Kelly Kane, Private Investigator by Unknown


Kelly Kane, Private Investigator by Unknown

Kelly Kane, private investigator sat at her desk dragging hard on a cigarette, the blue smoke curling up her face and meshing with her shoulder-length red hair. The ashtray in front of her was overflowing. The investigation was getting on her nerves. Kelly, age 27 took over the firm when her father met a mysterious death 2 years ago. Her first job was to find her father's alleged killer.

Her pretty face was careworn as she slowly began nodding off. The man she needed was known, the to get him. She dozed off the cigarette in hand when she was awakened by a slam of the outer door. Kelly bolted upright drew her gun and slowly made toward the door. Before she got there the handle turned. She maintained her nerve and let the infiltrator enter.

He slowly entered first a hand then a large shoulder and finally the was him all right. Her father's former partner.

"Working late ain't we Kelly?" he said.

Kelly casually went to her desk and lit another cigarette. "Yes, I am as a matter of fact". The large man came closer until he was standing face to face with her.

"What do you want?" she inquired toughly blowing smoke in his face.

"I want to finish what I started 2 years ago...when your father fell from that bridge." Without warning his pulled back his heavy fist and thrust it hard and straight into Kelly's unsuspecting stomach. The fist sunk into her navel shoving her against the back wall gasping and choking.

"Still sure you want this job, missy?" he said as he pulled her up from the floor, popping the buttons on her silk blouse in the process. It revealed her firm **** stomach as well as a bruise where his fist had made contact. Her silken bra shimmered above.

The large man threw her against the wall and let loose three hard uppercuts into her still recovering gut...HUUMMPPHHHHH! OOOOOOPPPPHHHHHH!!! ACCCCCKKKKKKGGGGGHHHHH! The last blow pushing upward with enormous power, he held the fist in her mashed gut for a few seconds, while he did this Kelly vomited uncontrollably onto the office floor. He then let her drop.

"I knew that you didn't have the stomach for this business, girly," He said arrogantly and punctuated it with a swift boot kick to Kelly's navel...

UUUUUUUUUMMMMMPPPHHHH!!!!!!! She then began to dry heave as she clutched her aching Gut.

"NOW, that was a warning girly." He said, standing over her curled-up body as she gasped to take in some air. "Stay out of my way or I'll do much worse"

The large man left the room. Kelly slowly pulled herself onto the large, old sofa against the wall. Her white silk blouse dangling, she managed to pull it off, as she lay there in her bra and black knee-length skirt she clutched her churning gut trying to settle it down.

"I need a cigarette," she thought. "That will calm my stomach".

Kelly remembered the first day on the job. No one thought she could be a P.I. She was the prettiest gal in the county; all the boys wanted to protect her, now she was in a position of protecting them. She managed to pull herself off the sofa and walk slowly to her desk. She lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. She then picked up the phone to call her partner.

"Jack, this is Kelly. I can't talk right now but I have our suspicions confirmed, meet me at...." The line went dead; Jack tried to call back but to no avail.

On Kelly's end, the cord had been cut. She felt quite sick again. She stood quickly and moved to bolt the office door...too late. As she got there 2 men bigger than her first attacker entered.

"So, Lou's warning wasn't good enough for ya, huh" they move slowly into the room. "Looks like she's expecting sp... Nice outfit... Nice body"

Kelly wrapped her arms around her stomach, trying not to show them more of her best asset.

"Hey, Vinnie, let's get this over with"

The smaller of the two grabbed Kelly from behind pinning her arms back over her head with his arms.

"Please, not My stomach" Kelly begged...I can't take anymore... I'm so sick"

"You should have thought of that before...," the larger man said as he pulled back his fist, thrusting with the strength of a stevedore...

OOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly took the blow right above her navel. She hung, gasping and gagging... Unable to clutch her burning stomach. A wave of nausea swept through her but she had nothing left to vomit up.

HUUUUUUPPPPPPPMMMMHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another blow inward and upward. Kelly felt her stomach push into her throat as she wretch and convulsed...they threw her roughly to the floor, the smaller of the two swiftly kicking her below the navel.

"You don't look so good girly. Maybe you need to get something in your stomach... besides our fists I mean" he laughed.

"Here have this candy bar" he waved a chocolate bar in front of Kelly who was now slowly taking short shallow breaths on the floor. She looked at it and again began to dry heave. She composed herself a few seconds later and gathered enough strength to spit at the man kneeling next to her

"Bad move babe"

He slowly wiped the saliva off his chin. "put her on the couch". the second man grabbed Kelly around the waist and flung her down onto the sofa. Her insides flipped as she landed roughly.

"Now", the larger man said, "You are going to eat this candy bar"

"Please...I can't" Kelly gasped. "I'm so, sick" as she cradled her aching gut.

"Do it...NOW" He slapped her across the cheek. Kelly saw the look in his eyes...if she didn't she'd get more than a smack. She took the chocolate, took a deep breath, and began eating...she wretched a few times but managed not to vomit. finally, she consumed the whole bar.

"Now, drink this," the smaller man said as he handed her a glass of whiskey he pour from her own desk drawer. Kelly's face turned pale, but again she did as they said, slowly downing the glass. The drink went straight to her head and she felt herself nodding... but there was no time.

"Now girly, if what we are about to do to you now doesn't make you back away...Nothing will." The larger man grabbed her hands, tied them together, and stretched them above her head... securing the rope around the leg of the sofa so she was stretched out on her back on the floor

"What are you going to do?" Kelly gasped as they pulled her skirt down her thighs, her breath became heavier.

"Whatever it takes" with that the larger man brought his heel down hard in the pit of Kelly's stomach UHHHHHGGGGGPPPPHHHHH!!!!!!!!

She felt the wrenching again...but tried her best not to throw up. She gasped helplessly for air, but there was no respite...the smaller man grabbed the rounded paperweight from Kelly's desk wrapping his hand around it he thrust it upward into Kelly's gut from the navel...

OOOOOOOFFFFFFFF! The mixture of pain, nausea, and lack of air was too much for her poor stomach.

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