Jenny at the Science Museum by ToddCheese


(This story is Copyright 􀀁 2004 by ToddCheese.)   

Jenny at the Science Museum by ToddCheese

Jenny held her sundress down with both hands as she climbed several rows of stairs to the pillared entrance to the Science Museum. She wondered why Ashley had wanted to meet her here, of all places, and she wished her friend hadn't talked her into wearing this particular garment (which was Ashley's, not

Jenny's). The dress was a yellow-flowered number with narrow straps that didn't look particularly strong and a row of metal snap-buttons down the front. It was made of a light material that felt uncomfortably flimsy. Jenny couldn't get over the fear that one good gust could pull the dress right off her exquisitely

curved (but still very modest) body, so she kept her hands placed firmly over it for reassurance.

Ashley smirked as she saw the unspeakably shy Jenny coming up the steps, holding her dress down the entire way. Jenny was so easily embarrassed and afraid of being seen publicly in any sort of compromising the situation, but she really did have a fabulous figure. A shame, Ashley thought, that she never shared it with the world. That was about to change, though.

Meeting her friend at the entrance, Ashley took Jenny's wrist and ushered her through the door, paying the admission fee for both of them. With Jenny in tow, Ashley hurried past the other exhibits, headed straight for one in particular. Past the friendly-looking human-size robot with the hand that waved back and forth in a "gimme-five" motion. Past the swinging Foucault pendulum. Past the aquaculture exhibit, a huge aquarium tank showing the future of underwater farming. Past an early prototype of a large piece of tunneling equipment, its cone-shaped metal drill tapering to a sharp point.

Ashley led Jenny straight to the main exhibit, a curious machine surrounded on all sides by velvet ropes, where they arrived just in time for the 2:00 demonstration. A wild-haired professor type with a beard, glasses, and cardigan stood beside the machine, a long curved metal bar with a coil around it. The two women edged their way to the front at Ashley's insistence and joined a class of middle-school students... a few of whom, Jenny noticed, were dressed in Boy Scout uniforms. She thought she saw a few of them glance her way, but thought nothing of it.

"I don't understand, Ashley," said Jenny. "Why did you insist on dragging me here? I don't like science, you don't like science... What's the big deal?"

"Come on, Jenny, don't be a spoil-sport," replied Ashley. "It'll be fun!" She pointed across the way to the Science Museum's gift shop. "You want a T-shirt?"

"No, I don't want a T-shirt," Jenny answered, "This is stupid. I just want to know what we're doing h--"

But Jenny's protests were silenced as the professor held up a microphone and began addressing the crowd. "I vould like to velcome jou all to zees special exhibit at zee Science Museum," he announced, speaking with some foreign accent, Jenny couldn't tell what kind. He rambled on for a few minutes about hoping people enjoyed their visit. About the museum's continuing need for donations. About some of the other exhibits: The waving robot, the Foucault pendulum, the aquaculture tank, the tunneling drill.

"Now," said the professor, "Zees device, eez called un electromagnet. Unt how it vorks, eez, zee coil around eet uses zee electreecal current to magneetize zee iron ven eet eez powered on. So. Who een zee audience vould like to geev eet a try?"

The pack of young Boy Scouts all waved their hands eagerly, and the professor nodded, unhooking the velvet rope to let them inside, then showed them how to power it on, but warned them, "Now, jou must only turn eet to zee lowest posseeble setting, as eet eez ver-ry powerful."

Jenny watched as the professor ****tered some small to medium-sized pieces of metal on the floor, between the magnet and the spot where Jenny and Ashley stood. He gestured to the Scouts to switch the machine on. An electrical humming filled the air as the metal pieces trembled slightly, and then, in the

blink of an eye, snapped from the floor to attach themselves to the giant magnet.

Of course, once they saw how cool that was, the boys didn't listen to the professor, and immediately flipped the switch all the way to the maximum setting... and the magnet was pointed directly at Jenny! She felt a sudden tugging at the front of her outfit, looked down, and saw the metal buttons of her sundress

being drawn toward the magnet. Jenny took a step back, trying to pull away, but this only increased the strain on the snaps, and suddenly the whole front of her dress popped open from top to bottom! The garment lifted, hovering perpendicular to her body... But not for long, as the force was too strong for the flimsy straps, which snapped, first one then the other, and the dress flew over to attach to the side of the magnet. Jenny was left standing in the middle of the museum, in front of a crowd of about a hundred people, in her push-up bra and skimpy white ******* with little red hearts!

"Nein! Stop! Vhat are jou doink?!" cried the professor upon seeing the boys playing with the magnet.

Jenny felt another tugging, this time at her chest, and gulped as she realized she was wearing... an underwire bra! Its hooks were designed to hold the weight of Jenny's bosom, but not this kind of force. The magnet continued to pull, and the bra popped open in the back and was quickly pulled off the pretty

young woman's shoulders and chest. Jenny gasped in horror as she saw everyone, including the Scouts, ESPECIALLY the Scouts, staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at her large, round, jiggling exposed breasts! She hastily crossed her arms over them and hunched over, backing away from the grinning faces and leering eyes of the crowd. She backed her way past a diagram showing the phases of a star, the blush in her face glowing ever brighter to match the photos of the star's life cycle, until she stopped, beet-red, beside the image of a Red Giant.

The only reason she stopped was that she had backed straight into the metal point of the drilling machine, which poked her sharply in her sensitive *****-clad behind!

"YEEEOWW!" yelped Jenny, jumping away in pain, her hands instinctively flying back to cover her injured posterior... and uncovering her breasts in the process. The schoolchildren were howling with juvenile laughter, pointing at Jenny. The Scouts were snapping pictures but were snickering so hard they couldn't hold their cameras steady.

"Gott en Himmel!" exclaimed the wide-eyed professor, just before he fainted.

Wincing at the renewed humiliation, Jenny covered her chest again and ran past the group, straight for the exit, but as she passed the Foucault pendulum, its fulcrum swung up and snagged the backside of her *******, lifting her into the air! Still clutching her chest with both hands, Jenny swung back and forth in a high arc, her face burning from the mortification she felt.

She turned her head and saw herself flying backward, straight toward the robot's waving hand, which impacted Jenny's bottom with a forceful SMACK, sending her swinging forward anew! Then she swung back, to be spanked again by the robotic hand, back and forth, over and over.

"HELP!" cried Jenny, kicking her shapely legs helplessly in a futile effort to get herself down. "Ashley! Anyone! Please help meeeeee!"

It was a perfect perpetual motion machine and could have gone on forever except that Jenny's heart ******* couldn't hold out. With an audible RRRRIIP! they split straight down the ass and Jenny tumbled forward, hanging naked by her feet until they ripped the rest of the way.

This happened while the pendulum was at the apex of its arc, so Jenny flew forward, screaming, landing with a SPLASH in the aquaculture tank. She quickly scrambled to the surface, gasping for breath, and climbed out of the water. Stark naked, soaking wet, with absolutely no dignity remaining, and unable to cover all three of her exposed private areas with only two hands, poor Jenny simply ran wailing for what she thought was the nearest exit...

...not realizing, until it was too late, that she had burst out onto a stage in front of a packed auditorium, where the Museum was about to show a presentation on the wonders of the human body!

Back at the electromagnet exhibit, Ashley dried the tears of laughter from her eyes and caught her breath again. After she'd collected the agreed-upon $5.00 apiece from the Scouts (worth every penny and more, in their opinions), she slapped palms with the robot and headed for the gift shop.

She figured Jenny might want a T-shirt after all.


(This story is Copyright 􀀁 2004 by ToddCheese.)

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