Jenny's Diamond Blush by TrackJim


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Jenny's Diamond Blush by TrackJim  

"Jenny, we really need you! It's for the Christmas Kids' Fund."

"But, Amanda, a fashion show? Why me?"

"All the models at the agency we were using got the flu bug. All the professional models are sick. There's just no time to get real replacements by tonight. If we miss this there will be no time got to gather more money before Christmas."

Jenny's heart sank as she envisioned broken-hearted children on Christmas morning, with no gifts under the tree.

"Oh all right, I'll do it ... for the children."

Amanda squealed "Thank you, thank you so much!" She hugged Jenny before passing her a sheet of paper. "Here are directions to the place. Be there no later than 7 PM. I got to run."


"Jenny, you are going to be late!" shouted John from the back door. "It's almost seven now."

"Just hold your horses, dear. I can't find a clean bra."

A smile grew on John's face. "Jenny, what do you need a bra for anyway? They're going to have everything you need." In his mind, he hoped they did not. While he had had no part in coaxing Jenny to model, he hoped she would have one of her famous, awe-inspiring accidents while up on the runway. He took pride in his loving passionate wife, but still thought she should loosen up. Most other women as beautiful and stacked as Jenny would be comfortable with their bodies. She had been doing better since his accident, more able to flaunt herself for his pleasure. It was obvious that despite her embarrassments, she'd been ******** charged. "Jenny, come on!"

Jenny checked her underwear drawer one more time, but she found only the frilly revealing one she wore just for special occasions. She knew how John loved her in **** underwear even if it was covered by conservative outerwear. She debated wearing a black lacy thing John has bought her for her last birthday, but she did not want to risk losing it a**** all the clothing sure to be around in the model's changing room. She was wearing jeans and had planned on wearing a denim shirt anyway and reluctantly agreed with John. She pulled the shirt over her shoulders, buttoning it as she raced down the steps to John.


"Oh, Jenny, get over her!" Amanda was hurrying about the backstage area trying to bring order.  One of her other replacement models had called in sick. She could not model with all her other duties backstage. When she spied Jenny she was almost frantic. Amanda grabbed the first outfit from a rack of clothes and shoved them at Jenny.

"Quick, get into this," Amanda shouted before jumping to answer the stage phone. Jenny had no opportunity to ask where she was to change. She glanced around the backstage area and spied a door into the well-lit room on the far side of the stage. She crossed the stage behind the closed curtain, entering the room. Two other young women were dressing. Jenny tried to pull the door closed but a stage flat leaned up against it. Anyone walking by could easily see the women getting dressed.

"And there's nowhere else change?" thought Jenny. The other two women had completely ignored the open door. They completed dressing and walked passed her saying only "Hi". She was alone in the room and no one seemed to be paying any attention to her at all. A shiver ran up her back as she resolved to change. Looking about nervously she pulled off her boots and slid her jeans down her long shapely legs. The tails of the shirt almost covered her white nylon *******. She looked at the gown Amanda had given her and saw that it had halter-style straps and a ********. "I couldn't have worn a bra with this outfit anyway," she thought as she stepped into the silky gown and pulled it up her legs to her waist. She glanced around once more but she saw no one looking her way. With the gown hanging from her trim waist Jenny unbuttoned the shirt. Her hands were trembling and she fumbled with the buttons, but she soon pulled shirt the shirt open and off her shoulders.

Cool air-conditioned air struck her exposed breasts. A shiver ran down her back as her ******* hardened.

Jenny wasted no time pulling the halter-style top-up and fastening the straps behind her neck. The gown hugged her every curve. As she looked in the mirror Amanda stuck her head in the open door. Jenny jumped.

"Jenny, this crowd's going to eat you up."

Jenny blushed as Amanda gave her an appraising stare, but what Amanda said caused her breath to stick in her throat.

"You better lose the *******. They spoil the lines of the gown," Amanda said before flitting back across the stage.

"Lose the *******?" The words echoed in Jenny's head as she stood frozen. "It's all for the children," she recited repeatedly as she reached up under the gown and lowered her *******.


