Jon and Lynn by Ace


Jon and Lynn by Ace

Jon was leaving for basic training in about six weeks, so he decided to just kick back and enjoy himself the next few weeks--spend a lot of time on the beach, hit a few parties, maybe find himself a girl to have some fun with before going off to defend his country. So, the first week in June found him on the beach, enjoying the surf and checking out the girls. It wasn't long before a spied a girl who made him take a second look as she was jogging down the beach. She appeared to be about Jon's age, 19 and was a real looker. She obviously was a fitness nut, because when she stopped jogging, she began a series of calisthenics and exercises that would have tired many people, men, or women. Jon went over and introduced himself.

The closer he got, the better she looked. She wore a tiny black bikini that clung to her like a second skin. There didn't seem to be an ounce of fat on her, and since her bikini was so brief, Jon got to see almost all of her. 

Her long brown legs were strong and lean. There was definition in her arms as a result of the gym work, she had done over the winter. It was her body that drew Jon's stare, however--her belly and stomach were lean and flat. There was an obvious layer of muscle just beneath the skin that had responded to the sit-ups and other ab work she had done. 

She had Jon's favorite body type: lean, strong, and athletic. Looking at her stomach just above her belly button, he wondered idly if she had ever been punched there. At 5'9", she was an inch shorter than Jon and at 125, she was 30 pounds lighter than he. Jon discovered to his disappointment that her personality did not match her looks.

When he tried making small talk with her, she quickly let it be known that she wasn't interested. And when she found out that he, unlike she, was not a student at a prestigious university, she basically told him to get lost. 

Despite this rebuff, Jon tried to get to know her again, the next day. No dice. She clearly thought herself to be better than Jon and no time to give him. She even embarrassed him by referring to him as "soldier boy" in front of some other kids on the beach. Jon then began hatching a plan for revenge.

He had noticed that part of her daily session was a boxing workout complete with shadow boxing, footwork, and occasionally a kick or two. 

He decided to issue her a challenge: a bare-fisted fight with the prize being that she'd go out with him if he won and if she won, he would go away. They agreed to meet at an isolated part of the beach just before sundown the next day. Jon rode his bike down to the deserted beach about 5:00 the next afternoon, fully expecting Lyn not to show. 

He was pleasantly surprised, however, when she drove up about ten minutes later in her little blue sports car. She hopped out, fashionably dressed in red warm-ups over her swimsuit. Jon had worn a pair of cut-off jeans and a tee shirt. Lyn went through a series of warm-ups, stretching her long legs, rotating her head, loosening her shoulders, and throwing shadow punches.

She practiced some front and sidekicks, no doubt designed to intimidate Jon. Jon didn't do much but watch her and think to himself how he was going to enjoy this. Finally, she was finished, and she slipped off her warm-ups, revealing the tiny white bikini she almost wore. 

The white bikini set off her golden tan to the fullest and revealed the **** body she had developed. Jon's eyes took it all in--the long blonde hair, the made-up face, her sculpted body. All 120 pounds of her seemed to be toned to perfection. The tiny bikini top, he thought, was not necessary to support those perfect breasts. Her flat stomach showed the gym work she had done, and the several inches of her belly between her navel and the top of her brief bikini ***** looked smooth, flat, and firm.

They had already discussed the rules: punches or kicks allowed only to exposed skin--so that eliminated breast and groin shots. The fight was to be submission only, no breaks, and no referee. 

Lyn looked supremely confident, to the point of being arrogant, when she asked Jon if he was sure he wanted to go through with this. He just nodded and assumed a boxing stance. He was sure his years of participating in Golden Gloves tournaments and karate classes would stand him in good stead. He knew that his slight build (5'9", 155 pounds) had deceived the arrogant coed, and he looked forward to making her pay. 

They began to circle each other. Lyn struck first, sweeping a sidekick aimed at his knees.

Jon saw it coming, and rather than take the full force on a knee, he turned slightly and took it behind the knee. The impact sent him down, but he hopped back up with no harm done. She tried another kick-this time to the ribs, but Jon dropped his arm down and absorbed the impact there. He danced away and motioned for her to come on in. She faked another kick to the ribs but instead sent a left punch toward his head. 

Jon deflected the punch with his left, and as her momentum carried her a step forward, he landed his first punch, a solid right that landed in her left side under her ribs. His fist met a solid layer of muscle and did little damage except to leave a red blotch.

The two circled each other warily. Lyn then came in straight to Jon and jabbed twice at his head. The first one Jon avoided with a quick move, and the second he was able to block with his arm. Lyn then landed a punch to Jon's stomach. It was not a hard one, and Jon just kept moving away. Ever aggressive, Lyn came in again with a left and a right aimed at Jon's head. 

He took the left but was able to duck the hard right and land his first solid punch to her stomach. His fist landed just below her breasts, in the middle of her upper stomach. 

