Lara by Pedroza


Lara by Pedroza

It was a beautiful day on the Italian oceanfront, a great day for a party. A crowd of young people had gathered and were already drinking.

A secluded spot at the end of the beach was picked because it was out of sight and not everyone was of drinking age. Lara had come with a group of her friends, Giovanna, Maria, and Antonio. She picked out a nice sunny spot to put her chair, took off her beach dress, and laid out to sunbathe. 

Her whole body, especially her smooth, flat stomach was already tan, but she had tan lines from bikini straps. So today she wore a strapless floral bikini top and a tiny matching bottom. She laid back in the chair for quite a while, flipping over from time to time.

As the sun got lower it started to get a little chilly, so a fire was started. Lara put her dress back on and joined the rest of them for some drinks.

She knew many other people there, several other girls, a**** them Lydia and Anna, plus a number of guys.

Lydia came up to Lara, offering her a drink. She sipped it while talking to her friends... quite a few people were already drunk and some were leaving.

Soon Lara started feeling funny and sat down on her chair. Maria wanted to leave, so Antonio and Giovanna told her they'd take Lara home.

OOOOOFFFF!!!! Lara woke up with a start, a sharp pain welling up inside her. She was still hazy, but she could make out Lydia standing over her, illuminated by the fire. It was totally dark now, a moonless night, the water totally black except for a few dots of light from boats. The place where they were was almost completely surrounded by vegetation, the fire illuminated that as well.

Lara rolled up in a ball, her arms clutching her stomach, then rolled over on her side. GUHHH, GUUUGH... with that she puked up her drinks.

Lydia had punched her hard in her totally relaxed belly, her small fist mashing her stomach organ, extreme nausea causing her to instantly throw up.

A big hand grabbed her long dark hair, knocking off her sunglasses.

A moment later, she was yanked up to her feet... her "friend" Antonio had pulled her up by the hair. Lara didn't know it, but Giovanna, Lydia, and Anna weren't her "friends" either. Lara was a flirtatious girl and all of them were mad at her. They had been talking a**** themselves and had decided that tonight was the night that she would be taught a hard lesson. Lydia had gotten Antonio to go along by promising to have *** with him.

Antonio locked the still suffering Lara's arms behind her back, with Lydia, Anna, and Giovanna in front of her.

Lydia got in her face and said to Lara, "questo è per flirtare con i nostri fidanzati". Then she snapped a short punch into the center of Lara's belly.

UHH... Lara had a chance to tighten up her abs and the punch bounced off her but it still hurt.

She started to scream, but Anna was standing alongside her and started to swing a fist toward her face.

But it was just a distraction and it worked. Anna stopped just short of Lara's face causing her to duck and close her eyes.

Lydia wound up and punched Lara in the stomach again, this time much harder.

OHHHHH.... HUUGGHH... HUUGGHH... HUUGGHH... The punch sank into Lara's midsection, putting her back in sick mode again.

She had already puked up everything so she had a spate of dry heaving instead.

Lydia was done messing around, she was going to punish Lara for her flirting. She yanked down the strapless beach dress, revealing Lara's smooth, tan belly and deep innie navel, which she targeted.

UHHH...UHHH...UHHH...UHHH.... Lydia slugged lefts and rights into the flat stomach, which Lara tried to keep tight. After quite a few, Lara's abs started to soften, then OHHHHGGHH... a fist disappeared into Lara's bellybutton.  The suffering girl tried to bend over, but Antonio straightened her up.

Now Lydia was having some fun, as her blows were no longer bouncing off of Lara's ab wall. She sank her knuckles repeatedly into the deep navel, both Lara and Lydia grunting, Lydia from the effort and Lara, the victim of that effort. Lara's legs gave way... her hands were free, but they were only able to reach as far as her obliques, so Lydia belted her square in the center of her tan upper belly.