Jenny returned after her first stroll on the runway. The large crowd had certainly given her a rousing welcome. The silky gown had hugged and caressed her wonderfully with each step she took. The feel of the fabric sliding across her bottom and breasts had been wonderful, so wonderful that she had thoroughly enjoyed the attention she received. When she saw John sitting at a table near the runway, Jenny's smile beamed brightly.

John's eyes had followed every quiver and shake as Jenny moved like a goddess on the runway. He wondered if Jenny knew the prominent manner that which her ******* were visible through the fabulous gown. When she had smiled at him her sensual beauty struck him. He sighed as his angel move again backstage.

Jenny felt wonderfully alive as she unfastened the halter clasped and lowered the gown to her waist. She pulled her denim shirt on like a robe, albeit a short one, and fastened only the bottom two buttons. The gown slid on its own from her firm hips and pooled about her feet. "I don't want to dirty this wonderful gown," she whispered and quickly arranged it on the hanger. Before she had a chance to put her ******* back on Amanda appeared with an elegant dark blue velvet pantsuit. It was only sleek pants and a long tailored jacket. She quickly pulled the elastic-waisted pants up her legs after deciding she did not need the ******* with this outfit. The pants hugged her waist and hips and flared out at the knees. "I guess bell bottoms are back," she thought. Jenny removed her shirt again and put on the jacket. The highest button on the jacket was at navel level. No blouse had come with the outfit and her exposed cleavage caused the return of a sinking feeling to the pit of her stomach. Her hands were again trembling as she fastened the second button on the jacket. The tails of the long jacket hung down passed her fingertip.

Amanda appeared at the door and hurried Jenny to off-stage right. Immediately Jenny heard the queue for her entrance. She straightened her posture and stepped onto the stage. She strolled with her head held high as the announcer spoke.

"The tailored outfit is perfect for the office, but without a blouse, as our model, Jenny is demonstrating it serves as an eye-catching evening outfit. For a more elegant and thrilling night on the town, the jacket can be worn as a dress without the pants, as Jenny will now demonstrate."

Jenny froze in mid-step as the announcer's words struck her like a weak cold slap in the face. She almost stumbled but regained her balance and continued down the runway. Only a second or two passed before the announcer spoke again.

"Jenny, would you please demonstrate to the audience the pants-less look."

The remains of Jenny's smile became forced as butterflies danced in her stomach. She was in the exact middle of the runway with people on three sides of her. "It's for the children. It's for the children." It became a mantra as she tried to cope. Her hands shook when she reached down to her knees and pulled the legs of the pants. She felt the elastic waistband lower passed her hips and move down her thighs. A sigh came from the audience as the pants eased down her calves and she stepped out of them. Jenny slowly rose to stand at the end of the runway. The jacket, now dress, did not reach halfway down her thighs. Suddenly remember the two buttons on the jacket and looked down. Her full firm breasts were about to overflow from the jacket. Any sudden moment and her ******* would burst into view. She started to raise her arms but stopped just as she realized that the moment of her arm was spreading the front of the jacket. She did not dare raise her arm and adjust the hang of the jacket or her breasts. Before hundreds of eyes, she forced herself to turn and walk slowly off the stage. Hardly a sound was heard from the audience. She continued to walk stiffly to the dressing room, passed the other two models on the way out, and collapsed into a chair.

Jenny was in almost emotional collapse but struggled for control. She stood and was about to remove the jacket when she glanced in the mirror. The front tails of the jackets were slightly parted. "My GAWD. If the jacket parted like that when I walked on the stage" Jenny cringed as the thought echoed in her head. Her face and chest took on a bright red blush and her respiration quickened.

Once again Amanda burst into the dressing model. "My goodness, Jenny, you are the hit of the show. The audience just loves you." Amanda hung another hanger on the rack and hurried Jenny out of the jacket. Jenny grabbed at the rest of the outfit and pushed a small bit of material to her exposed chest. "It's your last outfit, Jenny, a swimsuit." Amanda took leave of Jenny taking the other outfits with her. Jenny was trying to figure out the swimsuit but there was not much of it.

