Last One Standing by Rose


Last One Standing by Rose

Zora and Tara were ready to begin their punch contest. They had hid in the gym until after everyone had left for the night. Tara had dated an employee and had a key to the front door. No one would even know that they were there.

Zora was just a few inches taller than Tara. And Tara was in better shape. (from regularly working out at the gym) Zora and Tara had decided to just trade punches at first. So, they could see who had the stronger belly and who was the stronger of the 2 women, when it came to punching.

They flipped a coin to see who would punch the other first. Zora won the toss. She got to punch Tara first. Tara put her hands behind her back and signaled that she was ready. Zora punch Tara as hard as she could low in her belly. Tara let out a soft grunt. OOFF! But, she recovered quickly.

It was Tara's turn. Zora put her hands behind her back, the same as Tara had done. Tara punch Zora as hard as she could right in her navel. Tara's hand went deep into Zora's soft belly. Zora gasped and doubled over from the punch. This isn't going to take long at all. Tara said. Zora looked up at her from her bent position. Before Tara knew what Zora was doing, she felt Zora's fist hit her lower belly again. Another grunt escaped her lips. OOOFFFF!

Zora didn't give Tara time to recover. She punched her 3 more times to the same spot. OOOFFF! OOOOOOFFFFF! OOOOOOOOOOffffff! Filled the air. Tara was hurting now.

She hadn't been ready for Zora's attack. The punches had surprised her. She was losing the fight. She knew that if she didn't have a chance to catch her breath the fight was over.

Tara soon ended up on the floor hugging her sore belly. Zora followed her down and continued to pound her fists into Tara's belly. First, she would punch her navel, then low in her belly, then above the navel, then back to the navel. OOOOOFFF! OOOOOOFFFFF! OOOOOOOFFFFFF! OOOOOOOOOFFFFFFF! Echoed through the gym.

Tara was just barely awake when Zora stood up and said. The role is mine. She then stomped her bare foot into Tara's belly until she passed out.

Tara left town 3 days later. Zora got the starring role in Daryl's movie and she and Daryl were married 3 months later.

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