolling.

Lily's body sags as two powerful punches explode into her abdomen simultaneously.

Her once firm 4-pack abs are now mush and conform to the fists like soft putty.

The two men behind the bar pull her right back up and another double whammy whumps into the flaccid belly.

Another pull up and the men rip uppercuts into her, lifting her body off the ground with their fists.

The water flies off off her glistening body and head as every brutal slug shakes her to the core.

The main man moves a stool away from the bar as the men continue to turn Lily's stomach into a fleshy depository for their fists.

He steps in, stops them and picks up Lily's motionless body up like a sack of potatoes and slams her back first onto the stool.

She just lays there her arms just hanging down. the small of her back on the stool.

There a metal ring around the legs and he sticks her legs in behind it, trapping them.

Another dousing of ice water and she's awake again but just barely.

At this point her body is so thoroughly destroyed that she can barely raise her arms.

A second man straddle's Lily's face and moves close to the stool, pushing her shoulders closer to it.

The other men move along either side, checking out what they had wrought.

She's locked up in a devastating back breaker, the weak waving of her arms registering the agony of it.

Lily's multicolored abs arch toward the ceiling, shallowly moving in and out, her belly button once again a thin slit, hipbone and ribs poking though her skin.

Her creamy white breasts are a stark contrast to the angry stomach.

The main man waves and walks away and the four men starting raining their fists down into what's left of Lily's formerly perfect stomach, beating the tight midsection like a sinewy drum.

Held tightly and unable to move, she just lays there as her sunken belly is repeatedly caved in to its maximum.

Her pulverized muscles are now slack flesh, waves of it flowing away from the men's knuckles as if they are rock and Lily's abdomen the churning lake.

Finally, they stop and Lily's body slides off it to the floor, where she lays motionless again.

Somewhere in the middle of this abdominal demolition, Lily slipped into unconsciousness.

With her surrender unaccepted, the total annihilation of her stomach was the only possible outcome.

The men threw Lily's body on top of the comatose Marco and the men left, turning off the lights behind them.

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