The swimsuit was made of a very stretchy material cut in a diamond shape. A circle of gold chain was affixed to the top corner of the diamond. Still puzzled by the design she pulled the circle over her head. The material hung between her flushed breasts. She grabbed the side corners of the diamond and saw more golden links hanging from them. She felt the clasps at the ends of the chains and pulled them behind her back. She had to pull strongly to stretch the material but finally, she closed the clasped over her spine. She looked up into the mirror and saw that the material got thinner as it stretched. The outline of her ******* was very noticeable and most of her breasts were covered. The bottom corner of the diamond hung before her navel. The gold chain hung between her legs offering her coverage.

"I wonder how much this'll stretch." Seeing no alternative she pulled the material down and was somewhat relieved to observe it did stretch quite a bit. She briefly paused to examine the clasp on the end of the chain. "I wonder if I can attach it to the chain between the other corners." The material was stretched and she found it retained is strength and elasticity but try as she might, the material could only stretch to halfway up between her firm buttocks. She pulled the chain up her back and was just able to close the clasp to the chain crossing her spine. Once again she straightened and observed her image in the mirror.

The material was pulled taut over her blossoming chest and down between her legs. She turned her head to look in the mirror behind her and saw hardly any of her bottom was covered. She felt the cool chain tickle her from the middle of her back down to the insides of her firm round rear buttocks.  Her figure was very much in view. The material stretched from her breasts down to between her legs and did not hug her firm stomach. She realized that from the side someone could see the bottoms of her breasts past her trim stomach and saw the top of her...

"Oh, my GAWD!"

Someone could see the top edge of her short downy blond most private hair. Jenny fought for control. "It's for the children, it's for the children", she whispered. It took all her will to walk toward the stage. She did not see the figure emerge from the racks of clothing near the changing room.


Ashley wore a smile that would have scared the serpent in Eden. She had only had time to file through one side of one link near the clasp of the bottom chain. She had barely had time to hang it back on the rack before Amanda had swooped down to take it to Jenny. "I hope it's enough", she thought. When Ashley saw the tightness of the chain running up Jenny's back, Ashley was confident there would be something for her to see tonight. She rushed off the corner of the backstage area and hoped to get a seat in the audience for the unveiling of Jenny.


Jenny was shaking like a leaf in a spring breeze as she walked out on cue. Her smile was somewhat forced. She walked the walk to the end of the stage. She was relaxing a bit and was preparing to turn and walk up the runway when...


Jenny felt more than heard the chain running down her back loosen. Reflexes worked to her advantage as the muscles of her buttocks clenched around the chain, but it was not enough. Even standing still she felt the change slide millimeter by millimeter down as the elasticity of the material tried to resume its original shape. She did not dare move, but to not move meant eventually she would lose her tenuous grip on the chain.

Moving stiffly Jenny turned and walked slowly up the runway. With each step, the chain slid ever so slightly. She had not walked halfway up the runway and there were still people on both sides when the chain slid free. The bottom of the diamond shot from between her thighs before she could react at all. The force of the movement was too much for the chain connecting the sides of the diamond. That chain parted permitting two more corners to fly free.

To the audience, it looks like some magical trick. One moment the stacked blond was walking up the stage. The next moment she was naked with small wade of material tangled in chains around her neck. The blond has frozen for two seconds before trying to run. Her goal was obviously the curtains near center stage, but it was not to happen. The chain about her neck parted. The material fell to tangle about her feet. Jenny fell near the lip of the stage her feet even more tangled in these chains. She crawled on all fours to the back of the stage, her bottom quivering in the air with each move. She wanted to cover her breasts but knew it would slow things down. Tears filled her eyes blurring her vision as she displayed under the curtain and heard loud applause erupt from the audience.


"Oh, Jenny, I'm so sorry, but we have record donations. I hope that takes some of the pain out of your embarrassment." Amanda tried to comfort Jenny. "Your husband should be here any moment." Amanda could not find Jenny's denim shorts or jeans but had grabbed the gown Jenny had modeled. She pulled the sleek gown down Jenny's body and pulled it into a resemble fit. "Oh my, is she fit", Amanda thought. "I got to get her to do more modeling."


John drove the car as Jenny rode quietly in the passenger seat beside him. John tried to comfort her. "Jenny, dearest, you shouldn't feel bad. It was not your fault." He paused to observe Jenny's reaction. She seemed to relax in the seat somewhat. "I love you so much. You are the sexiest wife in the world." He glanced again. Was the corner of her mouth turning up into a smile? He would see when they got home.


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