Lesson for Holly Written by Unknown


John worked as a manager of a large office and was having some trouble getting a computer program to run properly. He looked to see if any of his staff were available to give him a hand, but no one was around, except for Holly, who worked for a different manager, but was familiar with the program.

One problem, though... Holly had a big crush on John, who was a happily married man. Every time she came into his office, she would rub up against him and had even asked him to go home with her a couple of times. She was in her late 20's - about half John's age and wasn't a particularly pretty girl, but at 5'7" and about 125 lbs, she had a nice body.

One thing she would do whenever John would come into her cubicle is lean back in her chair and stretch with her arms over her head, causing her shirt to ride up, her small, perky breasts and ribs to stick out and exposing her smooth, white stomach. She didn't work out, but she was thin and her concave stomach had a line down the middle and on either side of her navel.

John had told his wife Cindy about Holly and while he was amused by her constant hitting on him, Cindy was anything but, even threatening to "bust that little **** up" if given the chance. Cindy, although in her '40's worked out constantly in their basement gym and was in great shape. John had no doubt she could carry out that threat.

Sure enough, as soon as Holly came into John's office, she began rubbing her **** on him from behind as he sat at his computer and asked him to come home with her. After a few minutes, he got the program to run and was able to get Holly off him and shooed her out of the office. It was then that he decided he needed to do something about her - he picked up the phone and called Cindy.

"Holly wants me to come home with her... what do you say I invite her over to our place for a little workout?" asked John. "Sounds like fun", said Cindy. "That little ****'ll make a nice punching bag. Don't be long, honey...I'll be waiting".

"Holly, can you come in here again?" John called to her as he hung up the phone... The sound of the garage door opener signaled the arrival of John and Holly to Cindy who was waiting on the other side of the door. She was well prepared - wearing a 2 piece back spandex workout outfit that fit her tanned and well toned body like it was painted on and workout gloves so that she wouldn't hurt her knuckles as she drove them into Holly's face and body.

The door opened and there was Holly giggling and hanging all over John, her belt and jeans already undone. The giggling stopped the moment the saw the angry Cindy - at the same moment John shoved her into the room.

"What the..." Holly was stopped in mid sentence by a right hook to the jaw that snapped her head to the side and dropped her to the all fours on the floor. Cindy moved in quickly - as Holly moved to cover her face, she kicked up into her stomach, an "uhhhhhfff" sound coming from the girl as the force of the kick sent her flipping onto her back.

With Holly flat on her back, Cindy used her left hand to hold down Holly's left and her left knee to hold down Holly's right arm, leaving her right hand free to pepper Holly's body with short, sharp punches. When Holly let out a loud yelp after the first couple of blows flattened her **** against her chest, Cindy pulled up her shirt and pumped her gloved fist into her exposed stomach, the first 2 just above the navel and the next 2 higher into her upper stomach. Holly wasn't very strong to begin with and with her back against the floor, the downward thrust of Cindy's punches found their way deep into her. Then, for good measure, Cindy targeted Holly's exposed body with her right knee, slamming it into her stomach and **** several times, leaving the poor girl gasping for air.

John stood back admiring his wife's physical ********** of this much younger woman. Cindy yanked Holly's shirt and bra from her body, then ordered John. "Pull off this ****'s jeans and help me carry her to the bathroom". He did as he was told, stripping Holly down to her *******. The girl began to kick as John pulled on her jeans so Cindy stomped her in the gut. "Ohhhhhhh", Holly moaned as John and Cindy dragged her into the bathroom...

By the time John and Cindy carried Holly into the bathroom, she had recovered enough to resume struggling against them and was starting to make quite a bit of noise.

"Feisty, isn't she?" said the amused Cindy. "Hold her up." John clamped Holly's arms tight behind her and pulled her shoulders back, prompting a loud yell from the girl and thrusting her chest out, make her shirt rise exposing a lot of her stomach invitingly out toward Cindy.

