Jessica vs Lindy (part 1) by Countrymouse 11


Jessica vs Lindy (part 1) by Countrymouse 11

Jessica glared at Lindy as though through the barrel of a gun. Lindy glanced around nervously, she hadn't asked for this fight but it was about to be brought to her whether she wanted it or not.

"Come on *****!" yelled Jessica confidently, the girl was in good shape as the contours of her clothes suggested. She wore a loose-knit top with long cuffs that fell past her hands. The front fell open slightly so that a little of her cleavage was visible. She wore heels and fishnet stockings wrapped beneath a mid-thigh length leather skirt that hugged her hips. Not exactly fighting gear but she didn't need much to kick the little blonde's ass.

Lindy was about the same height but was thinner because she lacked definition in her body. She'd come to the party in a simple cotton pink dress that was cut just above her knees and slit a ways up the thigh.

Jessica taunted her again, "I'll even give you the first shot come on hit me!" The dark brunette closed her eyes and stuck out her chin challenging the blonde to strike her.

The crowd goaded Lindy to make the first move. She raised her hand and slapped the brunette across the cheek. It was a weak slap that hurt her hand more than it probably hurt her face.

Jessica opened her eyes and came right back at the blond with a right cross. Lindy grunted as her head whipped sideways and she stumbled after. She instinctively tried to correct herself and turned back just to meet another of Jessica's fists. She was stumbling again her mouth open in shock with her hand at her cheek.

The brunette trailed her, she grabbed the blonde by the elbow and turned her around. Lindy let out a girlish "ah!" at being woman-handled. Jessica shot two knuckles into her stomach.

She let out an "Oof!" as the fist penetrated her belly muscle. As the muscle began to relax Jessica balled her fist and buried it into Lindy's stomach.

The blonde lurched forward bent at the waist like a hinge. Lindy exhaled a loud "Ouuuuuuph!" Her eyes were shut tight and her jaw was slack as she bit for air. She held her arms out behind her. Jessica held her fist there lifting her up slightly to push more air out with a weak "hunh..."

Lindy finally inhaled deeply and was able to upright herself by holding onto Jessica's blouse. She lifted her head to look at her bully and whimpered, "Please stop..."

She was answered with another hard fist in the belly. The blonde hopped a little before groaning "Hooooff!" and folding over Jessica's arm again. The brunette grabbed Lindy by the hair and backed up a few steps. The crowd groaned with sympathy as Jessica leaped forward and smashed a brutal knee into Lindy's midsection.

"Aouuf!" Lindy cried out trying to fall but was held up by the hair. The blonde could barely squirm as Jessica groped around her bosom. The brunette got a hold of Lindy's pink dress and tore it downward. With an awkward jerk, the seam ripped apart splitting the dress down to her waist.

With an indignant gasp, Lindy tried to cover up her torso but this only made things worse as Jessica just grabbed two handfuls of pink cloth and yanked as hard as she could. There was a loud Shrrrrrippp! as the dress came off in two pieces, ripped from seam to seam.

The party-goers whooped and hollered as Lindy desperately tried to cover herself with her arms. She was reduced to a black bra and ******* that did little to hide her smooth white skin. Her body was nothing to be ashamed of, nice muscular legs, hints of a six-pack, and a full bosom that strained the fabric of her bra.

Lindy was outraged and humiliated she hadn't planned to end the night in her skivvies. Acting more on instinct than any real strategy she reached out and caught Jessica by the shoulders.

The Brunette struggled against Lindy's grip. She bent at the waist as her sweater was being pulled over her head. Lindy kicked wildly hitting Jessica in the head a few times.

Suddenly Jessica was free of her shirt and she stumbled backward into the snack table. The audience was getting quite a show tonight as two of the prettier girls in town were nearly ******* screaming at each other.

Lindy was advancing on Jessica trying to capitalize on her momentum. Jessica still had her wits about her though and she reached back and grabbed something randomly off the table to throw at Lindy. A punchbowl.

The blonde was too close and blocked her from launching the punch at her. Instead, Lindy pushed the bowl into the Brunette's face. Jessica cried out appalled as the red liquid drenched her instantly. She held her arms out helplessly as she looked down at herself. Lindy let the bowl drop with a clatter as she reached out to the other girl's waist. She took hold of the hem of her skirt and pulled it down past her knees.

Jessica could hardly protest at the pantsing when Lindy lost her fist in the pit of the Brunette's belly. The punch toppled her abs and the girl folded in half. "Ah-h-h-h-h..."

Jessica was stumbling but the skirt around her ankles tripped her up and she keeled over on the floor. She held her stomach groaning and gasping for air. Lindy finished removing the skirt chucking it as far as she could. The brunette was starting to recover now and rolled onto her knees. There was more skin showing than not. Her underwear was pink, contrasting her dark skin. The bra was not as full as Lindy's because her smaller breast didn't need as much support.

The worst was yet to come for her as Lindy took a running start and slammed her foot into her exposed stomach. THUD! "OOF!" "OHHHHHH!" Jessica's head was on the floor as she rested her belly on her knees groaning pathetically clawing the ground with her fingers. Lindy reached under the fallen Brunette and hooked a finger under her bra. Jessica followed her lead as she was pulled to her feet by the brasserie. Lindy slapped her in the face several times before ripping the lace away from her breasts.

The Brunette gasped covering herself with one arm. She clawed at Lindy tearing the other girl's bra down. The crowd roared its appreciation as the two hotties stood naked except for ******* and shoes.

The two girls stumbled around for a bit torn between modesty and outrage at their mutual condition. Jessica finally acted cracking a fist across the blonde's cheek. Lindy staggered a few steps back but came back with her own punch. This continued for a while each girl grunting as they were hit. Jessica started getting the worst of it and managed to block Lindy's arm. The blonde was caught off guard for a moment and Jessica returned to her winning strategy.

The brunette stepped in and torqued her shoulder as her fist ripped into soft white flesh. Neither had much fight left in them and Lindy's stomach was all but relaxed when the blow came.

"HOOOOOOGGGGG!!!!!" she moaned doubling over. She grabbed onto Jessica trying to keep standing. Jessica took the opportunity to rest and rub her face. Lindy summoned all her strength and brought her knee up into Jessica's body. "Ouph!" The girls looked like they were dancing as they held onto each other trying to keep on their feet. Jessica delivered a fist that stood Lindy on her toes. "Ooooohf!" The blonde shot an uppercut into the brunette's side. "Oh!" Then followed up with a left into her lower abs.

Jessica was on her knees now eyes closed by the pain and her mouth slack. Lindy followed her down landing a knee in the pit of her belly. "AOUPH!"

Jessica hung there for a moment whimpering and sorry that she had started this fight. Not only were there no secrets about her body anymore, but she'd been taken down by a girl everyone considered a wallflower.

Lindy was panting trying to get her breath back. She looked Jessica over in disgust. The blonde cocked her fist and spat out "b###h!" before raking Jessica across the cheek.

The "tough girl" flopped over like a sack of potatoes and stayed unconscious. Lindy dragged her by the arms and leaned her up against a wall. She used Jessica's sweater to bound her hands above her head to a low-hanging rafter.

Friends of hers brought Lindy a coat and offered to get her home. The jacket didn't do much to cover her legs but it was better than the alternative. Jessica was stirring as Lindy started to leave. All eyes were on Lindy as she approached her assailant and put a hand on her beaten belly.

"Have fun boys, and remember the soft spot."


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