Jenny Gets Sprayed by ToddCheese


(This story is Copyright September 2004 by ToddCheese.)

Jenny Gets Sprayed by ToddCheese

It's such a nice day, Jenny thought. I think I'll walk home, through the park. So she continued past the noisy overcrowded bus, glad to escape the inappropriate bodily brushes and occasional outright gropings that always inevitably seemed to befall a curvaceous young woman trapped in the confines of mass transit.

And she clicked along with a well-maintained cobblestone path, enjoying the fresh flower-scented air, and the little breezes that caressed her skin through her light blouse and billowy skirt. Jenny was far from the only one welcoming the escape the park offered. Along her stroll, she passed mothers watching young children playing on the swings and slides. A group of picnickers seated around baskets on checkerboard blankets. College students ditching classes to sunbathe on a grassy hillside. Grunge teenagers skating a U-pipe.

Nearing a building at the park's far edge, she heard the sounds of playing and raucous fun, then saw a quartet of boys in scout uniforms chasing each other around with water guns. One of them spotted Jenny as well and blew on his fingers a loud whistle to signal his fellow pack members. The boy held up his

hands in a time-out gesture, then called the others over, where they whispered together in a huddle before one approached Jenny as their spokesman. As he neared she saw he wore thick glasses over his youthful blue eyes.

"Hey lady, you wanna join our game?"

Jenny was flattered these boys should ask her, an adult woman, to play too. But she really should get home, she told him.

The young scout's face fell, and Jenny felt bad for turning him down.

The other three boys ran up to them. One with red hair and freckles ran up and eagerly asked his friend, "Is she in?"

"No," said the glasses boy, "she said she couldn't."

Red Hair looked crestfallen, and Jenny was sure they were both about to cry. "All right," she said gently.

"I suppose I can play for a little bit." The boys were elated. "But I get the big gun," she added, pointing to the Super Soaker in an overweight boy's hands. There had to be something in it for her, after all.

"No way!" Fat Kid looked offended at the very notion, but Glasses held up a placating hand and whispered something in his ear that made him do a complete 180: "Okay!"

"But there's five of us now," observed the fourth boy, a tall kid. "We won't have equal teams."

Glasses thought for a moment. "Okay, a new scenario, it's survival. Every man--" A quick look at Jenny. "-- or lady, for yourself. Get to your bases, then we start."

Jenny decided a nearby picnic table would be her "base". She checked the water level in the gun, and saw that it was close to full, then slipped off her high-heel shoes so she could move quicker. The lush grass felt cool under her bare soles. A short practice blast at a tree, testing the toy's distance and accuracy, and she was ready.

"Hey, why'd you let her have the Soaker?" Red Hair asked as the scout pack proceeded around to the other side of the building.

"Cuz. Now she's playing with us and she thinks she has the best gun." Glasses smirked mischievously.

"All we have to do is get something even better."

"You mean the hose?" suggested Tall Kid.

"Better'n that!"

Fat Kid's eyes lit up again in sudden delighted comprehension. "You are a genius!" he told Glasses.

"You two fill these," Glasses said, handing a package of balloons to Tall and Fat. "Lure her over here. We'll get the heavy artillery."

Jenny checked her watch and saw that it had been almost two minutes. Certainly, the game was underway by now. So where were the boys? Probably hiding from the one with the most powerful gun, she concluded. Or, all hiding in ambush, waiting to gang up on me! These kids clearly knew each other well,

and alliances were bound to form in the face of a common "enemy". That was why she'd been asked to play. Well, she'd beat them at their own game, Jenny decided!

Taking the initiative, she stepped cautiously toward the building where she'd last seen the boys. As expected, she caught a glimpse of Fat Kid peeking his face around the corner and quickly duck back. Typical adolescent strategy, she thought. Make the slowest one be the decoy.

But as Jenny edged toward the corner, Fat Kid and Tall Kid appeared just long enough to toss a pair of water balloons at her. Tall Kid's splashed just next to her ankle, dousing her foot with icy water. Jenny's shock at the sudden cold was followed by another horrid realization: Both her summer blouse and her

billowy skirt were... WHITE! If she got hit, her clothing would become completely transparent!

Maybe I should just put down the gun and walk away, she considered briefly. But, No, I promised the boys I'd play with them. She just couldn't bring herself to do it.

Meanwhile, inside the scout building, Red Hair and Glasses hauled an awkward cart out of the storage closet, grinning with anticipation. The device they planned to use was a gas-powered pressure washer, still here from their summer project of spray-cleaning and painting the old building into their new

headquarters. The scoutmaster had left it here! The two boys wheeled it outside, connected it to the hose, and started the engine.

Another splash of water caught Jenny's shoulder as she turned her head at the sudden growl of a loud motor. She hoped it wasn't that Biker character who always seemed to be looking at her lustily as if picturing her undressed. No time for that, she thought. Tall Kid was still tossing water balloons her way,

but gangly limbs made his aim consistently off, a few feet to the side, and there was one that went right over her head. An awkward growth spurt, Jenny decided. This would almost be too easy. She promised herself she wouldn't humiliate the youths too badly.