The punch did not sink in, but her face showed the pain as she backed up. For the first time, Jon went on the offensive. He faked a headshot and then was able to dig into her upper stomach with another punch. A quiet groan was forced from the blonde. Jon then smacked her in the mouth with a jab. 

Tasting her own blood for probably the first time ever, a look of fear crossed her face, and Lyn backed away.

Jon now assumed the role of a stalker--following her and landing short jabs to the face and when her hands came up, going to the stomach. He was able to come in close and dig sharp uppercuts into the girl's flat stomach. Each punch seemed to sink in a bit more. 

So far, all his body punches had landed from about two inches above her navel to just below her breasts. Lyn did not throw many punches; she needed her efforts to ward off the steady barrage of blows coming from Jon. He began to ignore head punches and concentrated on body blows. 

He worked her stomach hard: short uppercuts to her upper stomach, "OOF", "UUGH". 

Karate shots with the edge of his hand under her ribs: "OOOH", "OOOH".

He backed her into the side of her car. She had no place to go as Jon's punches began harder. He punished her just above the belly button with a series of punches: "OOUGH", "OOOOH", "UUMPH". 

He had her nearly defenseless and bore in on her **** stomach. He wanted to see how much she could take; he wanted to break down that firm stomach. Lyn was now gasping for breath. Her once supremely strong, firm upper abs slowly turned to putty under Jon's steady barrage of punches. His fists were digging in deeper and deeper as he broke her down. 

"UGGHHH" came from Lyn as a particularly hard punch landed just above her navel. 

"Getting soft, are we?" Jon taunted as her hands came down to the pit of her stomach. 

"UUMMPH", "OOUUGH". Jon stepped in close and dug his fists into Lyn's beautiful stomach just below her breasts. She brought her hands up to the most recent point of pain, so Jon simply dropped down nearly to her belly button and pumped a left and a right to either side of her navel, but just above it. "OOUUGH", "UMMMPH"

He loved the way his hard fists buried themselves in her **** stomach. 

"Please, no more. I give 'UUUGNN'" A vicious uppercut to the middle of Lyn's stomach cut off her plea. She turned away from Jon, but this only uncovered her side. 

Jon promptly dug hard punches in under her ribs. "AOOUGH", "OOHHHH" He grabbed her arm, turned her around and smashed her in the middle of her stomach with two piston-like punches. 

She groaned "OOUUGGHH" as her stomach was violated by the punches. Lyn bent over, clutching her stomach, and moaning. 

Jon paused to look at his defeated adversary. She was just standing there, hands at her side, gasping for breath. Her flat stomach from just below her breasts to just above her navel showed the effects of his fists. There were ugly red splotches forming all over her stomach. She would probably not want to eat for days.

She was clearly beaten, but Jon wasn't finished yet. There were plenty more targets on that delicious body. Lyn's stomach was completely relaxed--all her energy was going into trying to regain her breath. Her **** flat belly moved in and out as she tried to **** in enough air. 

Jon moved in close and pumped a left into her belly button. "UUGN" Jon's fist sank in deeper than he was expecting. 

"UUMPH" Another shot to the same target. Lyn doubled over in front of Jon, her ripe breasts hanging down. They were irresistible, so Jon lifted the girl's tiny bra up over her breasts, freeing them. Lyn made no effort to cover herself, so intent was she on trying to breathe. Jon then came straight up with uppercuts to each firm breast, his fists landing right on the *******. Lyn screamed and only then covered herself. 

Jon was then free to go to her belly, and he landed vicious punches to her flat belly about an inch below her belly button on each side. "UUUGGNN", "OOUUGH". 

Jon loved the feel of his fist pushing into her smooth skin, sinking into her wide-open belly. Her belly was relaxed and soft, now; the teenager had no strength left to tighten her lower abs. Jon moved down and punched her unresisting lower belly.

 "OOUUGGHH", "UGNNN". His fists buried themselves in the middle of her belly 2/3 inches below her navel. Her smooth skin was violated by Jon's hard fists. He could feel his fist sinking in, and he loved the feeling of power he had over the helpless girl. He felt himself getting more and more aroused, and he wondered if the girl was feeling anything like that. 

She just stood there, hands at her side, no longer able (or willing?) to protect herself. Jon stepped to the side and gave her a karate chop that dug in just above her navel." AAOOUUGHH" 

The girl was weakening, now, barely able to stand. Jon decided to finish her off. He slugged her in the **** twice; then he put his arm on her upper chest to hold her up. 

His right fist made a slow, painful journey down the center of the girl's delicious body: a shot just below her breasts, "OOMMPH." 

a punch to the middle of her stomach, "UUMMMPH."


a navel punch, "OOUUGGGH."


a vicious uppercut which seemed to disappear in her soft lower belly, "UUGGNNNNN" 

The teenager was now dead weight. Jon slowly let her collapse. He readjusted her bra, wrote her a short note, and rode away on his bike. He wondered what the rest of the summer would hold.

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