Kris vs Casey by Unknown (user)


Casey was nervous. What was she thinking challenging kris to a fight? Not to mention all the people that were surrounding the two of them. Oh this was not good.

Casey was wearing a light gray t-shirt that fit loosely on her and rode up when she stretched.

Finally, the bell rang people cheered as kris and Casey circled each other. Casey barely saw kris move and kris was right in front of her. Casey tried to block a punch from kris but kris was faster. The punch landed square in Casey's face and she staggered back, falling on her ****.

Kris smiled as Casey wiped the blood from her nose. Kris walked over, reached down, and with both hands, grabbed Casey by the front of her shirt, dragging her to her feet. Casey grabbed Kris's wrists to free herself but it was no use. Kris yanked Casey's shirt up underneath her chin, exposing her stomach just past her belly button. Kris til one hand and punched Casey in her care stomach.

Casey grunted and hunched forward but kris still had a firm grip on her shirt and continued to punch casey in her stomach. People cheered, loving the look of Casey's bare belly, and loved seeing it gets punched.

Casey struggled but in the end, kris just threw Casey into a brick wall. Casey landed on her bare stomach and couldn't get up. She was too hurt. She heard the sound of kris's footsteps coming closer and she bent down rolled Casey onto her back and grabbed the bottom of Casey's shirt, pulled it up to her neck leaving her entire silky smooth stomach exposed, and pilled her to her feet Casey's arms limp and Casey was slammed against the wall.

She breathed heavily her body worn out and the sight of Casey's bare stomach going in and out made kris smile. She still had a firm grip on Casey's shirt and punched her again in the stomach, and lifted her by the shirt against the wall with her feet dangling above the ground.

Kris punched her again ib the stomach twice, knocking Casey out. The crowd cheered as kris threw Casey back on the ground, on her bare midriff.

Kris won.

April 6, 2022 1:14 AM