Lesson Learned by unknown


Lesson Learned by unknown

My sis and she were seniors. Her name is Molly. My sis and Molly competed always but then Molly went too far.

They both are beautiful girls. Molly is 5'4" tall, petite, with short, blonde hair and she has an hourglass figure. I had to even it up so my friend and I waited. Molly was walking to her car and we pounced and dragged her behind a storage building. With her arms held behind her back, she looked like a deer in a car's headlight. Her face showed she was nervous. She had a snug sweater and jeans on. My fist slammed into her belly and she folded.

I thought wow she has a fairly hard belly.

Uullff she went as my fist slammed solidly. She was panting but holding her own.

Once more,uuuummfffp she grunted.

My friend never saw a girl's body and the only one I ever saw was my sister's so we decided to look. First, we pulled her sweater up over her head then jerked her bra off. Her ***** were small but stuck out nicely and her belly button looked like it could hold a small marble. Three more punches slammed into her firm belly although I could feel my fist sinking a little deeper.

"Pplleeease,pleeease stop. My bellyy hurts,pleeease", stop she moaned. As I unsnapped her jeans her eyes rolled and she gasp. As I reached into her ******* she tried kicking. Five times my fist connected with her **** little navel. Her grunting and facial expressions were enough to make any guy excited. With her head hanging she didn't resist my hand this time.

Finally, I tugged her undies down exposing her small muff. She was a goddess. If you tell anyone photos will be sent, she was told. We traded places so my friend could punish her belly also. It was an awesome feeling when her body pressed into mine as he jammed his fist into her belly and stomach areas.

April 5, 2022 6:14 PM