"I like to get this part over with early" said Cindy to Holly, who would soon find out the hard way what "this part" meant. With that, Cindy wound up and slammed a right uppercut full force high into the captive girl's flat stomach.

Holly's yelling was replaced with a load "UUUUGGGGFFFF", then only short gasps as the vicious blow buckled her midsection and drove her internals into her diaphragm. Her guts flopped back down as Cindy pulled the fist out of her, the creamy white skin of Holly's concave upper stomach flashing an angry welt where the glove had ripped into her.

"Hmmm, not quite the result I was looking for", said Cindy as John straightened Holly up. Cindy slapped Holly's face a couple of times to make sure she had her attention, then would up and sent a second right uppercut tearing into Holly's stomach just above the navel.

The defenseless girls' legs buckled and face paled as Cindy's punch entered the center of her concave stomach. The upward thrust of the blow easily penetrated her weak abdominal before again crushing her guts against her diaphragm. Holly's body sagged as Cindy withdrew her fist, smirking at the even larger welt left by the glove.

"Thought I had you that time", said Cindy. "Oh, well", she said, stepping in front of Holly as John straightened her up yet again.

Again targeting Holly's reddened upper stomach, Cindy began methodically digging a left. Then a right deep into her unresisting stomach, just below her ribs. Then, John would thrust Holly's chest outward, making her stomach go more inward to receive another left and a right, with Cindy watching Holly's face each time she delivered another stomach slug. Finally growing impatient, Cindy hammered her right fist 4 times high into the left side of Holly's abdomen... the 4th slug into Holly's ravaged stomach organ did the trick.

As Holly's face became jaundiced, Cindy jumped aside and yelled, "Here it comes" as they stuck the heaving girl's head in the toilet. After a few minutes, Cindy wiped her face off and said to John, "Let's take her downstairs so I can finish my workout"... John and Cindy dragged Holly's body down to the basement where the was a workout area. Holly was still conscious, but the first 2 uppercuts had finished her - and with the additional punches =intended to make her retch, she was in no condition to resist.

There was a heavy bag in the corner that had been taken down from its tether. Cindy produced a roll of duct tape and taped Holly's hands together, and then they hung her from the bag tether. She was stretched out and helpless, her **** and especially the center of her flat upper stomach were reddened, but her lower stomach, which had a pooch that protruded out in a soft curve below her navel was still creamy white. Holly's feet touched the ground, but she couldn't stand.

Cindy stepped up in front of the hapless girl and removed the gloves - she wanted to feel her fists against the flesh of Holly's body. Then... hummfff, hummfff... Cindy grunted as snapped quick punches into Holly's ****, then grabbed the ******* and twisted. When Holly started to howl, she drove her knee into the pit of the girl's wounded stomach, resulting in a weak "uhhhggg".

Another ****** twist, this time, pulling Holly forward by them, a protest and another knee driven up into the guts. After several of these there were few protests, just the swaying of her body as she was tugged by the *******, then a shudder as Holly's stomach absorbed Cindy's knee.

Cindy let go of the limp girl's ******* and smiled at John. "I've been saving this for you", she said, pointing at Holly's unmarked soft lower stomach. "Thanks, honey", he said, balling up his fist as he stepped in front of her. John cocked his elbow and delivered a right deep into the poor girl's plump flesh just below her navel as he proceeded to work the girl over - a quick left-right-left combo to the same spot, brutally flattening, then crushing her lower stomach and sending her guts sloshing around his fists, another hard combo to her **** sending her body swaying, then another left-right-left-right slamming into her now-reddened lower stomach.

"One more" said Cindy, grabbing Holly by the waist and pulling her away from John. "Ready?" she asked as John nodded yes. She swung Holly toward John, who sent a straight right thundering into her navel with a resounding "THUD!", causing her legs to jackknifed up on impact. Her body flopped limply back to its hanging position, her battered stomach and **** turning a rainbow of colors.

The couple cut Holly down and took her back to her car. She missed work for the next week... she had learned her lesson - she never bothered John again.

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