Jana Gets It by AliasWise


Jana Gets It by AliasWise

17yr old Jana had just begun her senior semester abroad in Seoul Korea. She had big aspirations to be in international business. She was also a great athlete and welcomed by the school's track coach with elation. Jana was a California classic, blond hair, sun-kissed skin, green eyes and at 5'10 the school had no uniforms that would cover her long thin frame. The white button-down shirt left about ½ inch of tan midriff visible at all times.

The area just below her oblong innie was becoming famous around the all-girls school, not to mention her silver belly ring as the girls all loved MTV and thought her to be a Mandy Moore type Hollywood rockstar. She was becoming a celebrity. The few male instructors of the school would stumble over their lessons when Jana would lean back over her chair in an exaggerated long stretch, causing her shirt to slide up and reveal her taut stomach from below her navel to her 3rd rib. It was 3 weeks since leaving LA and her tan was still deep brown.

The other girls were fascinated by the blond hairs on her arms and the fine blond fuzz on her stomach as they had never seen that before. Often times when Jana had goosebumps on her arms she would see the girls staring. She didn't mind, except the other girls on her track team were looking at her differently.

She didn't like the look, the look of malice. She didn't understand, she was the strongest hurdler on the team, why would they look at her that way?

Son yu Kim watched as Jana went into another stretch in their 1st-period class. Watched the white shirt slide slowly up the American's tan stomach, causing the tiny blond hairs to lift and be highlighted by morning sun streaming through the windows. Watched the oblong innie turn into a vertical slit with the ring glinting in the sun as well.

Jana had replaced Son Yu as the #1 hurdler on the team, now, Son Yu hated her, and wanted so desperately to reach over and jam her pen into the blonde's open belly button. Jana dropped her head back, her abs completely stretched, her back arched, Son Yu was disgusted, almost everyone in the class was looking. This had to stop.

Son Yu formulated a plan. They would teach her a lesson, make it look like a robbery. They waited for Jana outside the dorms the next evening. Jana walked slowly through the garden that was outside the dorms, deep in thought. Son Yu and her 2 friends all had masks on and dressed like boys, hidden in the dumpster area. The walkway was almost deserted, thanks to the help of others who wanted to see the arrogant American girl be taught a lesson.

Son Yu sprung from her hiding place as soon as Jana had her back to them. Son Yu grabbed the blond ponytail and yanked back as hard as she could. Jana flew back and landed hard on her ass on the ground with a scream. A foot struck Jana in her side ribs and she rolled over on her stomach.

"What... what... HELP!" Jana began to panic the 2 pulled her to her feet and Son Yu plastered a piece of duct tape over her mouth. Jana's eyes were huge with fear. "give us your money!"

The 2 pulled back on Jana's arms, now back by her head, her shirt sliding up over her famous midsection. Jana's navel stretched oblong, Son Yu jammed her small fist right into it "guphhh" from under the tape.

"guphhh" another.

"guphh" another.

"Guphh!" a hard one, Son Yu twisted her fist this time, pulling on the belly ring.

Son Yu could hear Jana whimpering, but the girls held strong, bending Jana back to give Son you a nice target. Son Yu now began the robbery portion and stuffed her hands into the pockets of Jana's gray uniform pants, the tugging working the pants low. As Son Yu dug her hands into the pockets, The top of Jana's ******* became visible. Son yu saw this as more target, sure Jana's navel was now an irritated pink color, but 5 inches of the tan low stomach could not be ignored!

Son Yu hooked her thumb into the pants and pulled down, making sure to painfully dig her thumbnail into Jana's lower tummy. Son yu pulled the pants low enough to see the line where Jana's dark drown tan turned to the pale white, and to where the bright blond fuzz gave way to the slightest hint of brown, a smile from Son Yu




"uhha pleeeeeeee"



Son Yu was having fun! Jana was having the worst day of her life… her tummy was in such pain… she the tape wouldn't let her breathe, her hair now stuck to her sweaty face, her belly still bent open towards this insane attacker.

March 1, 2022 6:30 PM