"Oh Gesù oh Dio"... Lara whispered weakly as the fist penetrated deeply into her guts. She fell to the ground, holding her aching stomach, but she didn't stay down long. Antonio and Lydia lifted her to her feet and it was Anna's turn.

Anna really hated Lara and now she was going to show her just how much. She begged for the beating to stop, "per favor, per favor"...

But Anna was just getting started. She balled up her right fist and launched it high into Lara's **** belly from below.

UUUFFFFF!!!... Anna was a big girl and she had taken a number of self-defense classes, learning how to punch and how to make it hurt. And that punch hurt, mashing Lara's guts into her diaphragm, driving the breath right out of her. Anna smiled as she watched Lara grapple with the agony of getting her stomach crushed.

She repeatedly cocked her arm and slugged that same spot over and over. Lara's abs caved and her tan skin wrinkled each time Anna drove her guts upward. Her mouth opened wide and her eyes bulged, the severe pain evident in her visage.

Antonio and Lydia let Lara bend over a little so that Anna's punches would lift her body on impact, her round ass banging into them. Lara's whole body was turning into dead weight, as Anna's brutal gut slugs took their toll. The girls counted as she hammered the soft stomach. When they got to 22, Anna stopped, breathing hard. Lara was no longer showing any signs of resistance, her body sagging in Lydia's and Antonio's arms.

Lydia let go of her, helping Antonio get Lara into a full nelson, grabbing two big handfuls of hair to get a good grip. He leaned back, stretching Lara's belly out in front of Giovanna. Her tan midsection was now dark red under her ribcage and around her bellybutton. Lara was no longer begging or saying anything. Giovanna saw what the other girls had done and went a different route.

Giovanna started just above Lara's bikini bottoms, rapidly pistoning bony fists into her lower belly. Lara was very soft down there and her baby fat rippled away. She worked her way up the sides of her flat stomach, targeting her obliques instead of Lara's already ruined abs.

When she reached Lara's ribcage, instead of moving back down she pummeled her lovely breasts, mashing them into her chest.

Then she moved back down, again targeting the sides of her midsection.

Lara's eyes were closed and her mouth hung open, her legs flopping as she was punched. She was pretty much out of it now.

Giovanna hit her so fast, the girls gave up counting... the number of punches was surely in the dozens.

Some of the girls thought they were done, but as was said earlier, Anna really hated Lara. Antonio wasn't going to punch Lara, but Anna said to him "puoi avere me adesso se le colpisci lo stomaco".

She pulled down her bikini bottoms and undid her top, releasing her ample bosom. Antonio dropped Lara in a heap and they went into a darkened area and had *** right there on the beach.

There was a big log laying on its side nearby, so Lydia and Giovanna dragged Lara over and put her on it, placing the small of her back on top of the log.

Lara's limp body arched over the log and her arms were over her head, her belly concave, her shallow breathing moving it up and down.

Lydia and Giovanna got down on one knee on either side of her and began taking turns drilling punches straight down into Lara's stretched abdomen.

The two girls whumped their fists into Lara's belly as Antonio and Anna went at it, the tightened stomach sounding like a bongo. Although taut with three lines appearing down the center and on either side of Lara's abs, they were unresisting and her intestines were mashed into the hard log.

They stayed inside the lines, punching Lara in the gut until Antonio and Anna reappeared. Anna pointed at Lara and said "darle un pugno".

Antonio straddled the motionless Lara and started punching her. Anna wasn't satisfied, slapping Antonio in the head, saying "più forte".

So Antonio punched her much harder, the girls shouting "bene!!" when he landed a good one. Soon he was driving his fists into her, the girls cheering him on, Lara's body jerking as he demolished the tan stomach. Punching Lara's belly aroused Antonio, who was wearing a tiny Speedo.

"Quello è Mio", said Lydia, pointing at Antonio's growing bulge. When he was done, they left her beaten body laying there.

They got into Anna's SUV, Lydia taking off her bikini as she and Antonio got in. She kept her promise in the back seat as they drove off.

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