Jenny's Cousin: ST Convention by TrackJim


Jenny's Cousin: ST Convention by TrackJim

Jackie had always been a Star Trek fan. Her cubicle at work always sported a Star Trek calendar or picture hanging on the wall and she had shared discussions with several other workers who were big fans. A Star Trek convention was due in town this weekend. Jackie mentioned it to her co-workers and suggested they attend together. When Jackie mentioned she was going to compete in the costume contest Bob, another programmer, asked what Jackie would wear. Jackie said she had fashioned a crewwoman's outfit from the original series. Bob said seeing her in the costume would be worth it and said he would meet her there.

Bob had always been taken with Jackie. She had not responded to his polite office flirtations, but this might be his big chance to see more of her. He would definitely look for any opportunity to take advantage of the situation at the convention.

Jackie had found an actual Star Trek uniform the previous year in a costume shop while she was looking for a Halloween costume. She had gotten it then but, when the weather turned cold, she had changed her mind to a warmer costume. As she tried the costume on she checked the fit. As she closed the back zipper she noticed the tunic was tight across her chest. She discovered that if she wore a regular bra it would show a little at the low neckline. She searched her things and found a strapless sports bra and found the tunic-dress fit better. She checked the sheer dark silk tights and found them in perfect shape. She picked up the shorts and tried them on. They were tight. There was no elastic at the waist. When she closed the side zipper the waist became very tight. Remembering some of her past embarrassing experiences she checked that the zipper was securely sewn in and would lock in place when closed. All was well.

On Saturday morning Jackie rose early. She showered and fixed her long hair in a ponytail. With several carefully placed clips, it hung down the middle of her back to almost her waist. Next, she donned the sports bra and the tights. As an extra precaution, Jackie pulled a pair of ******* up over the tights. They were almost the same color as the shorts and might prove handy if she had another of her accidents. The ******* were not a skimpy little pair but were boy-legged briefs. She pulled her shorts up her legs and zipped them shut. The waistband was tight across her flat stomach. She would have to consider letting it out before she wore it again. Adding the tunic and boots she looked in the mirror. The outfit was perfect and showed off her body nicely without revealing anything private. Finally, she added a camera case with a strap that looked like the case used with a tricorder. Her wallet and keys went into the case.

As it was a nice summer day she decided she did not need a coat and headed to her car. She made good time getting to the convention and was waiting at the ticket table for Bob. Jackie squealed when Bob walked up wearing a good imitation of Captain Kirk's uniform. Bob smiled back and complimented Jackie on her uniform. She modeled it for him and he admired her fantastic legs and firm ****. Together they made a very good-looking "away team" of two.

Bob bided his time and looked over Jackie's costume for ways to get her into compromising positions. When Jackie commented on how tight the waistband was. Bob asked why she wore them if they were so tight. Jackie explained that she wanted the extra protection of the added layer. Bob suggested she go to a restroom, remove the shorts and then step out to where he could look her over. If she looked decently covered he would tell her and then she could forget the shorts. It took some convincing but eventually, Jackie found herself stepping from the restroom with the shorts in her camera case.

"You look fine. You don't need the shorts," exclaimed Bob.

"Do I really look okay?" asked Jackie. She held up her hem to show more of the ******* and turned.

Bob loved the way the ******* revealed more of her curves. "Yes, you don't need them at all" even though he knew she was probably revealing more curves than she would have liked. Jackie hesitated and returned to the restroom. She felt not wearing the shorts was an invitation for trouble. She pulled the shorts up her legs. She tried to close the side zipper it caught on the waist elastic of the *******. She stepped into a stall and pulled the ******* and shorts down her legs so as to work the zipper-free. After several minutes the zipper was cleared. Jackie did not notice that in the process the elastic waistband had almost been severed. Only two strands of elastic thread remained. She pulled the shorts back on and found that the zipper would now only close half way before binding up. She pulled harder and the zipper's pull-tab broke off. Jackie felt a shiver as she realized she could not wear the shorts now. She put them back in her camera case, rearranged the ******* and tights, and left the restroom.

"I thought you had decided to wear the shorts," said Bob.

"The zipper on the shorts broke".

Bob hid a smile as he glanced again at this microskirted gal next to him. "Possibilities", he thought.

The day proceeded nicely. Both Jackie and Bob browsed the dealer area and bought some pictures and trinkets. They both sat in on a couple of the discussion groups and watched new blooper tapes from Voyager. In the main audition, they sat with many other fans and heard Walter Koenig tell stories and answer questions. Jackie was very much at ease. At the end of Walter Koenig's session, he asked for those in the costume competition to assemble on the speakers' platform. Jackie handed the camera case to Bob and proudly walked up and joined 15 other contestants. As she climbed the steps she felt someplace pop at her side. She quickly ran her hands down her side and found nothing wrong as she continued up the steps. There was now only one thing strand of waist elastic thread holding her ******* up.

Each of the contestants was briefly interviewed and asked to model his or her costume in front of the judges. When Jackie's turn came she answered the questions and turned for the audience. As she faced forward she bowed. She felt a sharp snap and her ******* slid down her smooth silk encased legs. Closing her legs tightly, she caught the ******* between her calves.

George Koenig announced in his Chekov accent "I think those must have been invented in Russia for the Naked Time episode."

Jackie's face was beet red. She froze with her legs now tightly squeezed together as the audience exploded in applause. She could not bend over to pull her ******* up without flashing her **** to either the judges behind her or the audience in front of her. The silk tights were just too sheer to hide anything. Being up on the platform she was sure that the front row could see up her skirt to her *****. The interviewer placed his arm around Jackie's shoulder as she started to shake and sway. Jackie broke for the stairs.


The interviewer's cuff had caught on the tunic's zipper. The zipper pulled down to almost her waist.


With a zipper at the end of its run, the bottom of the zipper parted and the tunic slit down to the hem. With nothing holding her back Jackie continued forward with the whole back of the tunic open. She held one arm around her chest and the other around her waist to try to hold the torn tunic in front of her. Laughs and applause rocked the auditorium.

Jackie raced out the double doors. She plowed straight into a guy walking into the auditorium. As he fell he tried to grab onto something to catch his fall. His left hand closed on the torn tunic. Jackie found herself racing through the convention center in just her tights and boots. Along her path, she was greeted with smiles, applause, and shouts about escaping Orion slave girls. At the main entrance, she kept going and ran straight to her car in the sunny parking lot. At her car, Jackie stopped.

"Oh no, no, no!" groaned Jackie as she realized her keys were in the camera case with Bob.

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