Jennifer Tangles with Rebecca by BSLACIC


Jennifer Tangles with Rebecca by BSLACIC

Being a janitor at Universal Studious definitely has its perks. One of the greatest of these is getting to see big stars in their daily work routine. You get to see their good days and their bad; their ugly days and their pretty days; their friendships, and best of all, their fights! I mean, I had never actually seen a physical confrontation between two stars; they just mainly argued a lot.

That all changed last Friday. I was at Studio 3b at about 8 p.m., after the technicians and crew personnel had already left. I was swabbing the floors outside of the shower rooms when I heard a shower running. Instantly I thought some deranged stalker had snuck in and was using one of the showers that he thought one of his idols had used or something. I called security via walkie-talkie, but no one was answering.

I thought about it for a little while, and I decided that if anything was going to be done, it would have to be done by me, and done now! I planned to sneak up on the intruder at his most vulnerable time: wet and naked in the shower. I slowly crept up to the shower room door and peeked in. Gradually each shower head was revealed to my line of sight, and each one was off. Just as I got to the last head, in the corner, I glimpsed a shadow. I snuck in very quietly, and instead of me surprising the person in the shower, I was pleasantly surprised myself.

As I looked on, a very naked Rebecca, star of a recent slasher film that was being made there, slowly turned around. It was a sight to just stand there and watch as the enviable water cascaded down between her luscious C breasts, and flowed over her tight, glistening belly, going down over her semi-innie belly button and into the soft, warm spot between her long sleek legs. She opened her eyes and jumped. "Holy ****, you almost scared the life out of me!"

"Oh, I'm very sorry Miss I thought you were an intruder, I was going to sneak up on...Oh, this is very embarrassing, please don't tell any...

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure you've already seen all of this in ******* anyway, haven't you?"

"Well, yeah, but...I'm going to get going now, sorry to scare you." I walked briskly back out into the hall, rubbing my crotch emphatically. I let go of my handle and grabbed the mop handle instead.

I resumed my mopping. No more than five minutes later, another big star came jogging in. It was the beautiful Jennifer! As she ran across the set, her nice C's were bounding up and down in her tight little shirt. "Where's Rebecca, I need to speak to her immediately."

"Um...I think she's still in the shower, but..."

"Thanks!" She was obviously very mad. "Hey, Rebecca, yeah you, what the hell is up with you saying that I'm a two-bit, goodie-goodie, washed-up little girl who wouldn't know acting if it punched me in the stomach?"

"Who told you that?" "My agent, he heard it from a reporter who talked to your agent. Is it true?" "Ok, I'm not going to deny it. You are exactly all of that, plus your face is stupid-looking and your ***** are crooked. Did you hear about the scene in my new movie where I cut another girl's belly open with a scalpel? Did you, well, see, that's what guys wanna see--a ****, badass girl like me cutting up other girl's bellies, not some innocent-looking little piece of trash like you doing Noxzema commercials."

"You know when you said I wouldn't know acting if it hit me in the stomach?"

"Yeah, so wha.....ooooooouuuuuuugggghhh!"

"Well, I wondered if you would know an ACTRESS if she hit YOU in the stomach." I heard this going on, and I rushed into the locker room so I could get an unobstructed and secret view of the fight. As I got there, Rebecca was still leaning over in the shower holding the beautiful gut that Jennifer had just so violently punched. Jennifer then grabbed her by the hair, held her head up, and viciously punched her again, this time under the hand that was protecting Rebecca's injured gut.

Rebecca fell to her knees. Jennifer kneed her in the face, which sent her flying back against the wall, knocking her almost unconscious. Jennifer picked up Rebecca and said, "Remember when you said I had f---ed up *****, well, it looks like yours need a good work over too.

With that, Jennifer plunged her fist right into Rebecca's left tit, which elicited a painful groan from Rebecca. She threw Rebecca on the ground, on her side, and drove five very cruel toes into Rebecca's stretched belly button. Rebecca moaned loudly and curled up in the fetal position. Jennifer kicked her in the face, sending her flying on her back, then smashed her heel down onto Rebecca's naked belly button. Rebecca folded straight up in the air like a card table, balanced on her spine for a second, and fell back down on her side.

Jennifer pulled her up by her hair again, and just as she was ready to strike, Rebecca lunged forward and placed her fist right into Jennifer's large tit. She squealed in pain and fell back against the wall. Rebecca stepped into her and fired a rocket of a punch into Jennifer's clothed stomach.

Jennifer dropped like a rock and fell on her back. "Oh, it hurts so bad, I've never been punched in the stomach before; oh it hurts."

"Never been punched in the stomach before, hey, well, I can get you acquainted with it real fast." Rebecca sat down on Jennifer's waist and tugged on her shirt. The garment could not take the large, protruding breasts and the tugging, so it ripped off easily.

Rebecca gave her a few jabs to her face to lessen the guard Jennifer was putting up for her belly, then Rebecca gave her a few hard punches to the **** and sides and ribs. Rebecca scooted down off of Jennifer's waist and onto her knees. She brought both of her fists above her head and put them together in a double fist.

With the power of a sledgehammer, she brought the double fist down into Jennifer's belly cavity. The blow sunk in almost right on Jennifer's **** navel, but everything that covered Jennifer's lovely abdominal cavity sunk in with it: flesh, organs, everything. I think Rebecca's fist actually hit Jennifer's spine. Jennifer snapped up and folded with a tremendous, painful scream, and was knocked unconscious from lack of air and severity of pain.

Rebecca got off of her. "Now you can star in "I Still Don't Know Why My Guts Hurt So Bad."

With that, Rebecca turned and looked directly at me! She knew I had been watching the whole time. She motioned with me to follow her back into the shower to wipe off the sweat and Jennifer's blood, then she trailed her finger down her soar belly, over her damaged belly button, turned towards the showers, wiggled her fine little ass, and stepped back into the shower.

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