Lara Croft and the Pugilists by CountryMouse


Lara Croft and the Pugilists by CountryMouse

Lara swept her hair back from her face and took a deep breath, taking stock of her situation. A few feet away her opponents stood with feet planted. The men had massive arms crossed over impressively muscled chests. They each dwarfed her and carried her weight in muscle. Both wore leather chest plates and grinned at her like wolves.

The Tomb Raider had been surrounded by a dozen armed soldiers and her only option was to allow herself to be captured. She had been stripped of her pistols and dipped in baby oil before being tossed into the pit. Lara cursed her clothing. A leotard, shorts, and heavy boots were good for her usual spelunking but wouldn’t protect her like the Gladiator’s armor. They could hit her anywhere and do a lot of damage. She may as well be naked.

The only upside was that they had no weapons. This fight was going to be decided by sheer strength and skill. Lara was not new to scrapping with stronger opponents. Just not quite as strong, and not quite as many.

They began to move away from each other, circling her in opposite directions. They moved with the fluid motion of a thoroughbred warhorse, supple, but with power waiting. The Bruisers started by pushing Lara roughly between them, tossing her 8 stone body about the circle as though she were a young child. They had good reason to be confident. Lara was banking that confidence would make them sloppy.

Lara steadied her breathing, putting her hands in front of her. She kept an eye on the smaller man as she squared off with the larger one. Suddenly, Lara’s field of vision was filled by a huge oncoming fist. She quickly tried to move away, but abruptly discovered another had found the pit of her stomach.

“Oof!” The punch was like getting kicked by a horse, powerful and fast, driving the wind out of her and taking Lara off her feet. Her arms and legs flailed as the man used her stomach to lift her off the ground. The brute carried her until he was sure all the air was squeezed out of her little body.

She lay kowtowed and moaning for a long time. Finally rising to a stumble Lara Croft began warily moving away from the other boxer, who was now stalking her across the floor. Suddenly the young woman was not backing up, but striking out with a flurry of blows. The Gladiator, rather than back away, raised his arms before his face and let her strike his arms and shoulder. Her arms began to tire while she futilely pounded on the muscular man. Abruptly, the man stepped inside Lara’s reach and drove another solid blow into the girl’s mid-riff. “Oof!” Lara’s face drained of color and her eyes crossed, then unfocused.

Lara eventually pulled herself up to one knee, allowing the man that hit her to help her to her feet. But the man did not release her hand. Instead he held it tightly as he curled another solid punch into the woman’s stomach. “Oof!” Lara’s breath exploded from her lungs and her eyes crossed as she sank to the floor once more.

Then he put her back on her feet and shoved her towards the other man. Lara tripped over to the other man who caught her by the ponytail. He pulled her up straight and sank his heavy fist into her six-pack.

“Ooooh!” She moaned deeply. The English woman’s eyes went wide as her mid-section was mercilessly violated. Lara clawed mindlessly at the man trying to regain control of her body. He hooked his arms behind her back pinning her own arms behind her. Then the Brute grabbed a fistful of fabric and tore away the front of her leotard.

“Riiip!” The white spandex was no match for the man’s brute strength. It came away in one pull, spilling out her huge breasts and leaving Lara naked to the waist. Croft heard a few admiring calls from the men in the encampment watching. They had not seen a woman for a few months, and Lara was in great shape. Lara whimpered, mortified at her exposure.

“Ah!” Her attacker lifted a cruel knee up into Lara Croft’s bare stomach. Her ***** bounced, but she was unable to fold completely because her arms were restrained behind her. Then he did it 3 more times.

“Oof! Oof! Ahhhhh!” Lara’s eyes got wider as her body absorbed the punishment.

He hit her again, this time lifting her high above his head just to drop her on his knee. Lara was shocked back into reality as she landed groin-first on the man’s knee. She was on the ground again her eyes tearing up as she writhed on the ground holding her crotch and stomach. “Oh my god!”

She was brought back to reality when the larger man upended a cold bucket of water over her head. Lara came back into consciousness sputtering and spitting water. The smaller fighter pulled her to her feet and locked her arms over her head.

Lara kicked wildly at the larger man, but he batted her leg away and leathered her belly with a dozen rapid-fire jabs.

“Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!” Even his quick punches were heavy thuds in her belly. The last few were as hard as anything his buddy had given her.

Lara weakly protested “No…” as the Bruiser tore open the zipper of her shorts and yanked them down to her knees. A breath later and he had ripped her ******* clean from her body. The many hours of CrossFit had served her well. Lara Croft had a fantastic body.

“Don’t worry Ms. Croft” Said the larger man, leader of the camp. Someone handed him a small black box, similar to a jewelry case. “We ain’t gonna rape you. That’s not our thing.”

That actually did make Lara feel better. The relief was short-lived as she saw what he had in the box.

A shiny new pair of brass knuckles…

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