Lei by Unknown


Lei Written by Unknown

Lei was walking home after going out on a Friday night. She was completely sober because she had had to look after her other friends who had got trashed. She was on her way home by herself, and it was nearing 1:00 am. Ahead she saw a group of males her were just standing around smoking. She thought nothing of them until she heard them whisper about " yo that chick is pretty hot". She knew she was quite good to look at being 5'4" with medium sized breasts and a nice figure. The 16-year-old Chinese girl was slim and looked very **** in her outfit of a belly-baring tube top that showed her belly until below her rib cage. Her hip hugging flared jeans also exposed the expanse of her **** flat lower stomach and her innie navel. Her belly was tanned and flat and she had a slim 24' waist. She was barefoot walking home holding her light blue roxy flip-flops because she liked to walk barefoot. She felt it was much more comfortable and it also excited her a little as it gave her a sense of vulnerability. She was about to find out how vulnerable she really was.

She thought nothing of the remark until as she walked past them one of them tapped her on the shoulder. "hey, you wanna smoke up some with us?" asked a burly teenager with brown hair. Lei ignored him and carried on walking. Suddenly, he tripped her catching her painfully around her bare ankle. She fell heavily to the ground. "Hey I'm talking to you *****, listen up" he said, and brought his heavy boot with rough grip down heavily on the soles of her bare feet She winced in pain as cried out softly as he picked her up by her hair.

"Ow, please, I'm sorry" she pleaded. There were five youths, aged about 18. Everyone of them was at least 5 inches taller then Lei. Another boy, with a gruff voice said, "lets teach this ***** a lesson" "Yeah, I think she deserves it" said another. Another boy grabbed Lei's arms and pinned them from behind. He lifted her of the ground and this stretched her belly taut. Then the burly boy gave her a hard punch straight into the center of her bare belly, right above her navel.

"oooooffffff" came the noise from Lei's mouth. She felt tears welling up in her eyes, and she gasped for air. The boy let go of her arms and she dropped to the ground and curled up in a fetal position crying. She hoped that they would just walk away now and she began to feel terrified when one said "lets go have some fun with her somewhere private"

They then picked her up by her hair again and one of them said "Walk ***** or we'll kill you", "Pick up her flip-flops Barry, we don't want anyone to come looking for her" said another. They led her for what seemed like hours as she walked barefoot in the middle of them. One of them walked beside her and deliberately stepped on her **** soft bare feet repeatedly, to which she whimpered in pain. They reached the entrance of a quiet park and the boy holding her shoes threw them into a nearby rubbish bin.

"Please", pleaded Lei, "let me go and I won't say anything to anyone" "Not a chance *****" the burly boy replied. They led Lei up the rough ground that was scratching her soft feet to the children's playground. Here they stopped. "Take of your belts fellas" said the burly lad who seemed to be the leader. "You're not going to rape me are you?" pleaded Lei, her eyes widening in terror of losing her virginity like this. "Good idea *****, I hadn't thought of that one. Don't worry, we won't **** you just yet, the belts are for tying you up so you can't get away."

They proceeded to use their belts to tie Lei's hands to the monkey bars, which she could only just reach, without tiptoeing. Then, they tied her bare ankles together and the boy who did it caressed her feet. This area of the park was quite far from any type of buildings so they thought that they didn't need a gag, anyway. She wouldn't have the capacity to scream.

"We're taking turns okay," said the burly boy " first me, then Rod, then Matt and then Brigs, Luke goes last,"

"Okay Barry, lets get on with it" replied Rod.

Barry stepped up towards Lei, who was trembling, her eyes wide with fear. The wind had got stronger and was blowing towards her, chilling her bare stomach and blowing her straight black hair backwards.

"What are you going to do with me?" she begged.

"This" and Barry plunged his fist into her exposed belly, catching her unexpectedly.

"Ooooouuuuuff" came the noise from Lei as her belly was crushed. Tears were dripping down her face as she tried to regain her breath. He hit her again, in the same place aiming at her belly button. He savored the pain that she was feeling grinning as he placed his hand on her smooth stomach. He let his fingers slide up and down, tantalizing her bruised belly.

"Okay, next"

Another boy stepped up. Rodney Hawkins was a largely built muscle-bound boy with a hand that could cover the whole of Lei's belly. He curled it into a fist and sniggered.

"You see this? It's going to be buried in your belly soon." "Oh please, don't, please!" pleaded Lei, defenseless. It was all in vain as Rodney punched her tanned belly, knocking all the air out of her and crushing her insides. "Oooouuuuff" She gasped as her belly was crushed. Rodney then slapped her belly with his open hand.

The impact stung the bare flesh of Lei's belly and she cried out in pain. Rodney savored her pain, enjoying the way the beautiful girl was helpless and at his mercy. He had fantasized about beating girls' bellies for a long time especially oriental girls, now those fantasies were springing him up and giving him ideas of what else he could do to make this beautiful girl suffer. He punched her again aiming for just above her belly button, the impact making a thudding sound on Lei's already beaten stomach. He punched her continually, each time she pleaded and cried for mercy and he loved it.

"They're going to kill me" thought Lei, as she tried not to think of the pain in her belly as Rodney battered her. "Why are they doing this to me? What have I done? Do I deserve this?" she thought.

As if to answer her, Rodney said "this is exactly what you deserve *****, a nice good beating", and finished his turn with a solid punch to her solar plexus. Up stepped Matthew Craig, a tough 18 year old with a bad attitude and a mean streak. He was angry over a lot of things and knew that this was the perfect time to vent his anger. Matthew walked towards Lei's trembling slim figure and caressed her soft stomach. He then clawed it in a painful fashion.'

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