Jenny shot back, rapid-fire, pasting dark spots all over their uniforms, including one embarrassing squirt to Fat Kid's crotch, making it look as though he'd wet himself. The two boys suddenly found themselves out of balloons and beat a hasty retreat around the building, where they ducked in and out, firing tiny streams from their puny little squirt guns.

Panic suddenly gripped Jenny: Where were Glasses and Red Hair? She whirled around, suspecting an ambush from behind, but there was no one there. Good thing too, as her Soaker was running on empty. There was a water pump on the other side of the building, she remembered. She'd just have to drive the two boys back far enough to get to it. Jenny rounded the corner...

...and found the whole pack of scouts waiting with excited grins on their faces. Red Hair manned a pressure washer, its business end pointed directly at her! Jenny, wide-eyed as a deer in headlights, had just enough time to squeak out an "Oh no!" before Red's finger squeezed the trigger.

WARNING: Jenny and the scouts are fictional characters. DO NOT try this for real! Not even on a girl with a really hot body like Jenny's.

Jenny was literally knocked off her feet as a 3000-psi spray blast struck her, sending her flying backward and ripping her feathery summer clothes to shreds. She ended up sprawled in an undignified position in a puddle of mud, stark naked and soaking wet. The laughter of the scouts rang in her ears. Shaking her head to clear the disorientation, Jenny was horrified to see the boys staring down at her, goggle-eyed. She realized her legs were spread wide apart like a cheap ****'s, giving them an unobstructed view of her most intimate area. Quickly, albeit too late, she clasped them together and began looking around frantically for her clothes, finding only soggy tatters.

"Wh--... What have you done?!" she wailed. "My outfit, it's ruined!"

"Hey," suggested Glasses, "let's practice our knot-tying!"

The other scouts heartily agreed, and before poor Jenny could get up, Red Hair and the Fat Kid had her pinned down while Tall Kid and Glasses were binding her ankles with the torn strips of what had once been her clothing. Jenny hollered for them to stop, told them what naughty boys they were, and

threatened how much trouble they'd be in when she told their scoutmaster what they'd done!

As she struggled and yelled, Red Hair jammed a scrap in her mouth and tied another around her jaw, gagging her. She held her hands over her exposed breasts, but as soon as her feet were secure the boys flipped her over on her stomach in the mud. They grabbed her arms and pulled them out from under her, to bind them behind her back. Jenny felt her ass squeezed and playfully slapped as the boys laughed. Then Glasses told them to help her to her feet and they did so, not passing up the opportunity to cop a feel of her breasts in the process. Fat Kid stared in awe at her pubic area, wondering whether he dared go for it, but ultimately he didn't. Tall Kid snapped a few pictures with a digital camera.

"Let's see," pondered Glasses. "That's knot-tying, photography... What other badges can we earn today?"

"Let's check the handbook," suggested Red. And with that, the cruel scouts began to file back toward their building, leaving Jenny there, helpless, bound, and naked.

Jenny begged for them to come back, to please let her go, promising not to tell anyone, but she was left all alone. Her situation was hopeless. Her clothes were now soaked rags and besides, she'd never get dressed again with her hands bound. She couldn't even cover her private areas! She was now faced with the humiliating task of getting someone to free her from her predicament.

Slowly, carefully, she was able to push herself first to her knees, then to an unsteady standing position. Jenny's face smoldered a glowing red as she hopped all the way back across the park.

Past the grunge teenagers skating a U-pipe. (One of them wiped out as he stared at her.)

Past the college students sunbathing. (A girlfriend jealously slapped her grinning boyfriend's face.)

Past the picnickers. (One nearly choked on a bite of his sandwich.)

Past the mothers with children. (Innocent eyes were covered, and disgusted looks were sent Jenny's way.)

Whether out of sheer surprise, offense, or simple enjoyment of the spectacle, no one thought to offer any help to poor bound, exposed Jenny, and she was far too embarrassed to ask. Her supple breasts swayed and shook wildly with each agonizing hop. What on earth was she going to do?

Her friend's place wasn't too far from here. Just a couple of blocks on the other side of the park. She could make it.

And so Jenny bounced, flopped, and jiggled her way down the long cobblestone path, through the park gate, and across the street. She squinched her eyes against the curious and very amused stares of passersby but was unable to cover her ears against taunts and catcalls. Her chest hurt from all the bouncing, and the sudden honks of traffic constantly startled her.

Finally, she hopped onto the curb, up a short flight of cement steps and, turning around full-frontal to the street fumbled for the doorbell with her bound hands.

She prayed her friend wouldn't tease her too much.

After what felt like hours, the door opened and Jenny, unspeakably grateful, hopped the final few steps into the sanctuary, at last free from mirthful public eyes. Her friend had company.

"Hi Jenny," said Ashley. "These fine young boys were just offering to pressure-wash the siding on my house."


(This story is Copyright 􀀁 September 2004 by ToddCheese.)

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